Top 5 Things Star Wars: The Last Jedi Got Right

Top 5 Things Star Wars: The Last Jedi Got Right

Written by Thomas Robinsons

It's official that Star Wars: Episode VIII - The Last Jedi is a hit, and although divisive and not without controversy, the movie did more than a few things very very well! WatchMojo presents the Top 5 Best Parts of Star Wars: The Last Jedi! What do you think we loved the most? Is it the story of Luke Skywalker, the larger themes that the movie speaks to, or a certain cameo from a certain Jedi master? Watch to find out!

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Breathe. Just breathe. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down the Top 5 Things The Last Jedi got right.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most inspiring, exciting, and beautiful moments from Rian Johnson’s entry in the space opera franchise. Because the film is…divisive, to say the least, we’ll only be focusing on positive stuff here. For the Dark Side companion to this list, be sure to check out our other video for the Top 5 Legitimate Gripes with The Last Jedi. Oh, and if you still haven’t seen the film, this list is practically made up of spoilers. You have been warned.

#5: Leia’s Force Powers

In 2016, the world lost princess, actor, and all around amazing human being, Carrie Fisher. “The Last Jedi” marks her last performance as Leia Organa, and she makes it her best. Fisher effortlessly balances humor and heart, and reminds us all why we fell in love with her in the first place. But perhaps the most powerful moment is when Leia finally gets to show just how strong in the Force she really is, pulling herself out of the cold vacuum of space to escape death. It’s a remarkable scene that’s also poignant and bittersweet, but at least we got to see Leia in action one last time.

#4: The Throne Room Battle

It wouldn’t be a Star Wars movie without a pulse-pounding lightsaber battle, and The Last Jedi more than delivers with this showstopper of a fight. After a couple shocking twists, Rey and Kylo Ren team-up against Snoke’s Praetorian Guard, who prove they can more than hold their own against the Force users. Striking the perfect balance between the acrobatic choreography of the prequels and the elegant saber battles of the original trilogy, while adding in some brutal physicality reminiscent of a bar brawl, the throne room battle will leave you breathless. And you’ll barely have time to recover before Laura Dern performs her incredible lightspeed ram. Holdo my beer…

#3: Yoda’s Cameo

Small role, big impact – hey, size matters not, right? In a surprising moment of fanservice, everyone’s favorite Jedi master shows up in Force ghost (and puppet!) form to give old man Luke one last pep talk about the future of the Jedi and importance of learning from your failures. The speech is eloquent and heartwarming, and Yoda is as charming as he’s ever been thanks to Frank Oz’s stellar vocal performance. The little green guy’s appearance manages to bring up all those warm fuzzy memories of the original trilogy, and at the same time delivers a hopeful message about the film’s characters, and the Star Wars franchise as a whole. After all these years, Yoda’s still taking Luke to school.

#2: Luke’s Passing

With Han’s sudden death in The Force Awakens, things weren’t looking good for Luke heading into this entry. Thankfully, instead of getting cut down, Skywalker gets to go out on his own terms, and it is spectacular. After trolling Kylo Ren with a powerful display of the force, Luke sits on a stone on Ahch To and gazes at the planet’s binary sunset; the exact same thing he did as a humble farmboy on Tatooine so long ago. And then, finally at peace with who he is, Luke fades away. Accompanied by John Williams’ timeless score, the scene brings Luke’s journey full circle in an incredibly satisfying way. Not that we cried or anything…*sniffle*

#1: The Epilogue

Star Wars, at its core, has always been about heroes and villains, and the Last Jedi is no different. However, whereas previous entries in the Skywalker saga have been about…well, the Skywalkers, Episode VIII shows us that heroes can come from anywhere, regardless of whom they’re related to. It’s only fitting, then, that the movie ends with a young boy being regaled by the legend of Luke Skywalker, before Force pulling a broom toward him, staring up at a sky full of endless possibilities, and striking a pose that Star Wars fans young and old have mimicked at least once in their life. It’s an inspiring scene sure to make anyone want to pick up a broom of their own and fight for what they believe in.