Top 10 Hilarious Melissa McCarthy Moments

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Script written by Nick Spake This funny lady has so many awesome moments. For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest moments of Melissa McCarthy’s career so far! We’ve included her spanx incident on “The Ellen DeGeneres Show”, Her chris farley Impression on SNL, Sookie’s clumsiness in Gilmore Girls, drunken dancing in “The Heat” her lip sync battle on “The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” and more!
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Top 10 Melissa McCarthy Moment

No matter what role she’s in, this lady is comedy gold. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Melissa McCarthy Moments.

For this list, we’re taking a look at the funniest moments of Melissa McCarthy’s career so far.

#10: Her Chris Farley Impression

“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

Chris Farley is a legend we lost far too soon. If only for a brief moment, though, McCarthy managed to channel Farley’s most iconic character. As part of the “Saturday Night Live 40th Anniversary Special,” she donned the persona of Matt Foley and dropped by Weekend Update. From the costume to the aggressive voice inflection, McCarthy embodied everyone’s favorite motivational speaker. In the same vein as Farley, McCarthy turned into a comedic wrecking ball, leaving the Weekend Update desk in shambles. As McCarthy “motivated” Amy Poehler and Jane Curtin, we like to think that Chris was smiling from his van down by the river up in the sky.

#9: Sookie’s Clumsiness

“Gilmore Girls” (2000-07)

Having become one of the silver screen’s most bankable leading ladies, it’s easy to forget that McCarthy rose to popularity playing Sookie St. James on “Gilmore Girls”. As Lorelai Gilmore’s bestie, McCarthy displayed the makings of an up-and-coming talent with loads of potential. While Sookie is a great pal and even better chef, she’s also a bit of a klutz. During Richard’s birthday dinner, Trix is quick to point out a tear in Sookie’s uniform. While we never see what exactly caused the rip, Sookie does her best to recreate the incident through miming. Her over-the-top explanation only raises more questions, but it also showcases McCarthy’s knack for physical humor.

#8: Her Spanx Incident

“The Ellen DeGeneres Show” (2003-)

From one wardrobe malfunction to another, McCarthy got into a tight situation after putting on a pair of Spanx. Never afraid to poke fun at herself, she had no qualms about sharing the embarrassing story with Ellen DeGeneres. Heading to work while carrying several bags, McCarthyreceived raised eyebrows aplenty upon encountering a couple of fence-builders. At first, she wasn’t sure why they had such shocked faces. The fact that they wouldn’t look at her from the forehead down caused further confusion. McCarthy eventually realized that her sweater was riding up and her pants were down, revealing the flesh-colored Spanx. It’s a real life moment worthy of a Paul Feig movie. Speaking of which…

#7: Drunken Dancing

“The Heat” (2013)

The success of a buddy cop movie all stems from the chemistry between the leads. In “The Heat,” Melissa McCarthy’s hard-hitting Mullins and Sandra Bullock’s by the book Ashburn make for a winning combination. While these two law enforcers get off to a rocky start, they begin to bond after sharing one too many drinks. Their drunken escapade includes taping their faces and covering a barfly with nuts. Of course the highlight is a dance sequence, which sparks a strip tease and a conga line. In the midst of the frenzy, however, there’s still a little room for slow dancing. And what better way to cap off their wild night than with a toast?

#6: Lip Sync Battle

“The Tonight Show Starring Jimmy Fallon” (2014-)

If you thought McCarthy’s dancing was hilarious, get a load of her singing chops… well, her lip-syncing chops. Jimmy Fallon was given a run for his money when he went head to head with McCarthy in the ultimate Lip Sync Battle. Fallon got off to a strong start, with his brand new pair of roller-skates. However, McCarthy came firing back with a rambunctious rap routine, leaving “The Tonight Show” host practically speechless. Jimmy stepped it up in round two, as he got passionate with a pillow. Yet nothing could top McCarthy’s “Colors of the Wind” finale, complete with a forest background and a series of props flying at her. Good thing she was wearing goggles.

#5: Emmy Training Day

“63rd Primetime Emmy Awards” (2011)

On the heels of “Bridesmaids” and “Mike & Molly,” 2011 was a breakout year for Melissa McCarthy. This made her a natural choice to announce the 63rd Primetime Emmy nominations. To prep for the event, McCarthy tracked down Joel McHale for advice. While initially reluctant, the “Community” star would teach McCarthy all about being emotionless on stage, boxing with the teleprompter, and… doing his demeaning chores. It made for an unforgettable training montage, even if McHale couldn’t remember any of McCarthy’s previous screen credits. Coincidentally,McCarthy’s own name was announced on Emmy nominations morning, which would translate into a win for Outstanding Lead Actress in a Comedy Series.

#4: The Principal’s Office

“This Is 40” (2012)

When young Sadie is harassed online, her mother tells off the boy who has been bullying her daughter. Her father only makes matters worse after confronting the boy’s mother, Catherine, played by McCarthy. As Debbie and Pete plead innocent to the principal, Catherine is unable to hold back a tirade of insults, threats, and foul language, dissing the principal in the process. McCarthy ad libbed so many classic lines that they couldn’t all fit into one scene. Fortunately, that’s what we have credits scenes for. Leaving her co-stars in stitches, McCarthy somehow remained in character without breaking until the very end. Even when reduced to a cameo, she still stands out above the rest.

#3: McCarthy vs. Statham

“Spy” (2015)

Melissa McCarthy and Jason Statham are perhaps the strangest action duo since John Travolta and Nicolas Cage faced off. It totally works, however, as McCarthy becomes an unlikely super spy and Statham satirizes his tough guy image. McCarthy plays Susan Cooper, a CIA analyst who goes from a comfy desk job to the line of duty. Statham’s Rick Ford feels that Susan isn’t well suited for this mission, prompting him to list off his laundry list of badass credentials. Although Ford talks big, Susan isn’t afraid to call him out and stand up for herself. Aside from being equally hysterical, both characters prove themselves to be gifted in the field and in bed.

#2: Sean Spicer

“Saturday Night Live” (1975-)

During his time as White House Press Secretary, Sean Spicer was frequently criticized for making false statements and maintaining an all-around hostile attitude. So Melissa McCarthy pulled no punches when she impersonated the political aide on “SNL.” Arguably even more brutal than Alec Baldwin’s take on President Trump, McCarthy portrayed Spicer has a hot headed bully who is never afraid to break out a fire extinguisher or super soaker. McCarthy’s version of Spicer even managed to be intimidating while wearing a bunny suit. Many Americans were relieved when Spicer resigned from his position, but we hope this doesn’t mean McCarthy will be retiring her uproarious impression of him.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Her Early Misunderstanding of Sex

“Conan” (2010-)

Senate Hearing on Coral Reef Decline

2017 Kia Super Bowl Commercial

#1: The Dolphin Story

“Bridesmaids” (2011)

McCarthy reached another level of fame with her Oscar-nominated performance in “Bridesmaids.” As the outrageous Megan, McCarthy stole several scenes - all of which could have easily could’ve topped this list. We just had to single out her introduction at Lillian’s engagement party, though. Breaking the ice, Megan tells Annie about how she busted her legs falling off a cruise ship. Down in the deep blue sea, Megan apparently had a telepathic encounter with a dolphin that stared into her soul. Then just when it seems like this exchange can’t possibly get any more awkward, Megan swears to climb an old man like a tree, solidifying her status as our favorite character.


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