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5 More of the Best SpongeBob Memes of All Time

Are Ya Ready Kids???????

If you’ve ever been on social media, you’ve probably seen a SpongeBob meme or two circulating, because at this point everyone’s favorite Bikini Bottom sponge has been soaking up all the viral fame and we’re here for it. Since there are quite literally more SpongeBob memes than we can count, our list of the Top 10 SpongeBob Memes of All Time just didn’t feel complete. So cross off your to-do list and check out 5 more classic “SpongeBob SquarePants” memes that deserved a very honorable mention below!

Tired SpongeBob

This still from season 1’s “Nature Pants” of SpongeBob out of breath after a failed attempt at living in Jellyfish Fields has now become the go-to meme for anyone expressing the relatable exhaustion that stems from completing daily tasks. It’s pretty much the perfect meme to satirize the “millennials are lazy” claims because let’s be honest, we’ve all felt the heavy exhale of tired SpongeBob.

Who You Callin’ Pinhead?

When Sandy goes into hibernation, SpongeBob and Patrick fight over who gets to be the adventurous-sounding outlaw from Sandy’s dream: Dirty Dan. SpongeBob takes on the role and calls Patrick “Pinhead”, to which his reply quickly became the one-liner that the internet couldn’t let go of: “Who you callin’ Pinhead?”

Normal SpongeBob

Squidward demanding that SpongeBob act “normal” for once in the season 6 episode “Not Normal”, resulted in this inflated caricature that is both unsettling and a relatable mood we can all attest to. With SpongeBob’s plastic stance and “normal” dialogue about the weather outside, this meme is popularly used either to make fun of the weather or the feeling of putting on a fake smile.

Screaming Chocolate Guy

While not as versatile as others, this SpongeBob meme’s consistently hilarious delivery takes the cake…or chocolate. The most famous edit of this memorable SpongeBob character is from the 2002 film “Windtalkers”, where a soldier gives a girl some chocolate, followed by an enemy attack on the camp where the character’s all have the screaming chocolate guy’s face yelling “CHOCOLATE!”

Is Mayonnaise an Instrument?

It happens to everyone. You think your question is worthy and then you get hit with the “is mayonnaise an instrument?” comeback and you quickly come to terms with the fact that your question was…well…not a good one. Whether it’s to poke fun at movie characters, celebrities or your friends, this meme has become the ideal response to accidental or deliberate idiocy.

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