Top 10 Perks of Being Single
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Top 10 Perks of Being Single

Script written by Joey Turner
Top 10 Perks of Being Single


Valentine's Day may be the most hated day during the year for people who are single because it reminds them how alone you are. But have you ever stopped to think how great it is to be single? There are plenty of perks when you're unattached. Here are just a few reasons why being single may actually rock. You can watch whatever you want, whenever you want, you don't have to try and fit in with your significant other's friends, you can focus on what you like and want, you don't have to accommodate your S.O's desire/dreams, you don't have to deal with awkward dinners with your S.O's parents and the best thing is you don't have to constantly groom yourself! Plus think of all the money you'll save!

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Top 10 Perks of Being Single

One may be the loneliest number, but sometimes it’s the best number. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Perks of Being Single.
For this list, we’d like you to take a moment to hear out why you shouldn’t be in a rush to find a match before you start strumming your acoustic guitar in loneliness. While almost everyone hopes to find love, many don’t realize that there are still plenty of benefits to living the bachelor and bachelorette life.

#10: You Can Watch Whatever You Want to Watch

TV or Netflix time with your significant other can be a special time – you two get to cuddle close together on the couch and watch something you both can enjoy. But, what if one night one of you want to watch sports, while the other wants to watch something more entertaining? If you lead the single life, you wouldn’t have to fight over the TV like children; you’d get to decide what to watch. Sure, you'd be watching it alone but you’d be the king or queen of the remote… if you can find it. The best part? You don’t have to worry about being judged for your choice of programming; it’s your TV, don’t be victimized for what you enjoy.

#9: You Don’t Have to Fit In with Their Friends

It’s a nice gesture when your significant other wants you to hang out with their friends, but fitting in is easier said than done. You think you’ll be fast friends with your lover’s pals… until you realize that you stick out like a sore thumb at your lady’s book club or with your man’s chess club. It's understandable- you weren't there that time for that thing at that place that one time. But then there’s also the possible contrasting issue where your S.O. fits in TOO well with your pally chums and you feel embarrassed or left out. It’s all complicated, yet easily avoided without a sweetheart – your friends can stay yours, and you don’t have to feel like an outcast with theirs. It’s a lot less awkward.

#8: You Won’t Fight with Your Partner

One of the foundations of a great relationship is communication – if either one has a problem, they should be able to talk it out and compromise. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to communicate… some would rather go back and forth with each other until either one gets the last word. It can get pretty awkward for everyone else, and soon your poor communication may lead to very loud communication and slamming doors. When you’re single, the only person you have to talk to is you, and it's up to you if you want to listen. After all, there’s no point in having a relationship if neither side is willing to hear the other out.

#7: No Dealing with In-laws

Undoubtedly one of the most awkward parts of any relationship is getting to know your in-laws. Some are easier to win over, but there are always those few eggs that you just can’t crack – judgemental or controlling parents, insulting siblings, snobby cousins, and possible CIA agents. You might have problems with your own family, so why take your chances with someone else’s? Once you’re hitched, you can’t control whom you’re related to; but when you’re single, you can decide who you want in your life. You can make the final call about who’s welcome in your happy home, or who has to hit the road. Doesn’t that sound better than a bully for a father-in-law?

#6: You Get the Whole Bed

At first, sharing the same bed with your soul mate sounds like a slice of heaven – you have someone to cuddle with and keep close to you, and you’ll both be nice and warm and basking in love. However, you’ll soon discover the hard truth – your lover is either a blanket hog, the loudest sleeper ever, is gassy, or they take up too much space. Unfortunately, not everyone wants to do the whole 1950s separate beds thing. The single person, meanwhile, sleeps peacefully at night – they get all the blankets, plenty of space to get comfy, and peace and quiet. Sadly, you won’t have anyone to spoon with, but at least you’ll get the sleep you need.

#5: You Don’t Have to Constantly Groom Yourself

True love shouldn’t be based on how you look, but you wouldn’t believe the lengths some people go to keep themselves pretty and clean for their mates. Weight-watching, hot waxing, fancy clothing, anything to still feel attractive. Sadly, most of the time, the efforts aren’t always appreciated – or even noticed for that matter. Another benefit to being unattached – if you don’t feel like gussying yourself up with no one to appreciate the effort, you don’t need to. You can let your hair go unkempt, grow your beard or leg hair out, and start your diet tomorrow. You can let yourself go in the comfort of your own home… just as long as you keep your regular hygiene up – not everyone enjoys the stench of freedom.

#4: You Save Money

When you’ve got a special someone, it’s always nice to pay for dinner, a movie ticket, or even just buy them a present once in a while… but there is such a thing as being TOO generous. You could end up blowing through your wallet for something your partner doesn’t need… or, if they're the greedy sort, they could end up taking you for a ride. However, if you’re not financially tied to someone, YOU’RE the master of your chequebook – you pay for your own movie ticket or you treat YOURSELF to a present. People may think it’s sad to get dinner for one, but it doesn’t seem so sad when you know how much money you’re saving, is it?

#3: You Can Meet and Date Other People

We know what you’re thinking, “doesn’t this defeat the purpose of being single?” Well, not really. Not being tied down to one lone person means you get the chance to play the field – go out and meet multiple potential dates without the pressures of full-time commitment. The best way to accomplish this is speed dating – an organized way to sit down and meet your possible dates face to face; just be careful, you never know who you might end up with. There will be a few hits and misses, but you’ll get more than one option and you could end up trying something new with each date ...enjoyment is not guaranteed, but the experience is!

#2: You Can Make More Time for Your Friends

A lover can be your best friend, but don’t forget you have actual best friends too. Time with your S.O. is nice, but sometimes you spend so much time together, you can only get together with your other friends on monthly boys/girls’ nights out. Your pals will start to miss you… and some might even scheme to break you two up. Without a partner to worry about, you can avoid this all together because you’d have more time to spend with your buddies – spend Valentine's Day with your girls on an “Anti-Valentine's” Day, or goof around with the boys. Also, if you’ve had a bad breakup, don’t forget the friends that can help you through it.

Before we unveil our number one perk, here are a few honorable mentions.

You Can Get Any Pet You Desire

You Can Decorate However You Decide

You Can Leave a Party Whenever YOU want

#1: You Have Time to Work on Yourself

For some, being in a relationship is like a happily ever after. For others, a relationship can be stressful – trying to keep the bond strong out of fear of being lonely can eat away at your mental health AND physical health. However, there IS a difference between feeling lonely and being alone. When you’re alone, you can learn to enjoy your own company, take the steps to move on from a previous relationship –if you had one - and just work on improving your health and lifestyle. Would some of us be happy if we found love? Sure; but make sure you’re mentally and physically ready for that commitment by taking care of yourself first when you can.

Do you agree with our list? Spending Valentine’s Day alone doesn’t sound so bad now, does it? For more solitary Top 10s posted every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.
basically, valentines day is just a day when people become nice to each other, then partners scream at each other the next day.