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VOICE OVER: Ty Richardson WRITTEN BY: Ty Richardson
The "Fallout" series has featured a lot of celebrity appearances. Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we're taking a look at 20 of the biggest celebrities to grace the “Fallout” games! Our list of celebs in "Fallout" includes Liam Neeson, Clancy Brown, Keith David, Lynda Carter, Matthew Perry, and more!

20 Celebrity Appearances in the Fallout Games

Welcome to MojoPlays, and today, we’re taking a look at 20 of the biggest celebrities to grace the “Fallout” games!

Ron Perlman

Ron Perlman is widely known for being the Hellboy. It’s impossible to imagine anyone else playing the half-demon we know from the comics. “Fallout” fans, however, know him as the narrator for almost every “Fallout” game. There’s something about his chilling, dramatic delivery that always gets us primed for a new campaign. Other games you may have heard Perlman in include “Halo 2” as Lord Hood, Conan the Barbarian in the 2007 “Conan” game, and the 2005 FPS “Gun” as Mayor Hoodoo Brown.

Keith David

Keith David is arguably the most legendary voice in video games. Many of us will recognize him as the voice of the Arbiter in the “Halo” franchise or his fictional version of himself in “Saints Row IV”. The guy’s been everywhere, yet has only voiced a character in one “Fallout” game: the original. In the very first “Fallout” game, David voices Decker, a crime boss who leads a shady enterprise known as “the Underground”. And to think this was his first video game role just as he was making a breakthrough as the voice of Spawn in the HBO animated series!

Kath Soucie

Much like Keith David, Kath Soucie has made her presence known across all forms of entertainment. You can thank her for Lola Bunny’s flirty debut in “Space Jam”, but you’ll also know her as Phil and Lil in “Rugrats”, Sally and Shock in the “Kingdom Hearts” games, and Lita Halford in “Brutal Legend”. As for “Fallout”, she lent her voice in the first game and “Fallout 76”. In the 1997 original, Soucie voices Laura and the female voice of The Master. As for “Fallout 76”, you can hear her as the Topher and the PA voice for the nuclear launch silos.

Liam Neeson

We all know Liam Neeson by this point. If you don’t know him for Qui-Gon Jinn, you certainly know him for the “Taken” movies. But most players know him as their dad. He is everyone’s dad assuming everyone has played “Fallout 3”. Funny thing is that this is kind of the only voice acting role he’s had in a video game. Neeson did voice acting for “Batman: Begins”, “The Lego Movie Videogame”, and “Lego Dimensions”, but those were mainly because he played Ra’s Al Ghul and Good Cop/Bad Cop in their respective movies. So, “Fallout 3” is his only major acting role in video games, really.

Gregory Alan Williams

Gregory Alan Williams has been acting since 1988, but has primarily performed in smaller roles, his biggest roles being in “Baywatch Nights” and more recently, “The Righteous Gemstones”. But long before we had any idea of who he was, Williams did some voice acting for “Fallout 3” and “Fallout: New Vegas”. In “Fallout 3”, you’ll recognize him as the sheriff of Megaton, Lucas Simms. As for “New Vegas”, he delivers the performance of a lifetime as the violent Cook-Cook. You will never forget Cook-Cook upon meeting him for the first time.

Rob Corddry

Rob Corddry has made a name for himself in stand-up comedy, and he’s just as big in movies and TV. From “Hot Tub Time Machine” to “Childrens Hospital”, Corddry never fails to deliver big laughs, which makes his role in “Fallout: New Vegas” all the more fitting. While exploring “New Vegas”, you may stumble upon Billy Knight, a street performer who used to be a comedian until his self-doubt started creeping in. Perhaps you can give Billy a hand and get him back into performing at The Tops?

