Top 10 Brutal Deaths in Stranger Things



Top 10 Brutal Deaths in Stranger Things

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“Stranger Things” has had some pretty brutal deaths over its 4 seasons. For this list, we'll be looking at the most horrifying and painful demises that we witnessed on the sci-fi show. Our countdown includes the prisoners who went up against a Demogorgon, Henry Creel's victims, Bob, and more!
Script written by Andrew Tejada

“Stranger Things” has had some pretty brutal deaths over its 4 seasons. For this list, we’ll be looking at the most horrifying and painful demises that we witnessed on the sci-fi show. Our countdown includes the prisoners who went up against a Demogorgon, Henry Creel's victims, Bob, and more! Who do you think suffered the worst fate? Let us know in the comments below!

#10: Grigori Gets What He Deserves

“The Battle of Starcourt”

By the end of season 3, Grigori was one of the most hated characters in “Stranger Things” history. Not only did this assassin eliminate fan favorite Alexei, but the criminal tried to end the lives of beloved mainstays like Hopper and Joyce. Grigori’s bloody history made his violent demise extremely satisfying. While Hopper and Joyce were working to stop the Mind Flayer, the assassin attacked. Although he initially had the upper hand, Hopper throws Grigori into a rolling machine with an awesome one liner. It’s hard to tell exactly whether the crushing impact or the big device’s electrical energy was his undoing. However, we’re positive that it was the painful end that Grigori had coming.

#9: Eleven Eliminates Connie Frazier & Her Agents

“The Upside Down”

Agent Connie Frazier was willing to do anything to lock Eleven into a lab again. She schemed, lied and slayed innocent people who dared to help the young psychic. But Frazier pushed her luck too far when she and a few members of her crew threatened Eleven’s friends. In an instant, the agent and her associates found themselves frozen in place. It wasn’t long before blood started to appear on their faces. Although we can’t see it in detail, it looks like Eleven directly attacked all their brains at once. It’s easy to understand why the young psychic was so tired after this attack. Taking out Frazier and the other evil agents with such a brutal technique must’ve been exhausting.

#8: Grigori Breaks a Brainy Scientist

“Suzie, Do You Copy?”

After a group of Russian scientists were asked to build a way to access the Upside Down, they did a full test in front of a high ranking general. Eventually, the machine backfired and painfully claimed the lives of multiple bystanders. But their quick demises looked merciful when compared to what happened to another witness. A frustrated Russian general ordered Gregori to choke the life out of one of the scientists to discourage another failure. Unfortunately for the victim, his death is slow and agonizing. Watching this terrible execution gave the scientist’s colleague Alexei plenty of incentive to make sure the next machine test was successful.

#7: Jonathan Cuts Tom Down To Size

“The Flayed”

At first, Editor-in-chief Tom Holloway was just a bad boss to Jonathan and Nancy. But the journalist became a violent threat to the duo after he got possessed by the sinister Mind Flayer. After savagely attacking Jonathan, Tom attempted to land the final blow with a pair of scissors. Fortunately, the editor was stopped in his tracks when he psychically felt the force of Nancy’s fire extinguisher attack. Jonathan took advantage of the distraction by using the metal scissors to end the editor in a way that’s too graphic to show here. But the hero didn’t have to look at the gruesome aftermath for long. Tom’s deceased body quickly became a part of a disgusting monster that tried to cause more graphic deaths.

#6: Henry Creel Executes Lab Staff & Residents

“The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”

Upon learning that Henry Creel was a very sadistic psychic, scientists decided to implant a chip inside of his body that prevented him from using his abilities. But once it was removed, he demonstrated how twisted he truly was. Creel broke bones and eliminated opponents without a care in the world. His go to method of ending his enemies involved targeting their eyes while forcing their bodies to move in unnatural ways. While the way Creel killed people was brutal on its own, what makes it even worse is the fact that the majority of his victims were innocent. We’re glad Eleven stopped him from taking any more lives for a very long time.

#5: The Demogorgon Demolishes Prisoners

“The Massacre at Hawkins Lab”

An unlucky group of Russian prisoners that included Hopper and his ally Enzo found themselves face to face with a vicious Demogorgon. Although they had time to get weapons beforehand, most of them still didn’t stand a chance. The Demogorgon’s sharp claws and tremendous strength allowed it to slash and throw its targets with absolute ease. If they survived its initial attack, it would chow down on the survivors with its extremely sharp teeth while nearby guards observed the carnage. The only reason that Hopper and Enzo got out alive was because of a little fire. Without that flame, the Demaogrogon would’ve made sure they perished in a needlessly cruel way.

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#3: The Demodogs Catch Up to Bob

“The Mind Flayer”

Fans knew Bob was a hero when he put his life on the line to save his friends while there were a bunch of Demodogs on the prowl. He barely managed to escape the creatures multiple times throughout his journey. Just when it seemed like Bob was homefree, a Demodog came out of nowhere and pounced on the heroic man. It was painful to see the creature cut and bite into him with such ferocity. The Demodog also added insult to injury by inviting a few of its brethren to attack the dying man too. Bob was an extremely gentle soul that didn’t deserve such an upsetting demise. Unfortunately, he was doomed as soon as that first Demodog jumped.

#2: Billy Is Slain by the Mind Flayer

“The Battle of Starcourt”

During most of season 3’s climactic battle, Billy was possessed by the Mind Flayer. But Eleven was able to help him regain control of his actions by reminding him about his old life. After breaking free, he puts his body on the line to protect Eleven. Unfortunately, the Mind Flayer uses its sharp tentacles to wound Billy. He has to endure being pierced by five more appendages before the creature inflicts one final blow to his chest. And despite losing a lot of blood, Billy still bears the agony of all his wounds to spend a few final moments with his sister. The tremendous amount of suffering he endured makes this sacrifice tough to rewatch.

#1: What Vecna Does to His Victims

All of Season 4

Sometime after Henry Creel became Vecna, he came up with a truly bone chilling way of executing his targets. First, he forces his victims to see visions of their past traumas. Then Vecna waits until they get completely lost in their worst memories. Once his victims are fully trapped in their grim visions, he moves in for the final kill. Vecna’s targets have all ended up with broken bones and missing eyes. While the method is identical to what Creel used to do, it’s much worse because of the amount of psychological torment the victim endures. By combining mental and physical harm into one sickening package, Vecna has devised the most brutal way to die on “Stranger Things”.

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