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Top 10 Most Badass Characters on The 100


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Top 10 Most Badass characters on The 100

No heroes, just survivors...and badasses. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Most Badass characters on The 100.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the most badass characters from the hit CW show, The 100.

#10: Roan

Roan is a complex character to say the least. He’s introduced as the banished Prince of the Ice Nation, and, after a rough start, becomes an ally to Clarke in an attempt to return home. Then when he becomes Ice King, he continues to honor their alliance, even when his own people turn against him for it. Though king of the most vicious Grounder clan, Roan is open to diplomacy despite the fact that it has not traditionally been their way. Of course... when diplomacy fails, he has no problem turning to war and violence, something he is particularly skilled at. All that to say, he’s badass in more ways than one.

#9: Marcus Kane

A villain turned hero, Kane was a ruthless leader on the Ark, and though he would change for the better over time, he arrived on the ground expecting to be an authority. Thankfully, he and his counterpart Abby learned to swallow their pride and accept the fact that, though they might be leaders, they are not the ones in control. Being a badass doesn’t always mean aggression and power - sometimes it means taking a backseat to those who know better. And other times it means leading a rebellion against a dictatorial Chancellor. Over time, Kane develops into a caring co-leader with Abby. While he makes sure everyone survives, she makes sure they deserve to survive.

#8: Indra

Indra is counted among Trikru's fiercest warriors and she’s one of the Commander’s closest confidantes. Though at first reluctant about forming an alliance, she ultimately becomes a friend to Skaikru and a mentor to Octavia. Having the ear of both the Grounders and The Sky People, Indra wields a lot of power. Not that she needs it. Her reputation precedes her - just her presence is enough to strike fear into you. She doesn't let emotion get in the way of her duty and she always does what's in the best interest of her people. Her intense level of loyalty is inspiring especially when the definition of "her people" grows beyond Trikru.

#7: John Murphy

Capable of talking his way out of seemingly any situation, and one of the original 100, Murphy is the definition of a survivor. When he was trapped in Polis, he convinced the Grounders he was the new commander's flame keeper. An amazing feat for anyone, let alone a Sky Person. Across the series, he’s survived capture and torture multiple times. His friends call him the cockroach because he just won’t die. Originally a completely self-serving villain, he grew to actually care about his friends' well-being. And as he’s grown, he’s also become one of the most dynamic characters on the show.

#6: Monty Green

Don’t be fooled by his mellow demeanor: Monty will pick up a weapon and jump into the fight when he needs to, but is much more likely to fight with his brain rather than his brawn. Monty is arguably the toughest, most emotionally resilient character on the show. He is loyal to a fault to his friends even when it means turning on his own mom to defend them. In fact, the dude killed his own mom to save his friends (and the world) twice. Monty goes through just as much as everyone else in the series, but never forgets who he is, or what he's fighting for.

#5: Lexa

To put it simply… Lexa is special - even amongst grounder commanders. She somehow brought together all 12 feuding clans and attempted to make Skaikru the 13th. Despite the small misunderstanding at Mt. Weather, Lexa’s dedication to her alliances is admirable. War may be all the Grounders ever knew, but with some inspiration from Clarke, Lexa comes to believe in a better way. Breaking tradition with past Commanders, Lexa fights for peace rather than perpetuating war. Lexa’s fighting prowess and unflinching resolve are matched by her compassion and willingness to grow, which is what makes her such a great leader.

#4: Raven Reyes

She might not be a warrior, but she's definitely a fighter. Raven is seemingly always saving others from certain death with the power of her brain. And though she struggles with her physical limitations, she never lets them stop her. She came down to earth in a ship she rebuilt herself; made radios, bullets, and bombs from scraps for the 100 to fight the Grounders; and she rigged the drop ship to ignite with a bullet in her back. Oh, and there was also that time Raven killed herself and brought herself back to life to cure herself from fatal seizures. If this chick isn’t the definition of badass, what the hell is?

#3: Bellamy Blake

Though his actions are sometimes misguided, Bellamy always has good intentions. Another villain turned hero, it did not take long for Bellamy to become a leader to the 100 and a partner to Clarke. In a lot of ways, he's fearless. He went undercover in Mt. Weather to find a way to get his friends out without a second thought. And he is never afraid to fight for what he believes is right. Possibly, Bellamy’s most awesome quality is his unwavering faith that, no matter the obstacle, his friends will find a way to overcome it together.

#2: Clarke Griffin

From the second they landed on the ground, she has done everything possible to keep everyone safe - whether that be through war or peace. Though she, ideally, would opt for peace and whatever option keeps everyone alive, she is not afraid to make the tough calls when necessary. She commands respect from her people and Grounders alike, making her the definitive leader of Skaikru - a fact that upset the adults when they came down on the Ark underestimating her. But Clarke had already led and won a war with the Grounders before the adults ever stepped foot on the ground. Why? Because she’s a badass.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:



Jasper Jordan

#1: Octavia Blake

From the girl under the floor to a revered warrior, the woman known as Skairipa (meaning “death from above”) is unparalleled in her badassery. She should have died several times, but this woman has more lives than a damn cat. Though war has changed her, and fighting is a huge part of who she is, Octavia still has the same big heart she had when she first stepped on the ground. Even at her darkest, she is fiercely loyal, and though she achieves it through violent means, she has a desire for unity. In winning the Final Conclave, Octavia was able to do what neither Clarke, nor Lexa was able to accomplish; truly unite the clans.


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