Top 10 Awesome Millie Bobby Brown Moments



Top 10 Awesome Millie Bobby Brown Moments

Script written by Mersini Karkoulas

This girl has got a bright career ahead of her. In this countdown we're taking a look at Millie Bobby's Brown's best moments! We're taking a look at her hilarious Kardashian obsession, her obliviousness of record players before the show, her talking about her first kiss with Finn Wolfhard on Stranger Things, her Ellen interview, her various rap performances and her Stranger Things audition.


Top 10 Millie Bobby Brown Moments

She’s an eleven among tens. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Millie Bobby Brown Moments.

For this list, we’ll be looking at the “Stranger Things” star’s most entertaining, funny, and just plain cute moments from talk shows, social media, and just about anything else she gets up to when she’s not eating Eggos and battling inter-dimensional monsters. However, some of these moments involved discussing plot points from the show, so a “Stranger Things” spoiler warning is in effect.

#10: Kardashian Obsession

We all know we have to keep up with them, and the Kardashians have definitely got a more than a few people hooked on the ins and outs of their lives. But while the show is a guilty pleasure for some, for Millie it’s almost an obsession. During an interview with Jimmy Fallon, Millie just couldn’t keep her enthusiasm about the show to herself. Her imitation of the signature Kardashian mannerisms and language is spot on, and we sincerely hope Millie crosses paths with them in the future, especially since Kim tweeted that she was a fan of Millie’s too.

#9: Instagram Follow

What would you do if one of your favorite celebrities told you that they followed you on Instagram? We think Millie’s reaction would be all of us. Mario Lopez revealed that he followed her on the popular social media app during an interview on the red carpet, and Millie couldn’t conceal her delight. Her utter disbelief-turned-excitement is a joy to behold, and it proves that sometimes meeting your heroes isn’t a bad thing. As for Mario Lopez - he left the interview with one more follower and an awesome red carpet selfie with the young star.

#8: Record Players

Vinyl records might have recently made a comeback, but that doesn’t mean they’re instantly recognisable to younger generations. Millie has freely admitted on multiple occasions that she had no idea what a record player was, having grown up with CDs and digital music. This was promptly rectified on the set of "Stranger Things", which is set in the 80s when records were far more commonplace. Now a major lover of vinyl, we can’t help but understand her initial skepticism about the device. After all, she was born in 2004, and music storage has changed a lot since the 80s.

#7: Kissing Finn Wolfhard

If you’ve seen any of "Stranger Things", chances are you ship Millie’s character Eleven with Finn Wolfhard's character Mike. They’re the cutest example of preteen love that we’ve seen in a long time, and the end of season one brought us the long awaited moment of their first kiss. Despite monsters and alternate realities, it seems like the scariest thing these two faced was the big kiss, both in the show and in real life. Finn was Millie's first kiss, and she reacted with a huge "kissing sucks" after their first take. They both tackle it with good humor, and we can’t help but appreciate the great moment they brought to life onscreen.

#6: Ellen Interview

What do you get when you cross a big name talk show host with one of Hollywood’s fastest rising young stars? One of the funniest interviews on television, of course! We’re used to seeing Ellen jibe and jab her famous interviewees with good humor, but this time she faced a guest who was not afraid give her a taste of her own medicine. If you hadn’t already guessed that Millie is a natural on the talk show circuit, then this interview will prove it to you. And for us, it just further softens up that spot in our hearts that we already had for her.

#5: Fears

While most people are afraid of clowns, the dark, or creepy crawlies, Millie one-ups all of our fears by admitting that she is afraid of bungalows. Sound weird? The more you hear her talk about it, the more it starts to make sense, at least if you’ve ever thought about what might happen if you got stuck at home with a scary intruder. Although Stephen Colbert tries to convince her that her phobia is irrational, Millie adamantly refuses to accept his logic. After all, how are you supposed to have a tantrum if there aren’t any stairs to stomp on?

#4: Singing

Just in case you didn’t think Millie was talented enough already, we're here to tell you that in addition to having one of the best death stares on television, she can also carry a mean tune. She has a long history of putting her voice out there, and we almost can’t believe how good she is. It doesn’t seem fair that one person can be so amazing at so many things, but when it’s Millie, we really don’t mind. Especially when she starts belting out some Bruno Mars, or harmonising with her co-stars.

#3: "Stranger Things" Audition

Before we she was the delightful but dangerous Eleven, Millie was just a kid trying to make it in the acting world. With the release of season two came some fabulous behind the scenes footage that showed some of the auditions of the young cast. This includes a long-haired, very distraught looking Millie, who obviously had no issue with putting all her emotions out there for the world to see. Millie’s reaction to her past self is an embarrassed laugh, but even from the short clip it’s clear that she was made for the role.

#2: MTV Acceptance Speech
From the moment we first saw her in "Stranger Things", we knew Millie was going to become an actress to be reckoned with, and her appearance at the MTV TV & Movie Awards only helped reinforce the fact. After winning the award for ‘Best Actor in a Show’, Millie took to the stage and blew everyone away with an emotional and heartfelt thank you speech. If she hadn’t already won you over in “Stranger Things”, her speech and its accompanying tears would have done the trick. The award was just one in a slew of other nominations and wins since her big break, and we’re sure she’ll be giving many more “Thank You” speeches in the future.

Before we unveil our top pick here, are some honorable mentions:

Southern Country Accent

Meeting Drake

Dancing Can Skit

#1: "Stranger Things" Recap Rap

If, like us, you started watching season two of "Stranger Things" as soon as it came out, you would have seen the recap that preceded it. While it was serviceable, it definitely would’ve been better in rap form. Thankfully, Millie Bobby Brown fulfilled this wish on the Tonight Show. It’s not the first time Millie has showed off her bar spittin’ skills, as she once proved she can rap the entire Nicki Minaj verse from "Monster", but this was definitely even more entertaining, not to mention educational. Let’s just hope Netflix lets her rap the recap for season two!