Top10 Best Video Games of 2018 So Far

Top10 Best Video Games of 2018 So Far

VOICE OVER: Ricky Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Script Written by Ty Richardson

2018 has been a stellar year for video game fans, and there's still more to come. So far, blockbuster titles like Far Cry 5 and Monster Hunter: World have impressed both fans and critics thanks to their gorgeous worlds and engaging gameplay, while games like Detroit: Become Human have raised the bar in making meaningful choices and creating your own experience. For this list, we give our picks for the Best Games of 2018 So Far!

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Top10 Best Video Games of 2018 So Far

We may be a little more than halfway done, but 2018 has been a stellar year for games! Welcome to, and today, we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Best Video Games of the Year (So Far)!

For this list, we're looking at our favorite games that we consider to be the absolute best of 2018. Unfortunately, we won’t be counting remakes like “Shadow of the Colossus”, and we’re also not counting “Fortnite”, as the battle royale mode was released in 2017.

#10: “Ni no Kuni 2: Revenant Kingdom” (2018)

While it took quite a bit of time to release the first “Ni No Kuni” outside of Japan, players became so enthralled with the game that it didn’t take long before they were clamoring for a sequel. Sadly, Studio Ghibli would not be involved with “Ni no Kuni II: Revenant Kingdom”. However, that didn’t stop the game from becoming a worthy sequel. The world is just as whimsical and wondrous as before, and the experience is so captivating that it’s hard for us to put the controller down. Whether you’re an RPG fan or not, there’s plenty to enjoy in “Ni no Kuni II” from the colorful cast of characters to its fantastic soundtrack.

#9: “Detroit: Become Human” (2018)

Whether you love him or hate him, it’s hard to argue that David Cage’s latest game is anything less than impressive. “Detroit: Become Human” excels in just how intricate it’s plot truly is. Almost every choice you make really does matter, which is something many games promise, but fail to deliver. Once you see the flow chart of all the possible events, you feel encouraged to replay the game with different choices. It may not attract gamers who are looking for action-packed thrills, but “Detroit” is a story-driven adventure that is well worth your time.

#8: “Octopath Traveler” (2018)

It’s always nice to play an RPG that goes back to classic turn-based combat. “Octopath Traveler” has proven to be yet another fantastic addition to the Nintendo Switch’s library. In addition to the engaging combat, the game boasts a unique artstyle that’s sure to appease fans of the 16-bit era without feeling too nostalgic. Thanks to the eight playable characters, players will find plenty of reasons to keep clocking in, whether they’re wanting a new story or are craving the same experience with slightly different gameplay.

#7: “Into the Breach” (2018)

From the studio that brought us “FTL: Faster Than Light” comes another strategy game that has critics still chatting about this game since its launch in February. “Into the Breach” allows players to command squads of troops to fend off an armada of creatures known as the Vek. Don’t let the simple visuals fool you! “Into the Breach” is one of the most challenging strategy games you can play, focusing more on tactical positioning rather than overpowering the enemy. So, if you’re looking for a game to challenge your intellect, “Into the Breach” will keep you playing for quite a while.

#6: “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire” (2018)

Obsidian Entertainment never fails to deliver an excellent game! “Pillars of Eternity II: Deadfire” manages to take everything that made its predecessor so great, smoothed out some of the rough edges, and provided an improved experience. While there are a few technical problems, it’s not enough to make us want to stop playing, not when the art style is this gorgeous and the combat is so engaging. It’s more of what everyone loved about “Pillars of Eternity”, and there’s a ton of content to keep us busy until Obsidian’s next game.

#5: “Far Cry 5” (2018)

Since its last major release, it had been quite some time since we ventured into the world of “Far Cry”. So, when “Far Cry 5” released in March 2018, it was a pleasant return for the series. There’s not a moment where you aren’t exploring the expansive landscape, unloading bullets into enemies, or exploding the ever-living hell out of the environment. Even though the story has fans and critics somewhat divide, “Far Cry 5” delivers a fun experience to those seeking a solid shooter with beautiful graphics.

#4: “Subnautica” (2018)

Of all the open-world survival games to have launched in recent years, none have captured our full attention the same way “Subnautica” has. Upon starting the game, the world looks empty, but once you dive deep below the surface, you’ll find a breathtaking underwater environment filled with imaginative creatures. As you continue exploring uncharted locations, you’ll find more areas and secrets to pique your interest, which may lead to playing for extensive periods of time. Despite being in early access for quite some time, we can only hope there is more in store for “Subnautica”.

#3: “Monster Hunter World” (2018)

If we had any shred of evidence that 2018 would be a good year in video games, we’d directly point to “Monster Hunter World”. To open the doors for new players, controls and menus were tweaked for easier navigation. With vibrant environments and hundreds of hours of content, it’s no surprise that this game would become a massive hit, but even so, it has exceeded both our expectations and Capcom’s. Mid way through 2018, “Monster Hunter World” has sold over eight million copies, and it has become Capcom’s fastest and best selling game ever.

#2: “Celeste” (2018)

Platformers can go one of two ways; either they’re easy to power through and keep things fun, or they’re ridiculously difficult. “Celeste” manages to provide a challenging experience while also keeping things fun and engaging. It entices you to keep playing by providing bonus challenges, such as finding all of the strawberries in each level. In addition to the addictive gameplay, “Celeste” boasts a fascinating story while touching upon the struggles of dealing with depression and anxiety. The game received overwhelming praise from critics, and after playing it for ourselves, we’d say it rightfully deserves it. So, be sure to check out our review over on MojoPlays!

#1: “God of War” (2018)

The last time we saw the Ghost of Sparta, he was starting to show some wrinkles, and the series was quickly growing stale. After a few years of vacation, Kratos is back and better than ever! “God of War” provided a refreshing take on the series with not just a different camera, but with new mechanics that made combat just as engaging as the earlier titles. The main attraction here, though, is the story. “God of War” tells one of the most captivating stories thanks to its masterful writing and excellent performances from the voice actors. Needless to say, you can guarantee this will be on our list for Top 10 games of 2018!