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VOICE OVER: Ty Richardson WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
Capcom have given us some of the greatest games of all time. Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we're taking a look at the 10 best games ever made by Capcom! Do note that we're only counting games developed and published by Capcom, no third-party stuff here. Our list of the best Capcom games includes “Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes” (2000), “Devil May Cry 3: Dante's Awakening” (2005), “Dragon's Dogma 2” (2024), “Monster Hunter: World” (2018), and more!

10 Best Capcom Games

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we’re taking a look at the 10 best games ever made by Capcom! Do note that we’re only counting games developed and published by Capcom, no third-party stuff here. Perhaps in another list?

“Mega Man 2” (1989)

This was one of Capcom’s very first massive hits. The first “Mega Man” did sell a ton of copies, but “Mega Man 2” has continuously withstood the test of time thanks to its pacing and controls. Between the non-linear format and the unique powers acquired by each Robot Master, this game offered a wealth of secrets and challenges to take on. Of course, once you figured out the best order to defeat each Robot Master, there was no other way to play it. Even so, “Mega Man 2” is still a ton of fun to play, and even among the most hardcore Blue Bomber fans, many consider it to be the best in the franchise.

“Devil May Cry 3: Dante’s Awakening” (2005)

The “Devil May Cry” series may fluctuate in quality, but if there is one DMC game you should absolutely play, it’s “Dante’s Awakening”. The combat is way more intense, the level design is less confusing, and the music kicks so much ass! It may have taken three whole games to do. In the end, Capcom finally figured out what makes a perfect “Devil May Cry” game. Well, for the most part. The controls might take some time to get used to. Still, it is far, far better than whatever the hell DMC 2 was supposed to be.

“Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney” (2005)

A video game where you play as a lawyer doesn’t sound too appealing on paper. At first. So, what do you gotta do to make it interesting? First off, lean into the comedy while keeping the serious nature of crimes in places where they need to be. Present arguments that require the player to really analyze testimonies and consider word choice in identifying possible lies. And just to spice things up, throw in some really absurd characters to make every trial interesting. That is the bread and butter of “Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney”, and it’s the reason why it’s amassed such a dedicated fanbase. Even after six main games and a few spin-offs, it never gets old.

“Dragon's Dogma 2” (2024)

We know it’s really odd to put something so recent on this list when it hasn’t much time to gestate with most folks. Heck, some might argue the original “Dragon’s Dogma” reigns supreme. However, this is a rare case where the newest game truly is spectacular. “Dragon's Dogma 2” does everything that the original game did well and somehow improves upon it. The world is far bigger than we could have ever imagined, and the crazy situations you can find yourself in make the world feel alive and unpredictable. Even more impressive is the Pawn system; recruiting other player’s characters to form your party can lead to quests and rare items you probably would have never found on your own. It’s a whole other level of immersion that matches the enjoyment of online co-op without shattering the fantasy. That alone should be enough for anyone to pick up a copy.

“Viewtiful Joe” (2003)

If “Devil May Cry 3” wasn’t intense or difficult enough for you or you want a whole other level of challenge, well, hope your PS2 or GameCube is still in working order. Of the single player games, “Viewtiful Joe” might just be the hardest game on this list. Between the flashy graphics and the insane combos you can pull off, this game is visually stimulating in the most outrageous way. Might be exhausting to play after a level or two, but the adrenaline here is REAL. Plus, you have secret characters to play through the game again after beating it on each difficulty.

“Okami” (2006)

There are so many words to describe “Okami”. “Beautiful”, “breathtaking”, “stunning”, “magnificent”, “absolutely captivating”... We won’t lie - there is a problem in the difficulty. Regardless, “Okami” is one of the greatest games Capcom ever put out in the mid-2000’s. Whether you played it on PlayStation 2, Wii, or one of the HD re-releases, this game was truly spectacular from start to finish. From visuals to the story to the unique mechanics of the Celestial Brush, “Okami” was clearly a passion project of Hideki Kamiya and his team, painting a touching tale about the Japanese goddess of the sun, Amaterasu. If you haven’t already, please do yourself a favor and go play this.

“Monster Hunter: World” (2018)

For so long, the “Monster Hunter” games were mainly stranded on handheld and were mostly enjoyable through local multiplayer. How does a more traditional, online version fair? Very, very well! “Monster Hunter World” was and continues to be one of the best entries in the franchise. Not only does it retain the fun of learning your weapons and finding your synergy with friends, it also manages to breathe more life into the world “Monster Hunter” with better visuals and bigger areas to explore. And just when we thought it couldn’t get any better, that “Iceborne” expansion sweetened the deal with its new beasts to fight and refined mechanics.

“Street Fighter II: The World Warrior” (1991)

It does not matter what kind of fighting game player you are whether it is 2D, 3D, platform fighter, or arena brawler. The competitive scene for fighting games would not exist had Capcom not belted out “Street Fighter II”. With its faster pacing and the ability to create combos from a few quick inputs, “Street Fighter II” set the foundation for all future fighting games. Folks were so enamored with it that we wound up getting more than a dozen different iterations of the game, each with its own roster and some bringing in fan favorites like Cammy!

“Marvel vs. Capcom 2: New Age of Heroes” (2000)

It is such a shame that “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” is not playable on any platform available on today’s market (at least at the time of this video). This truly is one of the greatest fighting games ever made, and we aren’t just saying that because of the meaty roster of two unlikely brands clashing. The real meat here is in how every combination of characters forces you to play differently. You may have fun playing Spider-Man and Jill Valentine, but that third character can completely change your strategy. It’s why, despite its age, so many are clamoring for “Marvel vs. Capcom 2” if the series as a whole isn’t coming back for a new game.

“Resident Evil 4” (2023)

There are so many fantastic “Resident Evil” titles to play: “Revelations”, the remake of RE2, even the original RE4 are excellent games. But if there was one we could choose, it’s the remake of RE4. Call it recency bias, call it whatever. However, there is so much here that improves upon the original from the gunplay to the controls to the tighter focus in writing that balances the camp with the horror. It is so much fun to play that even some advocates for the original have voiced how the remake is so much better than the OG. Don’t believe us? Only one way to find out: go play it yourself!

What’s your favorite Capcom game? Did it make our list? Let us know down in the comments, and be sure to subscribe to MojoPlays for more great videos everyday!