Top 10 Best Weapons In Monster Hunter Games

Top 10 Best Weapons In Monster Hunter Games

VOICE OVER: Riccardo Tucci WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Monster Hunter games are known for 2 things: huge monsters and huge weapons! For this list, we'll be naming off the best weapon types in the “Monster Hunter” franchise. Our countdown includes Sword & Shield, Gunlance, Hunting Horn, Great Sword, Dual Blades and more!

Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Monster Hunter Weapons

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 “Monster Hunter” Weapons!

For this list, we’ll be naming off the best weapon types in the “Monster Hunter” franchise.

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#10: Sword & Shield

It may be the smallest set of weaponry in the “Monster Hunter'' series, but don’t let the sword and shield’s size fool you. This duo benefits the user in a couple of ways that no other weapon can. For starters, it enables the user to access items while guarding without having to sheath their sword. While it has short reach and can deteriorate in effectiveness quickly, the sword and shield is perfect for those looking to bum-rush and deal a hefty amount of sever and blunt damage. Just make sure you know how to execute your combos well enough to not be caught with your pants down.

#9: Gunlance

Have you ever thought, “Man, I wish I could skewer foes while peppering them with the might of a shotgun”? If so, then the gunlance is your dream come true. Not only can you attack enemies with fierce pokes, but you can spray their face with a couple of blank shells to finish your combos with a big bang. You even get a sizable shield to give yourself some good defense! Try not to focus on dodging and evading too much as this clunky set of gear does hinder your mobility.

#8: Hunting Horn

It’s the support weapon that puts all other support weapons to shame. The hunting horn can be wielded like a club and inflict an insane amount of stun on your target. However, this piece of gear’s most notable aspect is how you can incorporate music into your combos. These brief moments of jamming out mid-battle will grant your team various buffs. Sure, you look incredibly overconfident when belting out tunes in the midst of a battle, but hey - what’s so wrong with playing a victory song early?

#7: Great Sword

This weapon class is the very definition of the phrase “if looks could kill”. The Great Sword practically turns you into a human tank, capable of inflicting the highest amount of DPS between all the weapon classes. Surprisingly enough, you can quickly block attacks despite it’s hefty size! And just when you thought this puppy couldn’t pack even more power, you can integrate charged attacks into your combos. Don’t use them too often, though, or you’ll leave yourself wide open for a tail slap across the face. Only go nuts if you have someone dealing stun!

#6: Dual Blades

Speaking of going nuts, the Dual Blades are great for when you want to get crazy and start flinging blades all around! With these, you can land attacks in quick succession and rack up damage in a short amount of time. However, the coolest aspect of the Dual Blades are the Demon and Archdemon Mode. When Demon Mode is activated, you’ll be able to chain attacks for even longer, and once you’ve filled the gauge completely, you’ll enter Archdemon Mode, which practically turns you into a tornado of blades. Be careful, though - Demon Mode can drain a lot of your stamina! If only Natalie Artemis knew about this before she tried them out...

#5: Insect Glaive

With this staff of blades, you too can take to the skies like the all-powerful Rathalos! ...Okay, maybe not exactly the same way, but holy crap, does it make you feel like a mighty jumping bean of death! The Insect Glaive allows the user to pole vault into the air and land attacks on aerial foes or thrust into the ground to deal massive damage. It also makes mounting easier and can deliver an indefinite chain of attacks. And if you want to buff yourself even more, you can shoot out a Kinsect to collect essence. Basically, you can become a lethal force of nature, which is plenty of reason for it to place this high on the list!

#4: Charge Blade

To the naked eye, the Charge Blade just looks like a bigger version of the Sword and Shield. One wouldn’t be entirely wrong in perceiving it that way, but things change when you first trigger the “morph” ability. [broll: show weapon going from sword and shield to axe] Yeah! This thing can go from a hefty sword and shield to a massive axe, and yes, you can incorporate this change into your combos! Thanks to these two forms, the Charge Blade gives you access to a balanced set of attacks AND a moveset that boasts great range and damage output. Fair warning - should you choose this weapon, it has been known to take a bit more time to master than others.

#3: Bow

When it comes to bows (or any ranged weapon), most games require you to employ some ammo management. “Monster Hunter” is not like most games, though. Rather than forcing you to constantly buy bundles of ammo, the Bow grants the user an unlimited amount of arrows. The REAL ammo is the coatings that can be used to inflict additional damage or status effects on your target. However, it will require some moderate precision. Clock in enough practice and you, too, will be as badass as the Hunter!

#2: Long Sword

If ranged weapons aren’t your thing, yet you don’t want to have to get up close and personal with enemies, you might find solace in the Long Sword. No, you won’t dish out as much damage as some of the other weapon classes, but your attack speed will be top-notch, and you can recover out of some attacks. The Long Sword also includes a unique mechanic, the Spirit Gauge, which increases your attack power every time it levels up. A word of advice - don’t get carried away as your sweeping attacks may trip up fellow teammates. Give yourself enough room to focus on executing those combos and power up.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…

Light & Heavy Bowgun

Can Load Up on Various Types of Ammunition


Great for Stunning Monsters Repeatedly


Perfect for Players That Prefer Defending & Countering

#1: Switch Axe

This is without a doubt the sickest weapon in the “Monster Hunter” franchise! Much like the Charge Blade, the Switch Axe carries a morph function that can be integrated into combos, and it’s so cool watching it go from axe form to sword and back again. While boasting an incredible reach and damage output, the Switch Axe is also the most difficult weapon to master. You do suffer from long windows of vulnerability and you don’t have great defense. Still, this weapon is immensely satisfying to use once you get the hang of it!