Top 10 Worst Things Carter Pewterschmidt Has Done On Family Guy
Top 10 Worst Things Carter Pewterschmidt Has Done On Family Guy

Top 10 Worst Things Carter Pewterschmidt Has Done On Family Guy

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Carter Pewterschmidt is pretty much the Lex Luthor of Quahog. For this list, we'll be looking at the most horrific deeds committed by Peter Griffin's father-in-law. Mild animated spoilers ahead. Our countdown includes scenes from episodes "Peterotica", "420", "Let's Go to the Hop" and more!

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Worst Things Carter Pewterschmidt Has Done on “Family Guy.” For this list, we’ll be looking at the most horrific deeds committed by Peter Griffin’s father-in-law. Mild animated spoilers ahead. What time do you think Carter went too far? Let us know in the comments.

#10: Unleashing the Rancor


How cartoonishly evil is Carter Pewterschmidt? He keeps a rancor beast on his property like a “Star Wars” villain and feeds it unwanted visitors who are sent through a trapdoor. We see Carter try to get rid of a lawyer in this way in order to avoid a devastating lawsuit, but fortunately for the lawyer, he’s able to slay the beast with his Jedi skills. Judging by the skeletal remains found on the floor of the rancor’s lair, it’s safe to assume that Carter has used this method of bumping off troublesome guests several times before.

#9: Wanting to Put Toxic Metals in Pawtucket Beer

“Carter and Tricia”

Carter Pewterschmidt is a cutthroat businessman whose interests often come at the expense of the environment. When Carter buys the brewery that Peter works at, he tells everyone at a meeting that he wants to save money by making the cans out of toxic metals. This business decision horrifies everyone in the room, including Angela, who thinks that it’s one of the worst things anyone has ever done to beer. While Carter has a financial obligation to maximize profits for his new company, it shouldn’t come at the expense of his consumers’ health.

#8: Persuading Brian to Make Marijuana Illegal Again


After Quahog legalizes pot, the town sees a lot of benefits come its way. One of the few people who aren’t happy with this move is Carter, whose profits are hurt by the decision. To reinstate a ban, he gets Brian to help him with an offer he can’t pass up. To get his book published, Brian ends up sacrificing his principles and making something he loves illegal, all so Carter can make a little more money. To make things worse, the book turns out to be a flop, leaving Brian further crushed.

#7: Being Antisemitic Toward His Family

“Family Goy”

In this episode, Lois is surprised to find out that she has Jewish ancestry on her mother’s side of the family. The reason that her mother, Babs, never told her this news is that Carter was ashamed of his wife’s Jewish heritage and wanted to keep it secret for social reasons. The pressure that Carter put on Babs was something that she ended up regretting. Instead of offering support to help Lois process this new part of her identity, Carter taunts his wife and daughter with an insulting stereotype by using money as bait in a trap.

#6: Knocking Meg Unconscious


Coming up with ways to raise money in order to rebuild his father-in-law’s fortunes, Peter decides to sell pot to Meg. As if selling drugs to a teenager doesn’t seem unethical enough, Carter comes from behind and knocks Meg out cold to rob her of the newly bought cannabis. He’s so focused on cutting down on costs that he thinks nothing of the danger that he puts his granddaughter through or the long-lasting effects of being knocked unconscious. Poor Meg never did anything to deserve this treatment. Nor did Carter do anything to deserve his riches in the first place.

#5: Refusing to Pay Lois’s Ransom

“Let’s Go to the Hop”

Bringing up a high school memory, Lois offhandedly mentions a junior prom that went awry because she was kidnapped by dangerous criminals. A flashback then cuts to Lois desperately pleading for her father to pay a ransom, only to be coldly rejected by Carter because negotiating with kidnappers isn’t something he believes in. This was clearly a traumatic experience for Lois, made even more painful by her father laying out that her safety was not one of his top priorities. What’s more disturbing is wondering how she got out of that mess.

#4: Trying to Bribe Peter Into Not Marrying Lois

“Death Lives”

Ever since Carter and Peter met, the two have rarely gotten along, with their relationship mostly consisting of the former ridiculing the latter. In “Death Lives,” we find out that Carter was so opposed to Peter marrying Lois, that he cut a million-dollar check to bribe Peter into breaking things off with her. It would be one thing if Carter had done this to protect Lois and do what’s best for her, but he’s proven time and again that he doesn’t care about her happiness or well being. Carter only wanted Peter out of Lois’s life so that he wouldn’t be constantly annoyed by a fat imbecile of a son-in-law, even if such a marriage would make his daughter happy.

#3: Having His Son Committed

“The Fat Guy Strangler”

After witnessing a traumatic event from his childhood involving his mom and Jackie Gleason, Patrick Pewterschmidt was sent to a mental asylum. Instead of showing support for his son, Carter never bothered to visit Patrick at the asylum and had his existence kept a secret from his two sisters. Sure, Patrick turns out to be incredibly dangerous, but we have a tough time thinking Carter’s decision-making benefitted anyone but himself. Not only is this unspeakably cruel to so coldly reject Patrick, but it leads to another shocking revelation for Lois when she eventually finds out about him. Upon this discovery, Lois is mad that she had been lied to once again.

#2: Cheating on Babs

“Welcome Back, Carter”

Carter has made it plain as day that he doesn’t care about his wife and isn’t above committing infidelity if someone else comes along. When Carter falls in love with TV reporter Tricia Takanawa, he even has his wife committed to a sanitarium because of how she responds to him leaving her. Then there’s the time that he cheats on her on a yacht. Carter tries to come up with a slew of excuses, but each one only makes the whole situation worse. Whatever the reasoning for Carter sleeping around, it only reflects negatively on his character.

#1: Withholding the Cure for Cancer

“The Old Man and the Big ‘C’”

Research funded by one of Carter’s companies was able to discover the cure for cancer, but Carter decided to keep it for himself because of, you guessed it, the money. This list has provided examples of Carter’s love of money holding back progress, hurting close family members, and endangering society with toxic pollution. However, this selfish motive is on a diabolical scale that dwarfs every other terrible thing he’s ever done. He’s willing to let millions of people die of a horrible disease so he can make a few extra bucks.

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