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Top 10 Black Comedy Anime (ft. Todd Haberkorn)

VO: Jesse Polowin WRITTEN BY: Alex Crilly McKean
Written by Alex Crilly-Mckean, Things are about to get awkward. So, so, so awkward. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Black Comedy Anime. For this list, we’ll be looking for the anime that fit squarely into the comedy genre, but who aren’t afraid to incorporate some seriously dark themes as well!

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Top 10 Black Comedy Anime
Things are about to get awkward. So, so, so awkward. Welcome to and today we are counting down our picks for the Top 10 Black Comedy Anime.

For this list, we’ll be looking for the anime that fit squarely into the comedy genre, but who aren’t afraid to incorporate some seriously dark themes as well!
(Todd Introduction)

#10: “Sankarea: Undying Love” (2012)

Aww, young love, Nothing but an endless series of awkward interactions and misunderstandings. Though it’s fair to say that Rea and Chihiro’s relationship goes well beyond gentle blushes. Long story short, after falling to her death, our heroine returns as a zombie, eager to sink her teeth into some man-meat. And not in the good way. It’s all fine though, since Chihiro is all about zombies, even preferring them to living girls. The premise is majorly messed up and yet, despite how uncomfortable it may be, the series still manages to earn its chuckles.

#9: “Inferno Cop” (2012-13)

Hard to tell if this show is a work of genius or the results of a dare, either way it still involves a flaming skeleton police officer going around shooting down evildoers…and not-so evildoers…just anyone basically. With each episode as nonsensical as they are short, you can expect to see a lot of craziness. Time-travelling robot duplicates and giant crab mutants just being the start of it. It’s certainly a show you can enjoy if you don’t think about it too much… just be aware that literally everyone gets blown up sooner or later.

#8: “Arakawa Under The Bridge” (2010)

Moral of the story kids, never get into debt of any kind. Otherwise you’ll find yourself forced into becoming a homeless girl’s new hubby and live under a bridge with a bunch of freaks. Why else did you think I started voicing these WatchMojo videos?! Anyways, while stuck under said bridge our unlucky lead Kou has to deal with the daily insanity of his new family, including his new unhinged lady, a pair of siblings with metal faces, a beefy nun and a guy who just wants to be a starfish. Um…sorry what?

#7: “Excel Saga” (1999-2000)

Honestly, we think more people die in this series than they do in full-on action shows, and yet each time it just keeps on getting funnier. Our main gal is all about world domination, hoping to one day conquer the city of Fukuoka in the name of her beloved master. Too bad each attempt fails in spectacular fashion. The visual gags here on top notch, just so long as you aren’t afraid of see buckets of blood fill the screen. This goes doubly so for Excel’s partner in crime Hyatt, who has the odd tendency to drop dead every episode.

#6: “Detroit Metal City” (2008)

Fair warning, if you are easily offended, then clear the building, because this series makes light of pretty much everything. All Soichi ever wanted was to become a pop singer, alas his choice in music just wasn’t cutting it. Things then take a turn to the dark side when he finds himself heading up a thrash metal band under the guise of a demonic frontman known as Johannes Krauser II. Despite hating his new role, Soichi finds himself able to step away from his position as the hellish icon, sometimes losing himself so much that he does things one might consider…rather obscene.

#5: “Panty & Stocking with Garterbelt” (2010)

Now with a title like that that how can you think this show’s going to be anything but wholesome? While the premise of two angel sisters slaying ghosts trying to buy their way back into heaven sounds like your average magical girl fun-fest, it’s cast in a much different light when you find out they got kicked out for too much vice and hanky panky. Particularly Panty, whose list of ex-lovers ranges in the hundreds. So yeah, the sex jokes are in full force here, but if you’re a fan of lewd and crude-style comedy then this one is practically a treasure trove.

#4: “Prison School” (2015)

Imagine if The Great Escape traded in cinematic mastery for boobs and bromance, and you’d pretty much have this series. After finding themselves imprisoned, five guys find their friendship in dire peril as they try to escape the harsh disciple of the Underground School Council. With an equal mixture of fanservice, slapstick and gross-out humour galore, to call this anime immature would be an understatement, yet we love every second of it. And you thought your school experience was hell, try getting body slammed by a woman whose killer instinct is only matched by the size of her cleavage.

#3: “Welcome to the N.H.K” (2006)

Sorry Tatsuhiro, we don’t mean to laugh at your many mental breakdowns, but your plights are just too funny for their own good. As a recluse totally unable to face the harsh realties of the outside world, Tatsuhiro becomes convinced that his lifestyle is the product of a sinister corporation known as the N.H.K. And before you know it his instability sends him into a void of conspiracies, complexes and craziness.
Who knew watching people lose their minds could be so entertaining?

#2: “Watamote” (2013)

With the sole goal of becoming as popular as possible, uber-nerd Tomoko is eager to embrace the new school year…only to find that she’s somewhat of a cringe-magnet. Whether its trying to score herself a date, make new friends, try out new activities or just spend the day in peace, Tomoko always comes out of it worse for wear. Honestly we just want the poor girl to find someone who can help her come out of her shell, but considering that day is still eons off, we’ll settle for laughing at her misfortune.

#1: “Sayonara Zetsubou Sensei” Series (2007-10)

Help can come from the most unexpected of places, even from a teacher who hates life to the point where he frequently tries to take his own. In spite of his beyond pessimistic view of life, it turns out that Itoshiki is the perfect candidate to aid his students though their personal problems, his unbelievably bleak views always managing to give them the nudge they need to overcome any obstacle. Somehow. He may lead a life filled with non-stop misery and inconvenience, but at least it brings us laughter in the process. Good on ya teach.


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