Dwight Schultz

Unless you grew up watching “The A-Team” back when he played Murdock, Dwight Schultz is a voice actor you would only recognize in a comparison video. He’s got that crazy amount of range! In cartoons, you may recognize him as Eddie the Squirrel in “CatDog” or Dr. Amino in the “Ben 10” franchise. As for video games, he’s most notable for Papu Papu and Dingodile in the “Crash Bandicoot” games post-Naughty Dog, Professor Pyg in “Batman: Arkham Knight”, and some of the Nemesis Orcs in the “Middle-earth” games. His first role in a video game, though, is the shaman Hakunin in “Fallout 2”, but he would make another appearance in the franchise nearly twenty years later. In “Fallout 4”, Schultz voices Cade, one of the Brotherhood’s Knight-Captains that you can meet aboard the Prydwen.

Felicia Day

Felicia Day has long been a familiar face in nerd culture, way before it blew up and was absorbed into pop culture. From her music to her extensive career in voice acting, Day has made a meaty filmography for herself having voiced MJ in the 2017 “Spider-Man” animated series, Violet from the “Monster High” franchise, and Zojja in “Guild Wars 2”. But her most notable role was in “Fallout: New Vegas” where she played the one girl we all must protect, Veronica Santangelo. She was simply too wholesome for the wasteland, and Day’s performance has made Veronica one of “Fallout’s” most memorable characters.

Brad Garrett

TV viewers will forever know Brad Garrett for his role in “Everybody Loves Raymond” as Raymond’s big brother. Movie buffs will know him as Dim from “A Bugs’ Life” or Bloat from “Finding Nemo”. But shortly after his breakthrough on Ray Romano’s sitcom, Garrett lent his voice to the very first “Fallout” game. Head to Necropolis to find a Super mutant named Harry manning the town’s watershed. Don’t let his low speech fool you - Harry is a crafty individual ready to carry out his master’s plans. Just who is his Master, though?

Jim Cummings

While Kath Soucie provides the random female voices of the Master, Jim Cummings is the primary voice of this disgusting blob of flesh and computer parts. And he does a tremendous job at making The Master uncomfortable to listen to. This wouldn’t be Cummings’s only contribution to the “Fallout” franchise either. In “Fallout 4”, you’ll recognize his voice as The Scribe, Benjamin Beasley, Mr. Able, and many other wanderers of the Commonwealth. Wait, you don’t even know who Cummings even is? Well, of course you do! He’s Winnie the Pooh!

Richard Dean Anderson

The older crowd will know Richard Dean Anderson for one role and one role only: he’s MacGyver! He’s also Jack O’Neill across the “Stargate” franchise, but “MacGyver” was one of the biggest TV shows in the late 80’s. In the world of video games, though, the first “Fallout” is one of his two only credits. In “Fallout”, Anderson voices the mayor of Junktown, Killian Darkwater. If you want to help him bring justice to Junktown, you’ll have to work with him to bring down the crime boss known as “Gizmo”, who is also voiced by Jim Cummings!

Danny Trejo

Most folks know Danny Trejo as “Machete” from the “Spy Kids” and “Machete” films. Others may know him as Umberto Rombina from “Grand Theft Auto: Vice City” and “Vice City Stories” or maybe his recent role as Dwight Mendez in “Like a Dragon: Infinite Wealth”. But right when the “Machete” movies kicked off, Trejo was in “Fallout: New Vegas” as Raul Alfonso Tejada. This gunslinger has some remarkable Agility, too, making him an excellent companion to keep around while roaming the Mojave desert.

Sean Schemmel

Sean Schemmel has made a name for himself for voicing basically the same character for the last several decades. He's basically become synonymous with the "Dragon Ball" IP because he's been voicing Goku for so long. But did you know he has done work for one of the "Fallout" games? Yes, in "Fallout 4", he provides the voices of two characters along with some of the noises of the Feral Ghouls. You can hear him as Marc Wilson in the "Marc's warning" holotape, but you'll hear more of Schemmel if you decide to travel with Strong as your companion. Yeah, not the character we were expecting either.

