Top 5 Things You Missed from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer
Top 5 Things You Missed from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

Top 5 Things You Missed from the Star Wars: The Last Jedi Trailer

VOICE OVER: Matthew Wende
Written by Matt Wende

The latest trailer for Star Wars: The Last Jedi has arrived, so we've decided to break down everything you need to know from the trailer! WatchMojo presents our trailer breakdown for the latest official trailer for "Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi"! Rey's potential turn to the dark side, hidden details with Kylo Ren, and suggested plot points! Watch to find out everything you need to know!

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#5: Tricky Editing

Before the trailer’s release, the film’s director took to Twitter to warn fans that if they want total suspense for The Last Jedi, without any revelations or details, it would d be best for them to just avoid this trailer. And he’s right: a lot of elements appear in the trailer that give hints to some rather massive possible spoilers. Here’s the thing, though: Star Wars has a long history of messing with its fans. And hey, let’s not forget, the installments in the series haven’t even come out in the correct order! So while the end of this trailer (here we go with the spoilers) features Rey seeking someone to give for guidance, and Kylo extending his hand, it COULD mean Rey might join the dark side. . . or the two shots may not even be from the same scene. While the trailer seems to reveal a lot, there’s one thing we need to consider… Lucasfilm might be f**king with us!

#4: Finn’s Back with the First Order – or Is He?

The former storm trooper seems to be back in the fold of the First Order. His black outfit is definitely reminiscent of General Hux’s uniform worn in “The Force Awakens”. Has Finn switched sides AGAIN? Maybe, but more likely he’s a double agent! While some shots from the trailer suggest Finn is marching through a First Order hangar, other shots show that same hangar on fire while Finn battles Captain Phasma. That’s right, while her role was definitely understated in “The Force Awakens,” she’s back; and is likely pissed at Finn for getting tossed down a garbage shoot. Remember: Finn’s time spent with crafty Han Solo, and his experience fighting for the First Order, may have made him the perfect spy.

#3: Snoke’s In-Person (?) Debut

There are fan theories aplenty online regarding the identity and origins of Supreme Leader Snoke, and we might finally get some answers in The Last Jedi. No longer merely in giant holographic form, another Snoke monologue opens this trailer, casually talking about the incredible power of a young Jedi. This is probably Kylo Ren, but then again. . . maybe not. Further in the trailer, he’s shown in full, and is seen torturing Rey. His one ominous onscreen line – presumably as he tortures Rey – is “Fulfill your destiny!” This is a line previously uttered by the Emperor to Luke in an attempt to convert him to the dark side. Does Snoke have a similar plan for Rey? Will she succumb to his power?

#2: Does Leia Die?!

Kylo Ren seems to be descending further into the dark side. He seems to have gotten some synthetic implants covering the scars Rey gave him at the end of “The Force Awakens,” further drawing bold comparisons between him and Darth Vader. He’s then shown piloting his personal TIE Silencer, in what is undoubtedly a surprise attack against the resistance. Coinciding with a monologue about “killing the past”, the trailer shows Kylo torn with indecision as he mulls over the vexing quandary of whether to kill his mother, Leia. Does he go ahead with it? Or is this just more tricky editing? We do know that, sadly, Carrie Fisher won’t be in Star Wars Episode 9, and Kylo has already gotten rid of one parent . . . Poe is seen racing into battle alongside BB-8 in his X-wing, so maybe we’ll see Poe going head to head with Kylo, in what is sure to be a highlight!

#1: Rey Wrestles With the Dark Side

As we already know from the teaser, Rey has begun her training with Luke. But we’re seeing a different side of the Jedi master here – he seems genuinely afraid of his pupil. He draws comparisons between the power he sees in her, and that which he saw in Ben Solo: who, of course, became Kylo Ren. This is all made urgently real by what looks like an in-depth flashback of Kylo wiping out a new order of Jedi. Rey’s journey brings her into contact with what many speculate to be a Force Sensitive tree, something deeply referenced in a tie-in Marvel comic, “Shattered Empire,” and the trailer hints strongly at possible conflicts arising between Luke and Rey. Kylo and Rey are framed, visually, as counterparts, maybe even flipsides of the same coin. Does this mean that Rey may be joining the dark side and following in the black-booted footsteps of Kylo? Or will she walk a fine line between the light and dark sides? The only thing we know for certain now is: we can’t wait until December 15th.