Top 10 Friends Plot Twists You Didn't See Coming
Top 10 Friends Plot Twists You Didn't See Coming

Top 10 Friends Plot Twists You Didn't See Coming

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Garrett Alden
"Friends" knew how to leave us hanging and these plot twists are proof. Our countdown includes Ross Geller got a girlfriend, the wrong name, the proposal, and more!

Top 10 Friends Plot Twists

Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 “Friends” plot twists.

For this list, we’ll be going over some of the most unexpected twists, radical changes and other events from the sitcom “Friends.”
If there’s a twist you couldn’t BE more surprised not to have made our list, let us know what it is in the comments!

#10: Rachel Green & Joey Tribbiani Kiss
“The One in Barbados, Part 2”

While on a trip to Barbados, Joey is with Charlie, who has great chemistry with Ross, while Rachel pines for Joey. After Rachel confesses how she feels to Joey, he’s reluctant, despite breaking up with Charlie earlier. Ross and Rachel have so much history - and a child - together. However, after Ross and Charlie end up kissing, Joey’s mind is made up and he and Rachel share a kiss. The idea of Joey and Rachel getting together is threaded throughout seasons 8 and 9 of the show. Even so, the season 9 finale still caught many off guard.

#9: Ross Geller Got a Girlfriend
“The One Where Rachel Finds Out”

The majority of season 1 sees Ross pining after Rachel to no avail. It isn’t until he goes away on a trip to China that Rachel finds out the way he feels. Although flabbergasted at first, she eventually comes around to realize she may have feelings for him too. When Rachel goes to the airport to pick him up, she decides to confront him about both their feelings. Unbeknownst to her though, Ross has found someone while he was away and is now in a relationship with Julie. She and we hoped that they’d get together, but none of us had any idea about the rollercoaster we were in for with their relationship!

#8: The Wrong Name
“The One with Ross’ Wedding, Part 2”

Ross’ wedding to Emily is rife with twists, some of which we’ll get to later. For now, let’s focus on one involving the wedding itself. Despite being a huge part of his life, Rachel initially decides not to attend the event, which is in England. However, over the course of the two-part finale, she realizes the extent of her feelings for him. Despite being told repeatedly by Phoebe and total strangers that it’s a bad idea, she flies over last minute and shows up when the ceremony is about to begin. While Rachel herself doesn’t end up ruining the wedding, her presence prompts Ross to say her name instead of Emily’s during the ceremony! Nobody, Ross included probably, saw this one coming!

#7: Erica Delivers Twins
“The Last One, Part 1”

The two-part finale of the entire show has plenty of surprises and this is just the first. Erica is the woman Chandler and Monica are adopting a child from, and her entering into labor is already a big deal. However, the expectant parents are thrown for a loop when, after the birth of their son, the doctor announces that another baby is on the way too. Monica and Chandler’s shock and brief panic are tremendously entertaining. Still, Monica quickly rallies, as she’s determined to be a mom to both babies. It’s a happy surprise for a couple and for the audience.

#6: Phoebe Senior
“The One at the Beach”

Phoebe Buffay’s personal history is mysterious and often tragic. Still, when she learns an old family friend may know about her absent father, she is eager to learn more. The woman, Phoebe Abbott, is her namesake, but proves less than forthcoming. Phoebe, being Phoebe, breaks into the elder Phoebe’s house in search of information, but is caught in the act. During their confrontation, Phoebe Senior drops a bombshell – she’s Phoebe’s biological mother. We suppose it shouldn’t have come as a surprise, given how chaotic and twirly Phoebe’s unconventional family is, but it was still unexpected.

#5: The Proposal
“The One with the Proposal, Part 2”

Chandler’s marriage proposal to Monica, just like the man himself, is fraught with contradictions. He initially tries to play up his lack of interest beforehand to make it more unexpected. However, this backfires spectacularly as she goes to her ex, Richard. Things look bleak, with Joey relaying that Monica has left to stay with her parents – only for Chandler to enter their apartment to find Monica waiting. She intends to propose to Chandler instead! While Monica makes a valiant attempt, she can’t manage it through her tears and we can’t blame her! Mondler’s mutual proposal is a heartwarming twist that gets us every time.

#4: Vegas Wedding
“The One in Vegas, Part 2”

The gang’s trip to Vegas brings out the wild side in all of them. Ross and Rachel get fall-down drunk at the hotel and decide to hit the town. Meanwhile, Monica and Chandler get lucky at a casino. The latter pair decides to bet whether they’ll get imminently married on a winning dice roll. Even if the results aren’t certain, the two of them head to a chapel anyway. But just when it’s their turn to get hitched, Ross and Rachel stumble out, having beaten them to the punch! This twist is fantastically executed, as our expectations are subverted at the last second, even if it’s recognizable in hindsight. Also – Ross and Rachel going separate directions is gold!

#3: Rachel Got Off the Plane
“The Last One, Part 2”

The finale of “Friends” sees many of the ongoing storylines wrap up, including Ross and Rachel’s romance. With Rachel set to move overseas, Ross makes one last plea for her to stay. While he at first seems unsuccessful, he finds a phone message from Rachel waiting for him when he gets home in which she reciprocates his feelings and voices that she wants to get off the plane. And then the message cuts out, leaving Ross - and us - in suspense. Cue Rachel appearing behind him and the pair kissing and getting back together, seemingly for good. Was it a little bit predictable? Sure, but you’re lying if you claim you didn’t cheer when it happened anyway!

#2: Pregnancy Test
“The One with Monica and Chandler’s Wedding”

In the lead-up to Monica and Chandler’s wedding, Phoebe discovers a positive pregnancy test in the bathroom while comforting a crying Rachel. Naturally, she and the rest of the gang are surprised that Monica is expecting. However, no one is more surprised than Monica herself when Chandler tells her he knows after they say “I do!” A slow zoom on Rachel reacting to comments Phoebe makes about the baby makes it clear that she is the one who’s pregnant! The twist is so well-executed, because while the clues are there, they’re so subtle that on initial watch you can easily miss them. The “twist” that Ross was the father was also considered, but... come on – of course, it was him!
Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Chandler Bing Is Ready to Propose, “The One Where Paul's the Man”
Chandler Plays Up His Fear of Commitment to Throw Monica, & the Audience, Off

Rachel Came on to Ross First, “The One with the Videotape”
This Surprise Leaves Us All So Happy

#1: Monica Geller & Chandler Getting Together
“The One with Ross’ Wedding, Part 2”

As we’ve mentioned, Ross’ wedding to Emily proved rather eventful. But arguably the biggest thing to happen during the season 4 finale happens the night before. While comforting one another over embarrassments they both endure during the rehearsal dinner, Monica and Chandler share a nice moment together. However, absolutely nobody suspected that when Ross goes to wake up Chandler the next morning, he would be hiding Monica under the covers! This was such a titanic shakeup to the group dynamic that nothing would ever be the same afterwards. Still, looking back now, they were absolutely made for each other, so it may have been inevitable.