Top 10 Bedroom Items You Didn't Know You Needed

VOICE OVER: Ryan Wild WRITTEN BY: Richard Bush
There's always room for innovation when it comes to our daily routines. This can come in the form of big changes, or very, very small ones. So how can you up your bedroom game? Well, to help give you ideas, we've sifted through numerous website and consumer reviews to present our 10 recommended products.
Script written by Richard Bush

Top 10 Bedroom Items You Didn't Know You Needed

Welcome to GetMojo, we do the research so you don’t have to! In this video, we’re offering our picks for the 10 best bedroom items you didn’t know you needed.

There’s always room for innovation when it comes to our daily routines. This can come in the form of big changes, or very, very small ones. So how can you up your bedroom game? Well,
to help give you ideas, we’ve sifted through numerous website and consumer reviews to present our 10 recommended products. Okay, first up.

The White Noise Maker

LectroFan Evo

Many of us struggle getting to sleep. But white noise makers, like this LectroFan model, can be a great tool in helping soothe you, so you can drift off. And just to be clear, this machine doesn’t just give you one sound effect, it actually has ten white, pink and brown noise variations, ten fan sounds and two different calming ocean effects. This white noise maker is handy to have for young ones too, especially babies, with the soothing sounds being a great sleep companion.

The Fire TV Stick

Amazon Fire TV Stick

We’ve probably all heard of the Fire TV Stick, but have you considered having one in the bedroom? Most of us will probably watch all of our favorite TV shows in the living room, but with a Fire TV Stick you can carry on binge watching right up until you go to bed. The Fire TV Stick allows you to watch everything from Netflix to Amazon Prime Video to Disney+ to HBO, all while being super mobile and allowing you to move it room to room. The best part is that all you need to do is plug it into the HDMI port and you’re good to go!

The Charging Dock

POWLAKEN 4 in 1 Wireless Charger

Nobody likes trailing wires by the bedside - and this wireless charging dock ensures that that can be a thing of the past. This docking station only requires one wall socket plug and can charge up to four devices at once, including a smartphone, smart watch, wireless earphones and smart pencil. It’s ideal for those with Apple products — like the Apple Watch, Pencil and Airpods — but the smartphone pad is compatible with a wide range of both Apple and Samsung models. It can even fold flat for easy transportation.

The Bed Tray

Bathtub Caddy & Laptop Bed Desk

Bed tray tables are a dime a dozen, but this one is particularly impressive because it gets all of the little things just right. As well as having adjustable width and fold out legs - which make it ideal for use in both the bathtub and your bed - it has a myriad of compartments, slots and holders to neatly contain your books, cups, tablets and snacks. It looks great too, meaning it won’t look out of place with the rest of your home decor.

The Twinkling Lights

Brightown Hanging Window Curtain Lights

If you haven’t already tried adding ambient lighting to your bedroom, then you should. Not only does it look great, but it can help create a calming atmosphere, which is great for anxious sleepers. These lights from Brightown simply hang on your curtains and are available in various different sizes and color combos. And if you want, you can mix things up with the various settings, like light pattern, brightness and color.

The Weighted Blanket

Gravity Blanket

For those who are unfamiliar with weighted blankets, they essentially help struggling sleepers by offering a weighted feel that essentially feels like you’re being given a big old hug while you’re sleeping. And the luxurious Gravity Blanket is one of the best on the market. Available in three different colors and weights, it’s recommended that users choose a blanket that is around 10 percent of your own body weight, for optimal comfort.

The Smart Clock

Amazon Echo Dot (4th Gen)

If you want to up your smart tech game, then why not swap out your standard alarm clock for a smart speaker? The 4th Gen Echo Dot is compatible with a wide range of other smart tech and can be a great companion for those who want to play music, check the weather and browse Internet queries, all from the hands-free comfort of their bed. And, of course, it has an alarm feature too!

The Cuddle Pillow

ALEVMOOM Cuddle Pillow

Cuddling up with your partner in bed is great. But what’s not great is getting a numb arm in the process. Well, with this cuddle pillow, you won’t have to worry about that. Thanks to its arched design, you can lie down in bed with your arm stretched out and not have it squashed. This pillow’s design is also great for using on a lap, for lying face down on a table or for reducing neck pain in general. And it’s memory foam too, for added comfort.

The Lighter

RONXS Lighter

If you frequently light candles in your bedroom, then you might want to get one of these. This butane- and flame-free lighter is rechargeable, and, thanks to its flexible neck, it allows you to easily light even the most difficult-to-reach wicks. Thanks to being flame=free, this lighter comes with obvious safety bonuses, but it’s also scent free. And for added convenience, there’s even a battery display on its side.

Before we reveal our final pick, here are a few other great bedroom products that are worth considering:

Philips SmartSleep Wake-up Light

Ocean Wave Projector

Plixio Shredded Memory Foam Bed Pillows

The Movie Night Projector

KODAK Luma 150 Pocket Projector

Some people might be intimidated by the idea of buying a movie projector, but you’d be surprised how compact and affordable they are nowadays. This super slimline model from KODAK is an excellent pick for those who want to create a movie night on an in-room screen or a bedroom wall. This projector has USB and HDMI connections and even lets you connect your phone wirelessly and mirror its display. No TV? No problem!

So which bedroom product should you choose? Well, they’re all pretty cool, but some of these are clearly more versatile than others; so if you do like to keep things minimal, and only like adding practical bedroom items, then the multi-faceted Amazon Echo Dot or the 4-in-1 charging dock are both great choices!

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