Top 10 Star Wars Memes
Top 10 Star Wars Memes

Top 10 Star Wars Memes

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Script written by Ty Richardson

May the Force (and the Internet) be with us! From Yoda Speak, to Unlimited Power, to pretty much anything involving the younglings, these memes are sure to make you giggle. WatchMojo counts down the Top 10 Star Wars Memes.

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Script written by Ty Richardson

Top 10 Star Wars Memes

May the Force (and the Internet) be with us! Welcome to, and today, we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Star Wars Memes!

For this list, we’re looking at some of the best memes surrounding “Star Wars,” whether it’s making jokes about the prequels or celebrating the space opera franchise.

#10: Videos with Edited-In Lightsabers

There are countless ways to make hilarious videos even better, but the best kinds of edits and reuploads involve adding in lightsabers. Chances are that cat video or epic fail clip you’ve found has a lightsaber version somewhere on YouTube. However, the most memorable moments where lightsabers were added come from edited clips of some of our favorite movies. An elegant weapon for a more civilized age, the lightsaber has also become a versatile Internet meme, and we have a feeling it might be one of the few that will never die.

#9: Yoda Speak

One of the interesting things about Yoda is that his vocabulary is a little backwards, but that doesn’t hold him back from sounding smart. Leave it to the Internet to use his speech to say some terrible things. It is almost impossible not to read these memes in Yoda’s gruff but adorable voice. At least we can easily remind ourselves that the Jedi Master would never utter some of these phrases… unless they make a hard R-rated Yoda spinoff, a la “Logan”. Pay good money to see that, we would.

#8: Unlimited Power

In “Revenge of the Sith,” Mace Windu confronts Chancellor Palpatine, accusing him of betraying the Jedi Council. Just when Windu is about to defeat him, Anakin severs Windu’s hand, allowing Palpatine to electrocute him. During this intense moment, Palpatine yells, “Poweerrrrr… unlimited POWAAAAHHHH!!!” While Palpatine uses this phrase to show his absolute control, the internet at large prefers to use it when referring to electrical outlets, fully charged cellphones, and maximum bandwidth on Wi-Fi routers. Hey, when those opportunities present themselves, what more can you say? Gotta enjoy that power fantasy as much as possible!

#7: Anything Involving the Younglings

Once again, we look to “Revenge of the Sith” for another hilarious meme. In the last entry of the prequel trilogy, Anakin slaughters a group of Jedi younglings. As awful as this crime is, we can’t help but laugh at the scene’s cheesy nature, and the Internet is there to laugh with us. Memes have joked about the murders through a variety of different styles, ranging from blunt attitudes, to messed up poetry, to Anakin himself joking about it. It might be a dark deed, but it’s way too melodramatic for us to take it seriously.

#6: Ben Swolo

“The Last Jedi” may have caused some controversy among fans, but if there’s one thing they weren’t expecting it was how unbelievably massive Kylo Ren—er, Ben Solo’s pecs are! Good Sith-lord! As you might expect, the Internet exploded, much like Ben’s chest. Some memes extend this joke into other pop culture references, while others shrink Ben’s head and inflate his entire body. The meme even inspired Instagram users to take up the “Kylo Ren” challenge, with people doing there best to replicate Kylo’s shirtless look. So hike up those pants, hit the gym, and maybe some day you can be as ripped as Ben Swolo.

#5: Stormtrooper Memes

Unlike Stormtroopers themselves, these memes never miss the mark. First, there’s the “What I Really Do” meme that makes a joke out of a Stormtrooper’s work life. Then, you’ve got the one where a Stormtrooper regrets his choices, like realizing those were the droids he was looking for. And of course, we can’t forget about those dancing Stormtrooper videos that pop up on our social media feeds from time to time. These soldiers have become such an icon that seeing them outside of combat is just too damn funny!

#4: May the Fourth Be With You

Rarely has a meme made such a significant impact on society! The phrase, “May the Fourth be With You,” had been tossed around by fans now and then, but it wasn’t until 2011 that May 4th officially became Star Wars Day. Then, shortly after purchasing the franchise in late 2012, the Walt Disney Company started capitalizing on this by creating several events and celebrations. It may not be a big enough holiday to close offices (yet), but it’s always nice to see thousands of people, on the web and in-person, geeking out and having a good time. The festivities don’t end there, either, as the celebration often extends into “Revenge of the Fifth/Sixth.”

#3: Han Shot First

This infamous debate will just never end… Yet the phrase has become more than just a statement of opinions. Recently, it’s become a way fans have expressed their resentment for the changes made to the original trilogy. After all, the “Special Editions” are filled with excessive CGI, unnecessary background characters, and awkward musical numbers. However, the most notorious of these changes was the edit where Greedo shoots and Han makes an awkward shift to dodge the blast. Not only does the whole edit feel unnatural, but it also changes Han’s character development for the rest of the story. Even Han gets edited sometimes. Do you think he had a choice?

#2: It’s a Trap!

Your computers can’t repel memes of this magnitude! As one of the most memorable “Star Wars” lines in the franchise, the phrase has become a representation for when certain things in life sound too good to be true. As you might expect, other meme creators have taken this to another level, opting for words with similar phonetics, or occasionally taking things too literally. We can all sleep well at night knowing that if something sounds fishy (no pun intended), Ackbar will immediately pop into our minds, shouting his famous line… “It’s a trap!”

Before we reveal our meme-iest pick, here are a few Honorable Mentions…

Luke Looks Directly into His Lightsaber

R2-D2 Does Meth

On Force Snooze

#1: I Have the High Ground

At this point, it’s safe to say “Revenge of the Sith” is the most meme-fueled movie of the entire “Star Wars” franchise. Before Anakin is burnt to a crisp, Obi-Wan confidently declares he has the high ground. (And indeed, he does. He is on a higher level of ground. See?) It’s a cheesy, unnecessary line of dialogue. However, it’s funny to say when someone is getting mad at you because you’re winning an argument or a competition… or if you’re making jokes about a certain game publisher abusing microtransactions and DLC…