Pixar's Lightyear: Trailer Breakdown



Pixar's Lightyear: Trailer Breakdown

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There's a lot to break down in the "Lightyear" trailer. For this list, we'll be looking at the teaser for the upcoming origin story film of beloved space ranger Buzz Lightyear. Our countdown includes In a galaxy not-so-far away, shoot for the Pixar Theory, oh captain, new captain, and more!

Lightyear Trailer Breakdown

For this list, we’ll be looking at the teaser for the upcoming origin story film of beloved space ranger Buzz Lightyear.

Are you excited to see a new entry in the “Toy Story” franchise, or is this a sworn enemy of the Galactic Alliance? Let us know in the comments below.

#5: Oh Captain, New Captain

It’s only been 2 years since Woody, Buzz, Jessie and the gang got a pretty final sendoff in “Toy Story 4,” so we were a little wary when it was announced that there would be yet another foray into that universe. Except this isn’t your Tim Allen Buzz Lightyear, Space Ranger. Since this is meant to be the character that inspired the action figure, voicing him will be none other than Chris Evans. Evans knows the responsibility of wearing a symbol after years of being Captain America, and probably a thing or two about saving whole galaxies. We just have one question: *can* Chris Evans finish a catchphrase?

#4: In a Galaxy Not-so-Far Away

It’s looking like “Lightyear” is an interplanetary adventure. In “Lightyear,” Buzz is a test pilot training to earn the title of “Space Ranger,” - and that iconic suit. Whether it was by accident or a “secret mission in uncharted space,” in the trailer, Buzz is seen ducking behind a rock out of sight of a robot on a planet that’s reminiscent of Dagobah from “Star Wars.” We wouldn’t be surprised if Yoda dropped by to give an inspirational quote! Disney does own both universes! They do also own Marvel, and we’d be lying if we said we didn’t get some “Captain Marvel” vibes - even though Captain America’s voicing Buzz. Carol Danvers and Buzz’s namesake, Buzz Aldrin would probably get along; he did say “Your dream can take you might higher and much farther than anyone ever thought possible! I know mine did.”

#3: This Isn’t Flying, This Is Time Travel… with Style

Now that we know the Buzz toy (though let’s not call him that) is based on something - or someone - this makes everything that he’s programmed to say take on more significance. While it was hilarious to have Buzz claim that he was awoken from hypersleep when he first meets the rest of Andy’s toys, that actually seems to get some explanation here. Buzz’s ship is powered by a crystal in order to go into hyper speed. A robot named E.R.I.C., or Eric, seems to be explaining how going into hyper speed will allow Buzz to travel through minutes, whereas the “Us” the board points to would travel through years. So very much like how “Interstellar” brought new dimensions to infinite space and time travel, “Lightyear” might take us, well.. We’ll let Buzz say it.

#2: Shoot for the Pixar Theory

Pixar has taken us to many uncharted places over the years; a scaring factory, the Land of the Dead, even inside the mind of a child. What Pixar does really well, though, is shown us normal things from our own world in a brand new way, from fish, to rats, and of course, toys. But because there are also Easter eggs and fictional companies and details that span multiple films, Jon Negroni came up with the Pixar Theory, which posits that all of the movies are connected. Could WALL-E be another of the robots that seem to work with Buzz at academy training? Heck, maybe there will be a wink to Chris Evans’ previous role as Cap with an “Incredibles” reference.

#1: Where Does This Fit in the (Toy) Story?

There’s been a lot of questions about how meta “Lightyear” is. Is there going to be a final shot of Andy sitting in a movie theatre watching this and coveting any and all merchandise? Since there are tentacled aliens in this trailer, we’re thinking this Buzz is a fictional character. It’s becoming more and more likely “Lightyear” will be close to “Buzz Lightyear of Star Command,” especially considering similar tendrils appeared on the planet Karn. Perhaps the Little Green Men will cameo? And while it looks like Buzz has his hands full with ship trouble, we may finally see the Darth Vader-like Emperor Zurg.