Exposing Worst ContentID Abusers! #WTFU

Exposing Worst ContentID Abusers! #WTFU

VOICE OVER: Ashkan Karbasfrooshan Counter-strike: Exposing ContentID Abusers
How YouTube's ContentID system has become Google's Achilles Heel & exposes rights holders to antitrust & class action lawsuits

YouTube has invested $60 million in developing ContentID. A decade later, ContentID has stifled creators' rights and become increasingly weaponized by intermediaries who recognized loopholes in the system which has seen Google pay out over $5 billion by now. In this episode of Business Battleground, WatchMojo Founder Ashkan Karbasfrooshan goes in depth to
1. explain copyright and fair use,
2. discuss key cases and precedents that have defined the framework for the principle of fair use and fair dealing,
3. identify some of the claimants with whom WatchMojo has had disputed with, including Bertelsmann BMG, Hexacorp Orfium, Zefr, CBS, FIFA, Toei and others.
4. outline some of the options channels have when they're being unfairly attacked.
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