Top 10 Best Comebacks By Animated Movie Characters

Top 10 Best Comebacks By Animated Movie Characters

VOICE OVER: Tom Aglio WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
Put some ice on that burn! For this list, we'll be going over the snappiest retorts that cartoony characters have made in films. Our countdown includes “Despicable Me”, “Shrek”, "Toy Story", and more!

Top 10 Comebacks in Animated Movies

Welcome to WatchMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 comebacks in animated movies.

For this list, we’ll be going over the snappiest retorts that cartoony characters have made in films. Since we’ll mention some plot points, beware of spoilers ahead.

If there’s a witty animated clapback we forgot to include, hit us with it in the comments!

#10: NASA’s Best

“Despicable Me” (2010)
Felonius Gru is the “despicable” supervillain and titular character of this film and its accompanying franchise. He may be an outlandish antagonist, but he’s still a fun and entertaining character. And right from his early years, Gru had big dreams. As a child, he tells his mother while watching the moon landing that he too will go to the moon someday. His mother’s reply is straight-up savage! [insert broll for “you’re too late son…monkeys anymore.”]While that’s no way for a parent to talk to their child, we have to respect a good comeback. And besides – Gru proves her wrong and then some!

#9: Problem?

“Spider-Man: Into the Spider-Verse” (2018)
Miles Morales and Peter Parker aren’t the only Spider-People to inhabit their Spider-Verse. During the new webehad’s multiverse adventure, he encounters several other people and animals that were bitten by radioactive creatures. One of the new allies that Miles meets is named Peter Porker, a.k.a. Spider-Ham. In addition to having all the powers of a spider-pig, he also demonstrates typically cartoonish cliches. When Scorpion disparages cartoons after getting struck by an anvil, Spider-Ham replies, “You got a problem with cartoons?” He then backs up this near fourth-wall breaking comeback with a grade-A buttkicking! What does a spider-pig do? This – this is what a spider-pig does! Someone call Homer Simpson!

#8: Cretin

“Monsters, Inc.” (2001)
Mike Wazowski is a very witty, one-eyed green monster. He and his partner James “Sulley” Sullivan make up a great duo that shares plenty of great back and forths. But Mike’s best retort is against their mutual nemesis, Randall Boggs. At one point, the antagonist accidentally captures the green guy instead of a little human girl named Boo. When Randall demands to know where she is, Mike remains calm and even corrects Randall on the pronunciation of his insults. Although Mike nearly gets a scream extractor hooked up to his mouth for his comments, at least he has a better vocabulary than his sneaky foe.

#7: Vocabulary

“Oliver & Company” (1988)
This retelling of “Oliver Twist” with animals in New York has a colorful cast of characters, all of whom are funny in their own way. But arguably the most clever of them all is an English bulldog named Francis. While he can come off as pretentious, it doesn’t stop him from having one of the best lines in the film. At one point, Rita is harassed by a pair of Dobermans named Roscoe and DeSoto. That’s when Francis decides to step up and lob a dig at Roscoe’s intelligence in the classiest way possible. “Isn’t it dangerous to use one’s entire vocabulary in a single sentence?” The bulldog’s bark is definitely worse than his bite. However, we can’t deny that he has one impressive bark.

#6: Hideous

“Shrek” (2001)
Although some might see the original “Shrek” film as a big meme, it’s a legitimately heartwarming film that’s full of some hilarious comedy to boot. When the ogre’s swamp is invaded by fairy tale creatures, he decides to lodge a complaint with the man responsible – Lord Farquaad. Shrek makes the journey with his new annoyance/ friend Donkey. When the duo arrives right before a tournament of knights begins, Farquaad reacts with disgust. But Shrek has a fantastic comeback. “Ugh, it’s hideous!” “Well, that’s not very nice – it’s just a donkey.” While it first seemed like the ogre was playing dumb, his slight smile tells us he knew exactly how to match wits with Farquaad. Shrek’s deflection here hits harder than he hits all those knights!

#5: Fairy Burn

“Sleeping Beauty” (1959)
Princess Aurora grows up in the forest with three good fairies, Flora, Fauna, and Merryweather, as her “aunts.” The trio aims to protect her until her 16th birthday because she’s destined to fall into an endless sleep at that age. When they decide to give her a memorable celebration for the big day, they forgo the use of magic in their preparations. While Fauna makes an absolute mess of the cake, Merryweather acts as the dummy for Flora to make Aurora’s new dress. Merryweather definitely has something to say about Flora’s dressmaking skills. But Flora’s retort is the burn we remember more. “It looks awful!” “That’s because it’s on you dear.” We’re gonna need to break out wands and cast healing magic to recover from that one!

#4: Parental Issues

“Batman: Mask of the Phantasm” (1993)
“Mask of the Phantasm” is one of the most compelling “Batman” films out there. The film sees an old flame of Bruce Wayne’s named Andrea Beaumont suddenly return to Gotham City. Around the time she arrives, a string of mobsters are hunted and slain by a masked vigilante. When Batman discovers Andrea’s father was involved with the mob, he confronts her to see if she’s in Gotham to follow her father’s instructions. She responds with: “The way I see it, the only one in this room controlled by his parents, is you.” Andrea amazingly clapped back about parents to Batman! Andrea chose violence, in more ways than one, considering she’s later revealed as the titular vigilante. Batman really met his match with her.

#3: A Horse’s Backside

“Aladdin” (1992)
Princess Jasmine had a multitude of suitors vying for her attention. However, we only see a few of them. But if Prince Achmed is anything to go by, there weren’t many winners. The gaudy royal parades through the streets of Agrabah. When 2 kids get in his way, he prepares to lash out at them. But Aladdin steps in to protect them. Although Achmed knocks the hero into some mud, the wisecracking lead gets a shot of his own. The villian admittedly has a pretty good retort of his own that hits Aladdin hard. However, we still prefer the street rat’s comeback. To top it all off, Aladdin wins Jasmine over in the end. So Achmed certainly comes out behind – much like his face.

#2: The Definite Article

“Kung Fu Panda” (2008)
Po, the eponymous panda fighter, is often looked down on for being a large, often clumsy oaf. But he’s also the prophesied Dragon Warrior. Although his goofiness and size are often seen as a weakness, they become his strengths. Po really uses all of his best attributes to their true potential during his climactic battle with Tai Lung. The panda manages to mop the floor with the villain. At first, the expert fighting snow leopard is incredulous that he’s been defeated by a big fat panda. But then Po clarifies what he is with a tremendous clapback. (insert big panda broll) The panda proved he was the definite article after this display.

#1: Pity

“Toy Story” (1995)
“Toy Story” is one of the all-time greats. Although it’s a timeless tale of toys and friendship. Buzz Lightyear and Woody don’t see eye to eye at first. The biggest obstacles in their way are Buzz’s belief that he’s a real space ranger and Woody’s jealousy over the spaceman. This comes to a head when both toys are left behind at a gas station. When Buzz goes into an extended speech about his “valuable mission”, Woody is unable to contain himself and starts ranting. Buzz’s comeback is absolutely hilarious because of how chill he is.“You are a sad, strange little man – and you have my pity.” And if you can’t appreciate this comeback, you have our pity.