Top 10 Most Rewatchable Scenes in Spider-Man: No Way Home
Trivia Top 10 Most Rewatchable Scenes in Spider-Man: No Way Home



Top 10 Most Rewatchable Scenes in Spider-Man: No Way Home

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These are the "Spider-Man: No Way Home" scenes that will go down in film history! For this list, we'll be looking at the moments or sequences from this massive event film that we'll be watching on repeat for years to come. Our countdown includes Four Captured Villains Catch Up, Andrew Garfield & Tobey Maguire Portal in to the Plot, Green Goblin Begins His Reign of Terror, and more!

Top 10 Most Rewatchable Scenes in “Spider-Man: No Way Home”

Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 most Rewatchable Scenes-in-Spider-Man-No-Way-Home.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the moments or sequences from this massive event film that we’ll be watching on repeat for years to come. You don’t have to be something of a scientist yourself to deduce we’ll be swinging by major spoilers along the way.

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#10: Four Captured Villains Catch Up

After antagonists from various universes start popping up in the MCU, Peter is given a means to capture them. Eventually, the Lizard, Electro, Sandman and Doc Ock all end up in neighboring cells. This quartet has little else to do but catch up on each other’s lives. Their conversation is a great way of reminding the audience of each of their motivations and quirks. Outside of the cells, Ned and MJ shine as impromptu prison guards for these various rogues. The light tone and little character Easter eggs alone make this scene worth watching a few extra times. And as the cherry on top, this sequence ends with one of the film’s most underrated jokes.

#9: Doc Ock vs Peter

The first multiverse visitor Peter has to deal with is Doc Ock. When the angry supervillain lashes out at Spider-Man on a crowded road, the webhead struggles to stay alive while keeping people safe. This exciting confrontation sees Peter make several tremendous saves. And whenever he goes directly toe-to-toe with the villain, the choreography is exciting and engaging. Although the fight gets pretty tense, it makes time for “Spider-Man 2” callbacks and spectacular humor. It’s a ton of fun witnessing a clash that highlights why the villain’s so dangerous and the hero’s so beloved. We couldn’t want to see this duo interact more after this memorable road rage fight.

#8: Daredevil Proves He’s a Really Good Lawyer

When Peter and his friends get into serious legal trouble, they get help from a surprising source. Three years after the “Daredevil” show that began on Netflix was canceled, we couldn't believe we were seeing the superhero casually chatting with Peter in an apartment. The presence of Charlie Cox’s Matt Murdoch instantly sent us into a frenzy. Since he was now available for legal consults, we now had hope that other Netflix heroes could appear in other MCU projects. Cox made the long wait for his return worth it with a charming and pitch-perfect performance. We hope this is just the first of many Daredevil movie scenes we’ll never get sick of tuning in to.

#7: Doc Ock Regains Control

Back in 2004, we saw the once warm and well-intentioned Otto Octavius become a relentless villain thanks to the A.I. in his mechanical tentacles. So, it was admittedly sad to see his mind was still under their grip when he appeared in 2021. But Peter was determined to help Doc Ock get back to his real self again. Once the webhead designed a new control chip, it was finally time to test the tech. After a scary moment, Otto wakes up with full control of his body and mind. It was extremely satisfying to see the doctor in control once more. Almost twenty years after Otto was forced down a dark path, it was wonderful to see him fully step into the light again.

#6: Peter Clashes With Dr. Strange

Although Dr. Strange would’ve sent the villains to their homes with a push of a magic button, Peter wanted to help the antagonists before they were sent away. The disagreement between the two heroes leads to the duo fighting over a mystical relic. During the resulting clash, Peter is brought to the mirror dimension, thrown into several portals and even knocked out of his body. While it seems like Strange should win a landslide, Peter keeps surprising us. The trippy visuals and creative use of superpowers make this scene incredibly rewatchable. All the great effects and scenery build up to the moment where Peter triumphs with the help of geometry. Who knew one of Dr. Strange’s best on-screen fights would be against a math nerd?

