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Top 10 Troy Bolton Moments

VO: Lisa Yang
Script written by Savannah Sher Whether he’s shirtless, singing on stage, waltzing in the garden or the drum solo, whatever he does is swoon worthy! We’ve included moments such as Troy & Sharpay’s Dinner, The Waltz in the Garden, The Almost Kiss, The “Work This Out” Drum Solo, The Callback Audition, “Bet On It”, The Internal Struggle he faces when he has to choose between two passions, Troy's Graduation Speech and the almost kiss between Gabriella and Troy.

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Top 10 Troy Bolton Moments

He’s been stealing our hearts with song and dance and setting our expectations way too high since 2006. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the top 10 Troy Bolton moments.
For this list, we’ll be looking at this character’s most memorable moments from the “High School Musical” TV films. The moment must have revolved around Troy - and extra points were given for emotional, swoon-worthy, funny, or all around unforgettable scenes.

#10: Troy & Sharpay’s Dinner
“High School Musical 2” (2007)

Getting stuck at a dinner with Sharpay and her family is awkward enough, but the fact that all the attention is on Troy makes it even worse. When he’s congratulated for his championship basketball game, Troy does his best to pass the praise onto his teammates, but he iss shut down fast. Forced to choose between walking away from the dinner or staying to impress some influential figures at his prospective college, Troy’s efforts to stay polite and selfless were commendable. But, it wasn’t quite enough to get him out of a sticky situation.

#9: The Waltz in the Garden
“High School Musical 3: Senior Year” (2008)

Most schools don’t have private rooftop gardens, but East High School does and itwould be a shame not to take advantage of it. In a beautiful duet between him and Gabriella, Troy whisks her off her feet during a waltz that takes them across the garden. Showing off not only his vocal skills, but also an impressive sense of one-on-one choreography, this moment with Troy was quite a way to end a high school experience. The torrential downpour and almost kiss at the end only made it sweeter.

#8: The Almost Kiss
“High School Musical” (2006)

Speaking of almost kisses, in the first installment of the “High School Musical” series, we never actually get to see our favorite couple lock lips. They do come close though! After scoring the winning point in the championship basketball game, Troy was in his element on the shoulders of his teammates with their trophy held high. But winning the game wasn’t the highlight of this moment. When Gabriella swooped in to tell him that her decathlon team had also won their competition, the pair was seconds away from finally getting their kiss - but Chad jumped in to spoil the moment. Fans had to wait for the sequel to see their real first kiss.

#7: Choosing Basketball & Theater

“High School Musical 3: Senior Year” (2008)

Throughout the “High School Musical” series, Troy was always torn between his two passions - basketball and the world of theatre. After enduring his fair share of internal conflict over which field he would eventually choose, things came to a head during his graduation ceremony. But, in true Troy fashion, he refused to bend to the expectations placed on him and announced that he was choosing University of California Berkeley where he could combine his passion for sport with his singing career. Of course, the fact he chose the school that was “exactly 32.7 miles” from Gabriella was likely also a big factor in his decision!

#6: The “Work This Out” Drum Solo
“High School Musical 2” (2007)

Stuck slaving away in a country club kitchen isn’t how most teenagers want to spend their summer, and Troy and the Wildcats were no exception. Frustrated with going from being a championship team to cleaning dirty dishes, the rousing performance of “Work This Out” had Troy doing his best to make his friends feel better and help them be more optimistic. The best part of this song wasn’t actually the message though; it was Troy picking up a couple of wooden spoons to bang out a pretty killer drum solo halfway through the tune. Who knew he could do more than sing?

#5: The Callback Audition
“High School Musical” (2006)

Giving one of the most well-remembered performances from the entire series, Troy’s dance moves and vocal range on “Breaking Free” were beyond impressive. Stepping up to help Gabriella conquer her stage fright before the song, Troy not only showed off his talent, but also his ability to take charge of the situation and help out when he was most needed. This beautiful duet and the choreography accompanying it were magical. Their performance deserved every minute of the standing ovation it received.

#4: “Get’cha Head in the Game”
“High School Musical” (2006)

Once you step into the world of drama, you might have a hard time leaving. Unable to focus completely on basketball without thinking about Gabriella and the Drama Club, Troy is frustrated that he can’t keep his head in the game. Though he might not have thought his lack of focus was a big deal, his team thought otherwise, and through a rousing choreographed performance during practice, tried to make their point clear. Other than being a fantastic performance, this moment really marks the beginning of Troy’s journey into the world of musical theatre.

#3: “Bet On It”
“High School Musical 2” (2007)

If there is a meme that represents the entire HSM franchise… it comes from this song. Practically screaming out his frustrations about the direction his life is going via over-the-top choreography and intense facial expressions, Troy isn’t messing around with this dramatic performance. This is undoubtedly one of Troy’s most famous moments. From sprinting across the golf course to hopping, skipping, and ballet leaping over rocks, this passionate delivery of the song is one that is forever burned into our memories. You tell em’, Troy.

#2: The Internal Struggle
“High School Musical” (2006)

How do you choose between two passions? Trey’s whole character arc is based on the internal conflict he has between being a great basketball player and longing to join Gabriella in the world of music. Throughout all three movies, he deals with this tough but relatable struggle. While his dad firmly believes he should give up the pipe dream of theatre and stick to the sport he excels in, the confrontations between father and son are emotionally charged and heartbreaking to watch. That kind of pressure isn’t easy to deal with, even if you’re a high school superstar.

#1: Troy's Graduation Speech
“High School Musical 3: Senior Year” (2008)

After years of trying to figure out his path in life and dealing with all of the frustrations and scream-inducing hurdles along the way - watching Troy finally make it to the end was reason enough to get up and cheer. Using his graduation speech to celebrate breaking the status quo and embracing what made both he and his peers unique, Troy finished off his years at East High with an iconic line: “Once a Wildcat, always a Wildcat”. We’re not crying, you’re crying.


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