Top 10 Times Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Made Us Believe in Love
Top 10 Times Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Made Us Believe in Love

Top 10 Times Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Made Us Believe in Love

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They're one of the cutest celebrity couples in Hollywood and we are totally rooting for them. There are so many instances when they made us believe in love despite all the recent breakups! Whether it be simple acts of love like Chris braiding Anna's hair, when they did pushups together to when Chris taught Anna football or when Anna and Ellen Pranked Chris, this couple make us gush!

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If only every celebrity couple was this cute. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Anna Faris and Chris Pratt Made Us Believe in Love.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the times Chris and Anna were the most adorable and affectionate husband and wife in showbiz.

#10: When They Were Onscreen Lovers

It took four seasons, but Pratt finally made a guest appearance on his wife’s sitcom, “Mom.” Pratt played Nick Banaszak, Marjorie's hunky nephew who takes an immediate liking to Faris’ Christy. After a horseback riding session, Nick and Christy literally go for a roll in the hay. Although it seems like Christy has found the perfect man, she eventually discovers that Nick can be a little clingy… and obsessive… and just plain weird. While things don’t work out between Christy and Nick, Anna and Chris go together like bread and butter. Even when one of them is playing a borderline crazy person, the chemistry between these two is through the roof.

#9: When They Did a People’s Choice Awards Skit

While we’re on the subject of “Mom,” Faris and co-star Allison Janney hosted the 41st People’s Choice Awards together. The ceremony kicked things off with this priceless sketch, which offers hilarious insight into Anna and Chris’ home life. Going from Andy Dwyer to Star-Lord, Pratt has suddenly become the most sought-after actor in Hollywood. While Faris is pretty busy herself, Pratt makes it clear who’s been getting more scripts as of late. Since both have their hands full, Faris hires Janney as a nanny. Like Bonnie Plunkett, though, Janney is the last person who should be trusted with a child. Anna and Chris could probably afford a better babysitter with all that “Jurassic World” money.

#8: When Chris Taught Anna About Football

Since he was raised in Washington, it shouldn’t come as a surprise that Chris Pratt is a Seattle Seahawks super fan. When the Seahawks made it to Super Bowl XLIX, Pratt was naturally there to root for the home team. Faris attended the big game with Chris, although she’s not exactly a football expert. So pre-game, Chris gave Anna a lesson in football strategy using Bud Light bottles. Anna immortalized this darling moment on social media, demonstrating the attentive relationship she shares with her hubby. Since the Seahawks lost, it’s safe to say that Anna and Chris needed more beer after the game. Nevertheless, there’s no denying who won the best couple award that night.

#7: When Anna & Ellen Pranked Chris

Solidifying her title as the queen of pranks, Ellen DeGeneres roped in Anna Faris to poke a little fun at Chris Pratt. During an appearance on Ellen’s talk show, Faris gave her husband a call. Chris didn’t pick up, as he was apparently either in the middle of rehearsing or watching Derek Jeter's last game. Regardless, that didn’t stop Anna and Ellen from leaving him an epic voice message. Pretending to be in her car, a hysterical Anna claimed that she was being arrested. Playing the cop, Ellen told Anna to get dressed and even threw a rooster into the mix. We can only imagine the look on Chris’ face when he checked his voicemail.

#6: When They Did Pushups Together

Statistics show that an average of 22 veterans take their own lives everyday. The 22 Pushup Challenge was launched to help spread awareness and prevent veteran suicide. In August 2016, numerous celebrities accepted the challenge, including Chris Pratt and Anna Faris. After saluting the brave men and women that defend their country, the couple got down on their hands and toes. As much as Chris and Anna like to joke around, it’s evident that they’re also incredibly caring people that are always ready to support a noble cause. This video is not only deeply inspiring, but also gives us an idea of how Pratt became such a beefcake.

#5: When Chris Got Anna a New Ring

Pratt reportedly took home a $12,000,000 paycheck for starring in the sci-fi film, “Passengers.” So as you can imagine, his Christmas present to Anna that year was out of this world. In December 2016, Chris upgraded his wife’s engagement ring with a significantly larger diamond. Anna debuted her new bling at the “Passengers” premiere in LA, showing the world just how romantic her husband truly is. Their son, Jack, also had a merry Christmas, as he received a remote controlled helicopter. Are we the only ones that want to spend the holidays at the Pratt-Faris residence?

#4: When Chris Serenaded Anna

As mentioned earlier, it didn’t go over so well when Nick serenaded Christy on “Mom.” However, Chris made us all swoon when he serenaded Anna on “Saturday Night Live.” While hosting the premiere episode of the sketch comedy’s 40th season, Chris broke out his guitar to sing a song about himself. He was quick to reference his blushing wife, who had a seat in the front row. Chris also brought up their son and the day he was born. The only thing funnier than the song itself is the expression on Anna’s face as she recalls the “sexy birth.” Ariana Grande might’ve been the musical guest, but these two went together in perfect harmony.

#3: When Chris French Braided Anna’s Hair

In addition to being handsome and charming, Chris Pratt can French braid hair like a pro, giving us yet another reason to be envious of Anna. Chris shared a photo of his handiwork on Instagram, announcing his desire to become “hair stylist to the stars.” During an InStyle interview, Pratt mentioned that his sister taught him how to braid. He later made a ritual out of braiding Anna’s hair at night. While sleeping, however, Anna’s hair started breaking off at the top of the braid. So Chris’ mother-in-law taught him how to French braid in order to preserve Anna’s locks. If you want your hair braided, keep in mind that Chris will “work for free.”

#2: When Anna Knew Chris Was the One

Interestingly enough, Chris and Anna both grew up in the state of Washington. The two lived close to each other for years, but wouldn’t meet until they moved to Los Angeles. While speaking to People magazine in 2009, Pratt stated that he wanted to marry Anna shortly after meeting her. Anna also knew early on that Chris was the man of her dreams. Dropping by “The Late Late Show with James Corden,” Anna discussed how she knew Chris was the one. Believe it or not, the two initially bonded over their dead bug collections. From that point on, their relationship would continue to blossom like a butterfly.