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Top 10 Signs Deadpool 2 Is Going to Be Awesome

Written by Matt Wende With the latest trailer for Deadpool 2, and all the hype surrounding it, these are the surefire signs we have that the comic book sequel is going to be amazing! WatchMojo presents the Top 10 Reasons Deadpool 2 will be amazing! So what are you most excited for? Is it the revamped humor, the scaled up action, or the introduction of Cable! Watch to find out! Watch on WatchMojo: Got an idea for what video, submit it on our suggest page here: WatchMojo.commy/suggest.php

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If you’re not excited for the new Deadpool movie, there is probably something wrong with you! Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Reasons Deadpool 2 is going to be amazing!

For this list, we’re looking at things we previously know, and things hinted at in the trailer for Deadpool 2. Here’s our first hint: if you look closely, you may actually notice that that isn’t Bob Ross.

#10: All The Returning Characters

By now, you may have seen the poster released online for this movie, which among some fresh faces (more on them later) features a slew of loveable misfits and miscreants back from the first film. Morena Baccarin is back as Wade’s true love, T.J. Miller returns as Weasel, and Blind Al is back, and can even be seen toting a gun in the trailer. Even Dopinder the love-struck cabdriver is back! Also, alongside fellow returning X-man Colossus is Nagasonic Teenage Warhead with an awesome new look, but all the same attitude.

#9: More Wolverine References

If you thought Reynolds was done taking pot shots at fellow mutant superstar Wolverine, oh boy were you ever wrong. After having the original trailer premiere before Logan, it looks like this merc will continue to mouth off through his sequel. In the Bob Ross inspired trailer, among the plethora of bizarre color names, Mr. Pool uses a mixture of Betty White and Yellow Snow to “Dance in a happy little sky.” Is yellow a weird choice of color for the sky? Maybe, until you look at the poster for Logan and realize that Deadpool started by painting the poster to the wrong movie.

#8: It Could Be Another Holiday Film

Although released in time for Valentine’s Day, the first Deadpool was very much a holiday film. A fact emphasized by the smorgasbord of family friendly content and endless supply of heartfelt themes. Although the release date for the sequel is set to be June 1, 2018, promotional images for the film so far have featured some serious holiday themes. Whether it’s Deadpool taking over Good Housekeeping with tips on giving your family the bird and putting the fun back in dysfunctional, or the thanksgiving poster with all his friends, we’re stoked for more wholesome fun.

#7: Chimi-F%$KING-Changas

That is all.

#6: Crazy New Set Pieces

The trailer features a chaotic montage of crazy shit happening, but there are some stand out moments that definitely require attention. For one, there’s a pretty big explosion at what looks like a prison. Reminiscent of Wade Wilson’s escape from the experimentation facility in the first film, could this be some kind of mutant prison? There’s also a truck crashing through a window, what looks like some sexy time between lovers, a chase scene in the rain, and Deadpool crashing a funeral – potentially his own! If that isn’t classic Deadpool, then what is?

#5: Potentially an Awesome Villain

After taking a break from painting to “whack-off” in the teaser trailer, Deadpool is startled by a splotch of red paint having appeared out of nowhere on his painting. Not much to speculate on, but many on the internet believe the shape of red splotch, which surrounds a head shape with two eyes could be a reference to Mr. Sinister, potentially the films villain. A powerful character capable of shape shifting and telekinesis among other things, Mr. Sinister often wears a high red collar, hence the speculation. On the other hand, the super-secret speculation website – a.k.a. Wikipedia – states that that actor Jack Kesy has been cast as Black Tom Cassidy, a known enemy of Deadpool. Whoever the villain is, here’s to Deadpool kicking his ass.

#4: Domino’s Debut

Deadpool comic fans have been stoked to see Domino make her first onscreen appearance ever since they saw the photo of her using a dead Deadpool as a rug. You may recognize actress Zazie Beetz from FX’s Atlanta. With the powers that can affect probability in her favor, in the comics Domino has a history of working alongside the Merc with a mouth. Although she can only be spotted in one fleeting moment in the trailer, you better believe she’ll have a big part to play in this film.

#3: Action Will Be Better Than Ever

For those of you who finished watching the first Deadpool and thought to yourself “I really wish more people had been shot in the head!”, you’re in luck! The sequel will be directed by David Leitch, who’s first film was the action-extravaganza John Wick, before he followed up with Atomic Blonde. Needless to say, this guy knows his way around a gunfight, and if the goal is to one-up the action from the first film, from what we’ve seen, we can say they’re headed in the right direction.

#2: Cable Is Coming

When he’s not taking over the Universe as a giant purple dude, Josh Brolin is portraying Cable in Deadpool 2. Who is Cable? In short, a time travelling mutant from the future, who’s a finely honed warrior and in some publications possess abilities such as telekinesis, and has been a long time partner of the merc with a mouth. How much of that will make it into the film? Who knows. Aside from appearing in the thanksgiving poster, you can spot his mechanical arm at the end of the trailer picking up a 40ml grenade launcher… he’s clearly not messing around.

#1: The Humor Is Back and Crazier Than Ever

If the Bob Rossian trailer is any indication, than as with the first film, humor will play a significant part! Goddammit, the credits for the trailer were hilarious, thanking Tom Edison for lighting, and Geordie Laforge as the chief engineer! Part of the success of the first film was letting Ryan Reynolds run with the character, and with that formula being the astounding success that it was, it would be foolish to mess with it now!

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