Top 10 Friends Episodes That Should Have Been Made



Top 10 Friends Episodes That Should Have Been Made

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These "Friends" episodes totally should have been made. Our countdown includes the one where Chandler is in Yemen, the one where Ross proposes to Rachel, the one where Ben meets Emma, and more!

Top 10 Friends Episodes That Should Have Been Made

Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 “Friends” episodes that should have been made.

For this list, we’ll be going over the plot points and content that many fans of the sitcom “Friends” wanted to see appear on screen, but which never did. Naturally, there will be spoilers for the whole series. Special thanks to @everydayfriend on Instagram for the idea!

#10: The One with Joey’s New Neighbors

The short-lived “Friends” spin-off “Joey,” sees Joey Tribbiani move to L.A. after the show’s end. He does so because all his friends have moved on and moved away from the apartment that so much of the show takes place in. However, before Joey leaves, someone else is bound to snatch up that killer apartment. We would’ve loved to have seen Joey interact with whoever ended up moving in there next. In all likelihood, it would have been a great opportunity for both comedy and plenty of bittersweetness, since Joey would probably either try to treat them like Monica and Chandler, or act out against them because they aren’t them. Also, would they keep the purple?

#9: The One Where Phoebe & Ursula Make Up

It can be hard to remember sometimes, but Phoebe actually has a twin sister, Ursula. It’s okay if you forgot, Ursula seems to have a hard time remembering too. The point is, the two of them don’t get along. And why would they? Ursula is kind of the worst. Among other things, she broke Joey’s heart and used Phoebe’s name as a stage name during her career in adult entertainment. Still, for as bad as things got between them, we’re suckers for family reconciliation. It’s so odd that Phoebe managed to reconcile her relationships with her other estranged family members, like her birth mother - who would’ve been nice to see again too - but not her twin sister.

#8: The One Where Chandler Is in Yemen

One episode in season 4 sees Chandler reconnect with his perennial ex-girlfriend, Janice. To get out of having to see her, he makes up an absurd story about having to travel internationally, and the first country he thinks of is Yemen, of all places. Janice is so relentless that she accompanies him all the way to the airport, and he ends up buying a ticket there, just to get away from her. Although we see Chandler back in New York by the next episode, his brief time in the country would’ve been fun to see. What antics would he have gotten up to with his sarcasm undoubtedly getting lost on the locals? Would the rest of the gang have had to come to get him? We want to know!

#7: The One Where Phoebe Misses the Triplets

One of the more selfless things Phoebe does on the show is act as a surrogate mother to her half-brother, Frank Jr., and his wife, Alice. She gives birth to their 3 children, Frank Jr. Jr., Leslie, and Chandler. Although Phoebe expresses some initial sadness at giving them up, it’s never really brought up again after that - despite the fact that she babysits them several times. We’re no experts, but we feel like carrying children to term would have left more of a mark, even for someone as unconventional as Phoebe. It would’ve been nice to see Phoebe explore that feeling of loss.

#6: The One Where Joey Finds Love

We’ll grant that Joey does fall in love, both with Rachel in “Friends,” as well as with Alex, his girlfriend in his spin-off show. But for the most part on “Friends,” Joey is single and loving it. Even so, it would have been nice to see him in a loving long-term relationship with someone who really complements him and fits in with his group of friends. Maybe someone who’s just as fond of the single life as he is, forcing them both to learn how to be in a relationship together. Or maybe just giving us the chance to see Alex interact with the rest of the friends. Regardless, we just want good things for Joey. Because who doesn’t?

#5: The One Where Ross Proposes to Rachel

It’s implied in “Joey” that Ross and Rachel may be married in the future - after the end of “Friends.” But whether you want to see Ross and Rachel tie the knot, or you think Rachel would be against the idea after the last time, it’s very likely that Ross would at least propose to her. The guy loves marriage after all and he loves Rachel, so we have a feeling he’d get down on one knee at some point. If we had to guess, we’d imagine that it would happen at Central Perk. It’s an important place to both of them for so many reasons, not the least of which is because it’s where they had their first real kiss.

#4: The One Where Ben Meets Emma

Ross has two children – Ben, with his ex-wife Carol, and Emma, with Rachel. Still, for as long as both kids are on the show, they are never shown in the same scene together. As soon as Emma’s conceived, it’s like Ross forgets he even has a son! What would Ben’s reaction to having a sister be? What would family get-togethers look like with them and their cousins, Monica and Chandler’s adoptive children? Sadly, it seems like we probably will not get to see this happen, but our imaginations can run wild.

#3: The One with Rachel’s Sisters

While we’re on the subject of siblings who’ve appeared on screen together, Rachel has two of her own! Rachel has two sisters – Amy and Jill. Amy is rather…let’s say, opinionated. Jill, on the other hand, is spoiled and a bit of a ditz. Although both sisters appear in two episodes during the show, neither one of these is in the same episode as the other. It would have been great to see all three sisters together, as each of their individual dynamics with Rachel is great, but we don’t get to see what they’re like with each other. Supposedly, they don’t get along, but that just means more opportunities for conflict and/or comedy.

#2: The One Where Judy Apologizes to Monica

Monica has a storied relationship with her parents, particularly her mother, Judy. Although Judy, and Jack to a lesser extent, languish praise on Ross, they forever neglect Monica’s accomplishments. In Judy’s case, this extends to outright insulting her daughter. Throughout the whole show, it feels like their relationship is building towards a confrontation between the two, where Monica finally tells off her mom or Judy apologizes for how she’s treated her daughter. As great as that one Thanksgiving where Monica exposes all of Ross’ poor life choices was, a full reconciliation between mother and daughter would have been even more satisfying.
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#1: The One with Rachel’s New Job

Rachel’s arc throughout the show is among the most career focused. She works her way up in the world of fashion to the point where she’s ready to take a job with Louis Vuitton in France near the end of the series. However, Rachel famously gets off her plane to stay in New York to be with Ross. But what becomes of her career after losing her opportunity in Paris? We doubt Louis Vuitton is going to overlook her backing out like this, but they could still hire her for a stateside job. Maybe she’ll take a job with a different fashion brand. Or she could become a fashion writer, or enter another field entirely. It’s a little weird we never got closure on this.