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Top 3 Things You Missed in the Deadpool 2 Meet Cable Trailer!

Written by Matt Wende The second trailer for the yet Untitled Deadpool sequel is here to show off Cable and others, and holy hell is it awesome, but did you catch all the easter eggs and references? WatchMojo presents the Top 3 Biggest References and Reveals from the Deadpool 2 Meet Cable Trailer! Watch to find out everything you need to know! Watch on WatchMojo: To vote for what video we make next, submit your idea to our suggest page here: https://www.WatchMojo.commy/suggest.php

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A new trailer for Deadpool 2 is here, and it brings the big guns! In every sense of the word! Welcome to, and today, we’re’ going to be breaking down the three most important things that you may have missed from the trailer!

Be sure to take a crack at your own frame by frame dissection of the trailer and let us know what we missed, but these are the bits that stood out to us the most!

#3: All the References, the Best References, No One Has Better References Than This, Believe Me!

This time, the fourth wall ain’t broken, it’s shattered! Deadpool’s back in all his self-aware glory! It was funny to hear him notice Cable’s green CGI ready arm before the long awaited reveal, and pointing out the bad writing was hilarious, but did the toy sequence look a little familiar? That’s cuz it was straight outta Toy Story. Those aware of the controversial Justice League reshoots probably also noticed when Mr. Pool threw some serious shade at Superman needing his moustache removed by a computer! If Deadpool’s “I’ll do it myself” line sounded familiar, maybe it has something to do with Josh Brolin’s other comic book character, Thanos! Oh, and if you want to read into the background sound effects… you know what, maybe you better just not.

#2: Snapshots!

Like the first trailer, this one was pretty light on the plot line details, favoring quick snippets of action, but those paying attention may have noticed some pretty juicy details. Negasonic teenage warhead looks more powerful than ever, but the big news is that we finally get to see Domino in action! Although only a snippet, we do get see her again at the back of a helicopter with some sort of Deadpool lead team. The guy to the right of Deadpool looks an awful lot like Terry Crews (awesome), but hints are thin as to whom he might be playing. Most likely, this is the introduction of the X-Force, a group of militaristic mutants originally led by Cable. Other quick cuts show Deadpool going to (and escaping from) some sort of prison… again.

#1: Cable’s Big Reveal

Although teased in posters and tiny details previously, we finally see Cable in all his glory. He monologues about his tragic backstory – you know, being a time travelling mutant warrior from the future and whatnot – before he beats up some guys and blows some stuff up. Many were left wondering though: what’s up with the teddy bear?! Comic fans may have known this already, but one of Cable’s biggest jobs in the future is to protect Hope Summers, a messianic mutant who in the future will save mutant and humankind alike. As the Terminator to her John Connor type character, no doubt he’s holding onto her bear for safekeeping, and she’s more than likely to make an appearance at some point in the movie. Don’t think Cable’s gonna be a big softy though! In spite of all the times Cable and Deadpool teamed up in the comics, the tone of the trailer suggests there’s going to be a serious showdown between the two.

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