Kanye controversy continues! Quantumania trailer! New Star Wars Movie! Dahmer Costumes Banned! 

VOICE OVER: Matt Demers
In this week's Halloween-infused edition of the Hollywood Headlines, we look at the growing outrage towards Kanye West. With boycotts, cancellations, and lost endorsements, can the rapper weather yet another storm of controversy? In movie news, “Ant-Man and The Wasp: Quantumania” unleashed its first trailer, and with it, a tease of what's to come in Phase 5 of the MCU! Sticking with superheroes, DC fans are elated with the official return of Henry Cavill as The Man of Steel. But what is Cavill's Supes next move going to be? Plus, Damon Lindelof's secret “Star Wars” movie is moving forward and has found a director. Is the veteran writer the right choice for this franchise? And lastly, we'll tell you about this year's best pop culture Halloween costumes, and no, Jeffrey Dahmer is not one of them!