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Top 10 Celebs Surprisingly Not on the Hollywood Walk of Fame

VO: Lisa Yang WRITTEN BY: Nick Spake
Script written by Nick Spake Why these celebs don’t have a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame is beyond us. Robert De Niro, Clint Eastwood, Julia Roberts, George Clooney, Denzel Washington, Leonardo DiCaprio and Judi Dench are so talented, but have not yet been recognized!

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Top 10 Celebrities Who Surprisingly Don’t Have a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star

Who would’ve thought that Godzilla, Big Bird, and the Rugrats would get stars before these celebs? Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Celebrities Who Surprisingly Don’t Have a Hollywood Walk of Fame Star.

For this list, we’re taking a look at celebrities who have had an enormous impact on the entertainment industry, but haven’t been commemorated on the Hollywood Walk of Fame with a star as of 2018. Some of these big names were nominated for a spot in the past, but they never had a date set for a public ceremony. Nevertheless, their absence remains very surprising.

#10: Judi Dench

Although she has been acting professionally since the late 50s, Judi Dench wasn't a prominent screen presence until the 1990s. Taking the mantle of M in the James Bond films, Dench emerged as a household name with GoldenEye. She continued to etch her place in film history with Oscar-nominated roles in Mrs Brown, Chocolat, andShakespeare in Love, the latter of which resulted in a Best Supporting Actress win. It’s hard to say why Dench hasn’t been awarded a star yet. Maybe it’s because she found mainstream success later in life or maybe her movies are just too “British” for Hollywood’s taste.

#9: Steve Martin

With a career in film, television, standup, and music that’s spanned across decades, Steve Martin is no stranger to accolades. The legendary comedian has won an Emmy Award, and a Grammy. While he’s never been nominated for an Academy Award, he did receive an Honorary Oscar in 2013, leaving him just a Tony short of EGOT status. Even if Martin never gets to join that exclusive club, though, the least we can do is give him a spot on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Between his performances in The Jerk,Planes, Trains and Automobiles, and Father of the Bride he’s more than earned it.

#8: Leonardo DiCaprio

At 19, Leonardo DiCaprio earned his first Oscar nomination for What's Eating Gilbert Grape. Just a few years later, he landed the lead role in the highest-grossing movie at the time, Titanic. In the years that followed, DiCaprio won two Golden Globes and received four more Oscar nominations, all before turning 40. It fact, Leo was so well nominated it was ridiculous that he hadn't won an Academy Award already, a situation finally rectified in 2016 due to his performance in The Revenant. He is still missing another accolade, however: a Hollywood Walk of Fame star. What does he need to do, wrestle another bear?

#7: Denzel Washington

From Malcolm X, to The Hurricane, to Fences, Denzel Washington has been consistently phenomenal in one movie after another. Even when a film is just average, Denzel isn't. He not only won an Oscar for his supporting work in Glory but also took home the Best Actor award for Training Day. Doing so made him the second African American actor to achieve this particular accolade, following in the footsteps of Sidney Poitier. Unlike Poitier, however, Washington has yet to be recognized on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. Maybe it’s like what Denzel said in his Oscar acceptance speech: “I'll always be chasing you, Sidney.”

#6: Beyoncé

Sure, Destiny's Child received a star on the Walk of Fame in 2006. However, Beyoncé has come a long way since her days with the girl group, producing solo hits like “Single Ladies”, “Halo”, and “Countdown”. Throughout her career, she’s won 22 Grammys and 24 VMAs, and set multiple records. She’s even landed roles in a couple high-profile films like “Dreamgirls” and the live-action “Lion King” remake. Since Beyoncé has more than proven herself, doesn't she deserve an individual star? All four Beatles have their own stars, in addition to the one they earned as a band. Why can’t Beyoncé get the same recognition?

#5: George Clooney

Although he got his big break as Dr. Doug Ross on the small screen, George Clooney would eventually become the very definition of a movie star. Starring in commercial hits like Ocean's Eleven, Clooney went on to win a Best Supporting Actor Oscar for Syriana. He’s also proven his worth behind the camera, directing Good Night, and Good Luck, co-writing The Ides of March, and co-producing the Best Picture winning Argo. Clooney cemented his mark outside Grauman's Chinese Theatre in 2007, but still hasn’t accepted a star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, unlike his aunt Rosemary.

#4: Oprah Winfrey

Where do we even begin with this entertainment magnate? Before she was the Queen of All Media, Winfrey delivered an Oscar-nominated turn in “The Color Purple”. Her long-running syndicated talk show would premiere one year later, solidifying her place as a television icon. Aside from enormous wealth, Oprah has been compensated with several prestigious accolades, including an Honorary Oscar, the Cecil B. DeMille Award, and the Presidential Medal of Freedom. Since Oprah is essentially synonymous with success, it’s baffling that her Walk of Fame star is nowhere to be found. Maybe she’s just too busy to accept in person...

#3: Julia Roberts

Rising to prominence with roles in Mystic Pizza and Steel Magnolias, it was her Oscar-nominated performance in Pretty Woman that earned Roberts the title of America’s Sweetheart. She followed up that romantic comedy with several other hits, leading up to her Oscar-winning performance in Erin Brockovich. Even years later, Julia Roberts is still one of the first names that comes to mind when people think, “movie star”. This makes it all the more baffling why Roberts hasn’t leapt at the opportunity to join her fellow stars on the Hollywood Walk of Fame. You can’t help but wonder why.

#2: Clint Eastwood

Eastwood’s acting résumé alone is enough to secure his spot on the Walk of Fame. Aside from portraying characters like Harry Callahan, he’s directed two Best Picture Winners: Unforgiven and Million Dollar Baby. Many of his films have even been enormous box office successes, with American Sniper becoming 2014’s highest-grossing domestic release. Although Eastwood doesn’t have a star yet, it’s not due to a lack of trying. Ana Martinez, who produces the Walk of Fame, once stated, “There’s one spot left in front of the Chinese Theater if he wants it.” It would appear he doesn’t.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

George Lucas

Jim Carrey

Angelina Jolie

#1: Robert De Niro

Like Al Pacino, Robert De Niro is another “Godfather” alum who remains strangely starless. Following up Marlon Brando is no easy task, but De Niro pulled it off with his portrayal of a young Vito Corleone, becoming an Oscar-winner. He further secured his legacy as one of the acting greats with performances in Taxi Driver, The Deer Hunter, and Raging Bull, the latter of which earned him a second Oscar. A quick rundown of Niro’s impressive filmography will sum up why he deserves a star. But until then, at least his hand and footprints have been immortalized on Hollywood Boulevard.

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