Top 10 Jake & Amy Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine
Trivia Top 10 Jake & Amy Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine



Top 10 Jake & Amy Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

VOICE OVER: Emily Brayton WRITTEN BY: Laura Keating
Script written by Laura Keating

This couple is the one of TV's funniest couples ever! For this list will be looking at the cutest and funniest moments from two of NYPDs finest. As we'll be going over some crucial plot points, a spoiler alert is now in effect. For this list we've included when Amy admits she likes Jake, the Jimmy Jab games, mattress shopping, moving in together, the first kiss, the proposal and of course the wedding!

Top 10 Jake & Amy Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine

They may have had an uneven start, but these two are relationship goals. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Jake & Amy Moments on Brooklyn Nine-Nine.

For this list will be looking at the cutest and funniest moments from two of NYPDs finest. As we’ll be going over some crucial plot points, a spoiler alert is now in effect.

#10: Amy Admits She Likes Jake

“The Road Trip”

When we first met Jake and Amy they had a friendly but competitive friendship. However, over time Jake begins to have feelings for his fellow officer. But just when he starts to realize this she starts dating a cop from another precinct. Nevertheless, it’s not long before Amy also starts to see what was right in front of her. Jake books a date for Amy and her boyfriend Teddy, trying to be supportive – and not knowing Amy was planning on breaking up with Teddy. The date is, as you might guess, a disaster. But by the end, Amy must admit where her real feelings lie. It’s awkward, but it’s also honest.

#9: Romantic Stylez

“Charges and Specs”

This entry is pure Peralta. When suspended for continuing a case when he was told to drop it, Jake recruits the help of Amy and Captain Holt to gather more evidence to vindicate him. Throughout the episode, Jake and Amy discuss relationships and the suckiness of break-ups. After the investigation (which involves an amateur ballroom dancing contest), Jake is asked to go undercover to get close to the Ianucci Crime Family. However, before he leaves he’s got something to get off his chest. Confessing his feelings for Amy, he tries to keep it light by saying he wished that maybe they could have been something, you know, Romantic Stylez.

#8: The Jimmy Jab Games

“The Jimmy Jab Games”

While playing the silly in-office Jimmy Jab games, Jake has a shot to get the number of Rosa’s friend, as he and Amy have decided to keep their relationship platonic to avoid complicating things. When it becomes clear to Rosa that Jake still likes Amy, she suggests they call off their bet. In the end, Jake lets Amy win to cheer her up. Seeing how much Jake cares, even when he thinks he doesn’t have a shot, is sweet and a little sad at the same time.

#7: Moving In

“The Fugitive Pt. 1”

Having gotten serious, Jake and Amy start to talk about taking the next step: moving in together. Amy thinks the obvious choice is to move into her apartment: it’s nicer, it’s bigger, and it’s cleaner. Jake, however, loves his little place and doesn’t want to move. When a prison bus overturns, a number of inmates escape and in classic Jake and Amy fashion, they make it into a contest: whoever can recapture the most convicts gets to keep their apartment. It’s neck and neck right up to the end – but Jake stops his Miranda Rights at the last minute because Amy’s happiness is worth more to him than a silly bet. Aw!

#6: Mattress Shopping
“The Mattress”

It's the little things in life. In this super cute segment, the couple goes shopping for a new mattress because Jake's old one is giving Amy back problems. Also, it’s a dumpster mattress. Ew. Finally, they go shopping for something new (testing out the excellent bouncy levels, of course), and even though it’s expensive, they decide that making sure one’s partner is comfortable is all part of investing in a good relationship. It is such a cute scene, and one where their chemistry and compatibility really shows.

#5: The Reunion

“Coral Palms”

Jake, along with Captain Holt, has been in witness protection for over six months, and unable to contact Amy during that time. However, when Jake thinks he has a chance to take down Jimmy Figgis, he contacts the Nine-Nine to come and help. When Amy arrives, it is awkward at first for the two, as they’re not sure how to act around each other anymore. But as they relax back into themselves (and after Amy shoots Jake in the leg in order to save him from Figgis) they realize that even with time and distance, nothing has changed.

#4: The First "I Love You" / "Love You Too"

“The Cruise”

Jake and Amy decide that it’s time that they went on their first vacation together. For their trip, they decide to take a cruise. While Amy has a meticulous list of activities scheduled, their plans are interrupted when they run into an old foe, Doug Judy (The Pontiac Bandit). He needs their help to escape from an assassin, but after the assassin is taken down and Judy eludes capture again, they can finally enjoy their holiday. During salsa dancing, Amy tells Jake those three little words. He fumbles at first, trying to play it casual, but when Amy is clearly let down he wises up and tells her he loves her too.

#3: The First Kiss

“Johnny and Dora”

In order to get close to one of the city’s most infamous identity thieves, Jake and Amy go undercover as Johnny and Dora, a newly engaged couple. However, they not only get closer to their target, but to each other. To play the part – and distract from their obvious spying – they lock lips not once, but twice. Their investigation pays off, but back at the precinct things are awkward. They try to laugh it off, with Peralta engaging in some uncomfortable, super-casual flirting as they together decide to keep it professional. But later, downstairs in the evidence locker, they just can’t hold back, and they share their first real kiss.

#2: The Bet Date

“The Bet”

If there is one thing that has always defined the Jake/Amy relationship it is their love of bets and their competitive natures. Midway through season one, Jake is still treating Amy like just another pal, and their ongoing bet about who can bag the most bad guys is nearly over. At the last second, much to Amy’s chagrin, Jake wins. After losing, Amy has to go on “the worst date” with Jake. During their ridiculous date, they get called out on a last-minute stake-out. There, they begin to bond when things turn from teasing to play. Jake begins to see Amy in a different light and develop real and unexpected feelings for her.

#1: The Proposal


At the Nine-Nine, Halloween is an event. The challenge? The Halloween Heist. The winner has never been the same, with a surprising twist and champion each year. But the biggest surprise of the fifth annual heist is not the game itself, but when Jake proposes to Amy and she says yes! Down in the evidence room, where they shared their first real kiss, they banter – like they do – as Amy tries to wrap her head around the moment. But with an adorable speech, Jake assures her it is no Halloween trick.