#5: Andrew Garfield & Tobey Maguire Portal in to the Plot

Ned’s attempt to retrieve Tom Holland’s Peter Parker accidentally brings Andrew Garfield’s wall-crawler to the screen. Honestly, this encounter would’ve been iconic if we only got to see this amazing Spider-Man geek out about the multiverse and deal with MJ’s bread attacks. But this scene reached an entirely new level of hype whenTobey Maguire casually strolled in. Once the two Spider-men share a room, we learn how similar two different Peter Parkers can be. We also get a brief but brilliant web duel that’s worth rewinding to catch a couple of times. After months of rumors and speculation that these two would appear, their first meeting didn’t disappoint.

#4: Green Goblin Begins His Reign of Terror

Just when it looks like Peter and his allies will get to help all the villains, Norman Osborn reveals that the Goblin is calling the shots. After one evil speech, a calm evening spirals into complete chaos. Most of the villains take the opportunity to cut and run. However, Green Goblin remains behind and uses his terrifying strength and speed to make Peter and his loved ones suffer. Although this scene is incredibly dark, it features outstanding fight choreography and one of the movie’s strongest twists. The chaos comes to an emotional conclusion when Aunt May delivers the line we’ve been waiting for before her tragic end. This sequence’s emotional weight and performances from every actor make it one of the film’s most impactful scenes.

#3: Three Peters Get to Know Each Other

We loved hearing the two veteran Spider-men giving the MCU’s Peter much needed encouragement. While that conversation was incredible, the best exchange between the trio takes place before the final battle. The three Peters take some time to learn a little bit more about each other and ask the questions we’ve always wanted to. There’s even just enough time for Maguire’s Spider-Man to have his back cracked before the main event starts. Not only is the dialogue extremely well-written here, but each of the Spider-men gets time to shine. We’re glad these three brothers had a calm moment to uplift and support each other before the storm started.

#2: Garfield’s Spider-Man Saves MJ

One of the most heartbreaking Spider-Man scenes ever filmed saw Garfield’s Peter fail to save Gwen’s life after she fell. For a horrifying moment, it looked like history would repeat itself when MJ was sent hurtling toward the ground. After the Goblin glider knocked Holland’s Peter out of the way, Garfield’s Spider-man immediately dives in and saves her. The sadness and relief that washes over his face brings a tear to our eyes every single time. We know that this saving MJ could never heal the pain of losing Gwen. But each time we see Garfield make this save, we feel like he is honoring the memory of his lost love in the best way.

Before we web up our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Meeting Norman Osborn at F.E.A.S.T.
This Serious Scene Features Great Acting & Norman Doing Funny Things in the Background

Peter Meets Sandman & Electro
This Scene Is Worth Revisiting for the Elemental Action & the Jokes

Characters from Other Realities Appear in the Sky
We’re Still Trying to See If We Can Spot New Villains Or Heroes During this Sequence

Eddie Brock Gets a Crash Course in Mcu History
While We Laughed at First, We’re Still Worried About the Symbiote Piece He Left Behind

Spiderman’s Final Swing
Seeing Peter in a Throwback Homemade Suit Made Us Excited About His Future

#1: The Three Spider-Men Form a New Super-Team

While each of the Spider-Men accomplished spectacular things as individuals, they weren’t great at working with each other at first. When it becomes clear their alliance isn’t working, they regroup and form a more coordinated plan. Our hearts soared at the sight of seeing the three webheads swing into action together. Although the supervillains they have to fight are ridiculously powerful, the trio’s teamwork is stronger. The heroes triumph in a sequence full of unique action, quiet dramatic moments and more than a few surprises. You could barely tell that this was the first time the trio teamed up since they made such an amazing team. Since we don’t know if they’ll fight side-by-side again anytime soon, we’ll be happy rewatching this scene on repeat.