Dave Foley

While Dave Foley is widely known for playing Flik in "A Bugs' Life", he has popped up in other places like the TV series "Fargo" and a second Pixar movie, "Monsters University". Of the three roles he's had in video games, two of them are just him being Flik. The third is Yes Man from "Fallout: New Vegas". This was one of those roles where you wouldn't be able to tell because of the effects put into the audio. But to think we had the voice of Flik aiding Benny this entire time!

Clancy Brown

If you are someone in their 20’s or 30’s, you know who Clancy Brown is. You know VERY well who Clancy Brown is. In video games, he was Baron Praxis in the “Jak & Daxter” games, Hades in “God of War III”, and most recently, Hank Anderson in “Detroit: Become Human”. But just as he was getting started being the voice of Cortex in “Crash Bandicoot 2”, Brown performed in the first “Fallout” game as Rhombus, one of the Brotherhood’s head paladins. As great as his acting is, we still can’t stop hearing a certain crustacean in his sound.

Zachary Levi

It's funny to think we all know Zachary Levi as the DC hero “Shazam” or the voice of Flynn Rider in Disney’s “Tangled”. But just before things really took off for the actor, he made a significant appearance in “Fallout: New Vegas” as Arcade Gannon. His intelligence does make him a worthy companion to keep around, and you’ll even get the Better Healing perk for coming out of tough situations quicker. Back to Levi, this has sort of been his only major role in video games. He appeared as himself in the 2013 reboot of “Tomb Raider”, voiced Dr. Tully in “Grounded”, and way before any of that, he was a trooper in “Halo: Reach”.

Malcolm McDowell

Co-starring in “Fallout 3” with Liam Neeson is Malcolm McDowell. Film buffs will know McDowell for a large assortment of movies, his most famous being “A Clockwork Orange”. In video games, on the other hand, he’s made appearances in “Command & Conquer”, “God of War III”, and most notably, “Killzone 3”. But in the handful of games he’s acted in, his role in “Fallout 3” as John Henry Eden is his most well-known performance. Hey, when you hear his speeches echoing from all of the roaming Enclave Eyebots so many times, you’ll never forget the name “John Henry Eden”, and McDowell’s delivery will ensure that.

Matthew Perry

The late Matthew Perry will forever be known for his role as Chandler Bing in the legendary sitcom “Friends”. However, fans will recall the time Perry appeared on Ellen DeGeneres’s show and even gave her a copy of “Fallout 3”. According to Perry, he had played the game so much that he actually gave himself a hand injury. This actually led to Perry getting contacted by Obsidian Entertainment and offered a role in “Fallout: New Vegas”. And now, he is forever immortalized as the character Benny, a smooth-talking con artist who runs New Vegas as head of the Chairmen.

Britt Baron

The lovely and talented Britt Baron hasn't had too many significant roles. Her biggest claim to fame before 2020 was playing Justine in the short-lived Netflix series "GLOW". But in 2020, she has quickly made a name for herself in the video game space, now serving as the voice of everyone's favorite waifu, Tifa Lockhart in "Final Fantasy VII Remake" and "Rebirth"! And you can hear more of her in "Fallout 76", though her role is smaller than most of our other entries. The Wastelanders expansion added an extra holotape to find called "Thrope 10/03/2077 9:34am". Sounds like her character, Tessa Crews, is trying to expose a massive scandal in big pharma.

Lynda Carter

When it comes to celebrities in “Fallout”, we all immediately think of Neeson, Perry, Perlman, and McDowell. But what about Lynda Carter? Did we all forget that freakin’ WONDER WOMAN is in “Fallout 4”? Yes, Carter makes a stunning appearance in “Fallout 4” as the sultry and stunning Magnolia. Head on over to Goodneighbor, find the Third Rail bar, and you may get to hear Carter’s beautiful pipes. And yes, you can romance her if you meet her requirements. You may even hear her singing on Diamond City Radio! Was there a celebrity we missed in a “Fallout” game? Let us know down in the comments, and don’t forget to subscribe to MojoPlays for more great videos everyday!