Top 10 Small Details You Missed on Schitt's Creek



Top 10 Small Details You Missed on Schitt's Creek

VOICE OVER: Rebecca Brayton WRITTEN BY: Val Namaki
No matter how many times you've rewatched it, these are small details you probably missed on "Schitt's Creek." Our countdown includes the Rose's portrait, Wendy's associate, Alexis' bag of dresses, and more!

Top 10 Small Details You Missed on Schitt's Creek

Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Small Details You Missed on Schitt's Creek.

For this list, we’ll be looking at amazing small details and easter eggs found throughout the show's 6 seasons. Since we’re going to be going through various storylines that took place on the show, a spoiler alert is in effect.

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#10: Seeing the Creek
“Smoke Signals”

We spent countless hours at places like the Rosebud Motel, Rose Apothecary, and Cafe Tropical throughout the course of the show. Yet the creek after which the town is named remained a mystery for the longest time. In fact, it wasn’t until the premiere of the final season that viewers got to see it when Johnny and Moira took a stroll to have a lovely picnic there. It was a nice treat for fans of the show, who finally got to see the landmark. And it was just as beautiful as anyone could have imagined. We’d say it was worth the wait.

#9: The Roses’ Portrait

Every good wealthy family needs a lavish portrait of themselves. Before their financial demise, the Roses were no exception. So when the grand piece gets to town in Season 3, Johnny and Moira’s instinct is to find a place for it. Ultimately though, they realize they don’t need it anymore. But this episode was not the first time the portrait made an appearance. In fact, it can be seen as part of the backdrop in the show’s holiday special. Not only that, it hangs behind the Roses in the pilot as they find out they’ve lost their money. It’s just one example of the care the show put into developing the family’s story, weaving their past and present together.

#8: A Mariah Carey Wedding
“Happy Ending”

Patrick and David’s wedding is a deeply sentimental affair. Patrick’s vows are extremely profound and personal, with nods to significant moments in his and David’s relationship. Namely, he called David his Mariah Carey when he declared his love for him, which the legendary singer herself reacted to on Twitter! So it’s only fitting that he incorporates lines from her song “Always Be My Baby” here, especially since according to Dan Levy, the lyrics reflect their dynamic. And remember the lovely but treacherous hike where Patrick proposed? He references that too, with a line about climbing one thousand mountains for David (x-ref)! These details ensured that the ceremony felt anchored in their love story.

#7: Wendy’s Associate

Who could ever forget Wendy, David’s boss when he worked at Blouse Barn? The two cross paths again in Season 5 at the flea market. David and Stevie are there to sell Rose Apothecary products. And it just so happens that Wendy and her partner/fiance Antonio have a booth as well. Interestingly, David gets a sense of deja vu upon meeting him. But Antonio denies them having ever met. Still, David can’t shake the feeling he’s seen him before. And he’s right! A few episodes prior, he was actually at Rose Apothecary paying really close attention to the products. It’s no coincidence that Wendy’s Marketplace products are identical to Rose Apothecary’s. It’s this meticulousness that makes Schitt’s Creek such a great show.

#6: All the Name-Dropping

Before moving to Schitt’s Creek, the Roses led extremely glamorous and high-end lives. From where they lived, to where they vacationed, and perhaps most significantly, who they knew. And while they’ve had to drastically alter their lifestyle, they aren’t about to forget their old famous friends. Presumably in a bid to remind viewers of the Rose family’s background, the characters constantly name-drop celebrities. There’s too many to name - over 50 to be precise! A few notable ones include Alexis’ fling with Zac Efron, David’s annual visit to Elton John’s house, Moira’s involvement with the Clintons, and her and Johnny’s hanging out with the Castros. And that barely scrapes the bottom of the barrel of all their lavish stories.

#5: Man’s Best Friend

“Schitt’s Creek” has always been a family affair, with the Levy father-son duo at its helm. So it would be unfathomable to exclude one of the most important members of the pack from the show: Dan’s dog Redmond. While it’s quite common to see guest appearances from stars’ friends or families in television or film, Levy incorporated a different kind of cameo here. Redmond is actually the adorable pup you see on a brand of beer that appears in the series. We can’t think of a cuter way to make sure he gets a chance to shine like the good dog he is.

#4: Alexis’ Bag of Dresses

When Alexis put a bunch of her amazing designer clothes in a bag and parted ways with them, our hearts broke a little. Luckily, Twyla has good taste and breathes a second life into the pieces. In fact, the adorable black dress she dons at David and Patrick’s wedding might have looked slightly familiar to fans of the show. It’s actually a dress we previously saw Alexis rock in season 1 for Moira’s birthday. But she didn’t part with everything, She hilariously decided to keep a pink dress that was in the bag, and for good reason. That piece was actually her outfit from the pilot! It’s truly a testament to the storytelling power of clothes.

#3: Welcome to Schitt’s Creek

One of the funniest storylines on the show is the debate surrounding the town sign’s lewd imaging in the first season. Somehow, Roland can’t really see the problem, and Johnny is unable to un-see it. So it’s nice to see the welcome sign one last time as Moira and Johnny drive off in the series finale. Except something is a little different about it this time. The faces on it now belong to the Roses, so that they remain forever a part of Schitt’s Creek. It’s Roland’s final present to them. It’s an endearing and heartfelt gesture that perfectly symbolizes how the town and the family learned to embrace each other. We may have shed a tear, or ten.

#2: An Homage to Sweaters
“Happy Ending”

When one thinks of David Rose, a few things come to mind: a witty attitude, hilarious one-liners, and perhaps most notably impeccable taste in clothing. Over the course of the show’s six seasons, there was no shortage of his iconic sweaters for fans to feast their eyes on. Well, what better way to honor these pieces than to gather them all in one place? That’s exactly what the show did in the finale, where they are all seen sitting in the background as David is in a panic. They are perfectly organized, just waiting to be worn. This fun little nod to his signature look goes a long way in cementing the huge role fashion played in the creek.

#1: Musical Memories

Johnny, Moira, David, and Alexis aren’t overly emotional people. They tend to stick to sarcastic jabs and more subtle displays of love. But once in a while, they let down their guards, which gives way to really sweet moments. One such instance takes place at the end of Season 2 when the Roses exchange “I love you’s” as they dance to James Morrison’s “Precious Love.” It’s an extremely heartwarming scene. Fittingly, the Jazzagals cover that same song at the start of David and Patrick’s wedding. This callback is a perfect example of the love and warmth that defines the show. The care that went into telling these characters’ stories thoughtfully is undeniable.