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Top 10 Fictional Materials

VO: Dan
These amazing things don’t really exist, but it’d be sweet if they did! If there's one thing every sci-fi or fantasy flick needs, it's materials that you cannot find in real life. This means incredible new sources of energy, magical dust that can make you fly, and metals beyond anything on Earth. Just to set the ground rules, we’re sticking to one fictional material per series. Join as we count down the top 10 Fictional Materials.

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Top 10 Fictional Materials

These amazing things don’t really exist, but it’d be sweet if they did! Welcome to and today we’ll be counting down the top 10 Fictional Materials.

Just to set the ground rules, we’re sticking to one fictional material per series.

#10- Melange, The Spice “Dune”

Kicking off our list is the Mcguffen of Dune. Not only is the it the most sought after resource in the galaxy for enabling interstellar travel, its also a pretty gnarly drug. Meth rots your teeth, but spice turns your eyes blue and allows its users to see the future, not so bad eh? Of course, like any other drug, it’s addictive. On a similar note, withdrawal is fatal. Oh well, at least it’s flavor is never the same twice! That’s pretty cool!

#9- Flubber “Flubber”

This green slime is the signature fictional creation of in 1961’s “The Absent Minded Professor” and the wild Robin Williams vehicle of the same name. Created by a quirky mad scientist, this living green slime is essentially flying rubber with limitless energy. Limitless energy means limitless plot device, so it increases speed of anything it touches, can make cars fly and even has a little bit personality to boot.

#8- Fairy Dust “Peter Pan”

This magical stuff, also known as Pixie dust, is generated by fairies and gives them flight. When spread to others, it gives them the ability to fly as well. However there is a catch, you have to think happy thoughts. Happy thoughts like “I can freaking fly”! Still, it doesn’t exactly explain how it helps Peter fly into outer space to get to Neverland. Wait? Does that mean Neverland is an alien planet?

#7- Mutagen “Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles”

Ever wish your household pets could grow to human size and learn to fight evil? Well, all you would need is this retro-mutagenic ooze. Manufactured by TGRI or TCRI, depending on which turtles continuity you’re watching, it’s been everything from a chemical byproduct to an alien experiment. Either way, it works fast, even on humans!

#6- Mithril “The Lord of the Rings”

What would a list of fantastical materials be without one straight out of the ultimate fantasy universe! Addressing that major downside of armor, namely its ridiculous weight, Mithril eliminates this drawback entirely. Though very light, it’s extremely durable and capable of taking orc level punishment. You’d think its name would translate to something a little more straightforward or badass then “Grey Gleam”, but what can you do…

#5- Energon “Transformers”

This energy source is the lifeblood of the Transformers race, powering everything from their bodies to their weapons. Taking many forms, from plasma to crystals, it has been found in natural deposits, and synthetically created from other energy sources like oil. No matter how it’s gathered, it takes the form of energy cubes for easy storage.

#4- Dilithium “Star Trek”

While we wanted to go with the new Trek’s black hole creating Red Matter, we decided to go with the classic. Basically, if there’s one reason we are unable to create warp drives today, it’s because we don’t have access to these powerful crystals! Rare and occurring naturally off world, Dilithium crystals fuel the ships of the United Federation of Planets all the way to the Klingon Empire.

#3- Carbonite “Star Wars”

No, we’re not talking about the real life Carbonite ion or explosive of the same name. Rather, we’re talking about the fictional metal alloy used in a galaxy far far away. Made of carbon, it’s mixed with the equally fictional Tibanna gas and flash frozen. Used to protect items for shipping and transport, it’s mainly used for non-living items, but is capable of freezing Harrison Ford in order to produce so nifty modern art.

#2- Kryptonite “Superman”

This element is the ultimate weakness of the man of steel. A green glowing radioactive ore, pieces of Kryptonite are actually the remains of Superman’s home planet of Krypton. It’s composition has been alluded in several continuities, but is best explained in Superman III. While green Kryptonite makes Superman weak, other colors have vastly different effects, none of which are very good for the big blue schoolboy.

#1- Adamantium “Marvel Comics”

Taking the top spot on our list is the indestructible metal featured in the Marvel Universe. Simply put, if it can’t be destroyed, it’s made of Adamantium. Of course, it will always be best associated with Wolverine, as the X-men member has the metal grafted to his skeleton, and claws.

Do you agree with our list? Which fictional material is your favorite? For more entertaining top 10s, be sure to subscribe to

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