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Top 10 Best Spice World Moments

VO: Phoebe de Jeu WRITTEN BY: Savannah Sher
People of the world, spice up your lives! Watch as we down our picks for the Top 10 Spice World Moments! For this list, we’re looking at our favorite moments from this uniquely campy 1997 film from the Spice Girls. We’ve included their tour bus shenanigans, the Milan show, flashback to their early days, Spice boot camp, Alien encounter and more!

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Top 10 Spice World Moments

People of the world, spice up your lives! Welcome to MsMojo, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Spice World Moments.
For this list, we’re looking at our favorite moments from this uniquely campy 1997 film from the Spice Girls.

#10: Tour Bus Shenanigans

Of course, the five girls are the real stars of “Spice World”, but the movie wouldn’t be what it is without their decked-out tour bus. The double decker with a Union Jack emblazoned on the side had individualized sections inside for each of the girls, and was a cool thing to envy when we first saw the movie. Some iconic moments take place while the girls are getting from A to B inside, including Mel B. “losing” her boots and the ongoing question of what Posh should wear . . . the little Gucci dress, or the little Gucci dress?

#9: Nightmares

What exactly does Kevin McMaxford have against the Spice Girls? When the girls are spending the night in a very scary, very big, old house, they’re all given separate rooms, but when they start hearing strange noises in the middle of the night (because McMaxford’s photographer is crawling out of their toilet, NBD), they find themselves piling into bed together. It turns out they’ve all had a similar nightmare about their upcoming show, and the most tragic part is that Victoria didn’t have makeup on in hers!

#8: The Milan Show

Milan, Italy is one of the world’s true epicenters of fashion and taste, but when the girls go there for a show, they’re surprised when they’re set up with a group of oiled-up male backup dancers who are performing in skimpy outfits. And did we mention Scary’s astronaut getup during rehearsals? Baby Spice listing all of her stuffed animals as an explanation for why one of the dancers can’t sleep in her bed is simply priceless. But the compromise they end up coming to, where the men wear buttless chaps, is possibly even better.

#7: Flashback to Their Early Days

During one of the low periods of the movie, the five girls are all separately reminiscing about their early days (which don’t exactly reflect reality but hey, we’re willing to suspend our disbelief), and we get this delightful scene of the young Spice Girls performing “Wannabe” in an empty cafe, for an owner who couldn’t care less. The girls are all totally broke because they haven’t made it yet, but their enthusiasm about their first song is infectious. Let’s just remember this as the way the group really started, okay?

#6: A Look into the Future

One of the plot points in the movie is that the girls’ friend Nicola is pregnant; and in the second half of the film, she gives birth to a beautiful baby girl. Nicola’s pregnancy gets the Spice Girls imagining what their lives would look like if they had kids, and honestly, it’s pretty dark! In this hypothetical future, they’ve all become the worst versions of themselves, and even Sporty has let herself go! Luckily in real life we know that even 20 years after the film was released, all five of them look incredible and seem to be doing great!

#5: Spice Force Five

In a meta moment, Martin Barnfield and Graydon are Hollywood writers who are desperate to create an idea for a feature film starring the Spice Girls. Let’s just say that their ideas aren’t exactly grade A material, but they do come up with one compelling one: Spice Force Five. In this “high concept” idea, the girls have to fight off extraterrestrial terrorists (foreshadowing anyone?) with their set of unique skills. We don’t know which part of this idea is the most entertaining, hearing Geri’s voice come out of that body made us giggle every time.

#4: Spice Boot Camp

We’re the Spice Girls yes indeed, just girl power is all we need! When the girls are paired with a, let’s just say eccentric, dance instructor, they give him an eye-roll and decide to make the most of it. After their bizarre dance lesson, they end up in a boot camp situation where they’re charged with going through an obstacle course. The song they chant is catchy as hell, and their military outfits (especially Victoria’s) are hilarious. 1, 2, 3, 4, 5 Spice Girls!

#3: The Race to the Show

The entire movie is leading up to the girls’ big show at the Royal Albert Hall, and in the end they’re running late. Victoria takes the wheel of the bus, and races through the city to make it there on time. But nothing goes their way, because they find a bomb on the bus AND they have to make an epic jump when the London Bridge goes up as they’re approaching. Thankfully, they make it just in time, and deliver one of their best performances ever with “Spice Up Your Life”.

#2: Alien Encounter

Not everything about “Spice World” is exactly realistic (we just talked about that bridge jumping scene, right?) but that’s what gives it its charm. In one of the most surreal scenes of the entire movie, the girls make their driver stop so they can pee in the woods, and then they have a run-in with some extraterrestrials. It’s hard to pick the best part of this scene. Is it the fact that the Spice Girls understand their alien language? Geri kissing one of them? Or one of the aliens talking about sheep and Baby Spice? We just can’t get enough of the absurdity of this scene!
Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
The Boat Trip Goes Awry
Party/Press Conference
The Chief

#1: The Photo Shoot

So much of the movie is about the girls rebelling against the expectations that are put on them, and no scene exemplifies this better than when they decide to have a little fun at a photo shoot. They dress up as a variety of different characters from the history of entertainment, but undoubtedly the best part comes when they all dress up as each other, playing into their individual stereotypes! Also, are we the only ones who JUST noticed that Dominic West plays a photographer in the film?

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