Top 10 Behind the Scenes Spider-Man: No Way Home Filming Secrets
Trivia Top 10 Behind the Scenes Spider-Man: No Way Home Filming Secrets



Top 10 Behind the Scenes Spider-Man: No Way Home Filming Secrets

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As always, Spider-Man has plenty of surprises up his sleeves. For this list, we'll be looking at the most interesting facts we learned about the making of this epic webhead film. Our countdown includes Zendaya Was Fine With Falling, Willem Dafoe Scared Some Coworkers, The Multiple Spider-Man Surprise Was Almost Exposed, and more!


Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Behind-the-Scenes Spider-Man-No-Way-Home-Filming-Secrets.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most interesting facts we learned about the making of this epic webhead film. If you haven’t seen “No Way Home” yet, beware of major spoilers ahead.

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#10: Zendaya Was Fine With Falling

While web swinging above the city definitely looks cool, it can also be a little nerve wracking to be that high in the air. Although MJ wasn’t a big fan of Spider-man’s signature travel method, Zendaya was all for it. The actress was fully okay with getting attached to wires at a dizzying height on her first day of shooting. As she really went through with the jump, a camera captured her every expression. We have to give major props for Zendaya’s ability to stay in character while doing this huge drop. Her stunt work and acting really sold the idea that MJ would much rather stuck to the subway to get around NYC.

#9: Spider-Man & Other Avengers Are Really Filmed in Georgia

Although the events of the third Holland Spidey film take place in New York, behind-the-scenes features revealed that key scenes were filmed in Georgia. Thanks to CGI effects, even native New Yorkers couldn’t tell the difference. The visual effects are also blended with impressive practical sets to bring a visceral feel to the scenes shot in Georgia. But Spider-Man is far from the only hero whose films are shot there. Kevin Feige's reveal that multiple Avengers share sets is fun to think about. Did Tom Holland get a chance to sing karaoke with Simu Liu after they were both done filming for the day? Even if not, we’d love to be a fly on the wall whenever the Avengers assemble in the Peach State.

#8: One Superhero Landing Wasn't Easy

One of the best shots in “No Way Home” comes when the three Spider-Man land on the Statue of Liberty crown before fighting supervillains. It turns out that getting such a perfect shot wasn’t as easy as they made it look. Not only did Holland have to deal with limited visibility, but the mock Statue of Liberty made for a difficult landing area. And there was the added pressure of making it look unique to his version of the character. But since the fight choreographers made sure every webhead had a specific movement style, Holland and his spider brothers definitely stood out. Watching them stick the landing got us so hype that we wanted to rush into battle with them.

#7: Willem Dafoe Scared Some Coworkers

If we had to name the most frightening performance in “No Way Home”, Willem Dafoe would win in a landslide. Every one of his twisted sneers and wicked laughs chilled us to the bone. As it turns out, we weren’t the only ones who were afraid of his performance. Dafoe’s most unsettling moment comes when Goblin cackles while getting pummeled by Spider-man. Whether the laugh was planned or not, it shook the crew and Holland himself. This effective moment marked the point we knew we were watching a once in a lifetime villain performance. We’re glad that Dafoe’s coworkers and co stars felt the same.

#6: The Suits Weren’t Easy to Slip Into

Most fans would jump at the opportunity to wear a studio produced superhero costume or Villainous threads. But before you go to Marvel studios to get fitted for your next costume, you might want to hear about what it’s really like. Each Spider-man seemed to have a different secret method of getting into each part of the suit. They all make it clear that getting into their awesome looking Lycra suit can be a very involved and occasionally smelly process. Fortunately, actors like Dafoe let us know that technology is making the process of getting into costumes much easier than it used to be. Just make sure you pack plenty of talcum powder before your fitting.

#5: Director Jon Watts Let Actors Riff

There are so many fantastic jokes and big moments in this epic team up film that you’ll definitely need a couple of rewatches to catch them all. But not all of the beats were written before the actors got to set. Between the blooper reel and exclusive footage, we got glimpses of what alternate scenes would’ve looked like. The freewheeling nature of the dialogue and movement allowed for the characters to feel very natural. Watts also took input from everyone on the staff no matter what their position is. Knowing that everyone felt comfortable experimenting and trying new things made the set feel like one of the most fun places to be.

#4: Willem Dafoe Threw Himself Into the Action

Since Willem Dafoe started shooting this film when he was in his 60s, no one would blame him for letting a stunt double take over for action-heavy scenes. But he actually pushed to get in on the action. Before Dafoe arrived, he made it clear that he wanted to throw as many punches and bombs at Spiderman as he could. He pushed himself to match the youthful Holland’s energy in each one of their matchups. Dafoe's commitment and physicality blew everyone on set away. And during the impressive final product, it’s clear that he did his homework to get the choreography down perfectly. There’s something inspiring about seeing that Dafoe is still in such good shape.

#3: The Multiple Spider-Man Surprise Was Almost Exposed

How do you hide the fact that three versions of spider man will appear in one movie? You just take a page out of the Harry Potter franchise and grab a cloak to hide people! Admittedly, Marvel didn’t have access to fabric that could make you invisible. But the cloak they used to hide actors like Tobey Maguire did the trick. But there was still a close call when one of the webheads went to the doctor. Apparently, the medical professional took a selfie with the actor. The security director didn't tell us exactly how they managed to keep the photo from getting out. So, we have to assume they sent in Strange to erase a fellow doctor’s memory.

#2: Entire Fights Can Be Seen Before CGI

“No Way Home” arguably features the most impressive fight scenes of Holland’s career so far. If you’re hungry to see how they got so good, the special features have got you covered. They include plenty of footage of fight choreographers rehearsing the scenes before CGI and the actors are brought in. We get particularly long looks at the violent apartment fight and climatic final Goblin showdown. Thanks to side to side comparisons, you can see how closely the actor’s movements line up with the stunt work. Honestly, we’re thrilled that the talented stunt performers and big name actors look identical in their epic fight scenes.

#1: A Few Actors Looked at This Film Like a Farewell

As soon as the credits rolled on Holland’s third film, fans immediately wondered when they’d see him next. But rumors quickly swirled that the actor’s stint as the webhead was over. Behind-the scenes Interviews with Holland told us that he approached this outing like it was his last. To add to that bittersweet revelation Zendaya and Jacob Batalon also alluded to their appearances in “No Way Home” potentially being the swan song for their characters. There’s always a chance we’ll see them all return to the MCU in the future. But Knowing how they approached this movie changes how we watch the movie from now on. Every single choice they make onscreen comes from actors dedicated to giving their characters a satisfying ending.