Top 10 SADDEST YouTube Videos
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Top 10 SADDEST YouTube Videos

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Some of the saddest videos on the internet are on YouTube. Whether it's Toby Turner crying about his mother's illness, Last Minutes with Oden about a dog pal's final days or tribute videos in honor of departed friends, like Justin 'Jew Wario' Carmical; these videos will make sure you fail the 'No Cry Challenge.' WatchMojo counts down ten sad YouTube videos that make you cry.

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Top 10 Saddest YouTube Videos

Though between 300-400 hours of new content gets uploaded to YouTube each minute, these tearjerkers still stand out. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 Saddest Videos on YouTube.

For this list, we’re looking at videos found on YouTube that make us sad, shed tears and/or are of a gloomy or depressing nature. We’re only considering one video per YouTube channel.

#10: RIP DAD

A year prior to the release of this February 2017 video, Kwebbelkop saw his father for the first time in 7 years. He’d been out of the picture due to personal problems, having experienced severe medical issues from which he had seemingly recovered. Unfortunately, Kwebbelkop’s father experienced another episode, so his son flew him back to the Netherlands to receive proper care. Sadly, in this video Kwebbelkop shares the tragic news - his father died. Although Kwebbelkop and his father didn’t have the closest relationship, he emphasizes that you should always focus on the positive.

#9: In Memory of Justin “JewWario” Carmical 1971-2014

Justin “Jewwario” Carmical was a content creator, who specialized in playing obscure Japanese video games on his series “You Can Play This,” and he was also a contributor at That Guy with the Glasses. Tragically, Carmical decided to take his own life in 2014. In this video, Angry Joe reminisces on all the good times he had with Justin, like their collaborations on many projects for their channel. Joe also reflects on how much of a kind and caring person Justin was. Joe ends the video on a happy note, as he plays a collection of clips that show the type of person the world had just lost.

#8: bad news :(
Life of Tom

Tom, also known as Syndicate, starts this vlog off in a relatively chipper mood, but the video takes a somber turn when he tells the audience that someone who’s affected him personally has passed away. During E3 2016, Tom did a make-a-wish for a boy named Alec who was fighting cancer. Tom struggles with the idea that Alec, who had the option to do anything he wanted, chose to hang out with him for a day. Alec certainly made an impact on Tom, as Tom decided to hang with Alec and his family again. Unfortunately, Alec lost his battle with cancer, and Tom describes the toll this loss took on him.

#7: Last Minutes with ODEN

Dogs have been by our sides for well over ten thousand years, so it’s little surprise that with such a long history, we’ve developed a strong bond with our canine companions; they are truly “man’s best friend.” Last Minutes with Oden is a somber look at the final moments between a pet owner, Jason Wood, and his dog, Oden, before he is euthanized. Wood states that his dog taught him how to love, and that Oden was always there for everyone. Last Minutes with Oden effectively drops the audience right into the middle of this intimate moment with its evocative documentary style - and more than a few heartstrings get pulled in the process.

#6: EMOTIONALLY DRAINED | That Dragon, Cancer

In this almost two hour long one-off, Jack plays a game called “That Dragon, Cancer.” The game is an autobiographical take on a family dealing with their son’s fight with cancer. While playing the game, Jack encounters a situation that triggers a memory of a traumatic event in his life. He remembers the last moments of his grandmother’s life, and he specifically describes visiting her, and having to experience her not recognizing him. Although he had a faint suspicion, Jack realizes that the game is a true story at the end of the playthrough, and he doesn’t take the news too well.

#5: Toby Turner Crying (FULL CLIP)
Toby Turner

The bond between mother and son is practically unbreakable. In this cut of an interview with Toby Turner, Turner describes the great lengths his mother went to support and launch her son’s YouTube career, like buying Toby a camera to film with. Although this is a beautiful gesture, Toby soon tears up a bit, as he lets the audience know that his mother is fighting lung disease. He tries to hold back the tears with some humor. He finally states the disease isn’t too serious, and that he wishes to bring her to LA seemingly because the climate would be better for her condition.

#4: Gone But Not Forgotten. Mr Chi-City Kicks it with a Friend

Although he doesn’t show his face on screen, MrChiCity3’s videos are very personal, and in this video, he brings the audience to a very dark part of his life. Although he intended to make something different, he ended up visiting the grave of his friend who presumably died from gun violence, which is a huge issue in Chicago. He talks about calling his friend's phone and waiting for him to pick up, which the friend never does. MrChiCity talks about his inability to accept it all - about being at the funeral and still expecting his friend to answer his phone. While giving his viewers a window into his life, lots of tears are shed.

#3: Draw My Life - Markiplier

In this Draw My Life, Markiplier illustrates all the ups and downs that life has thrown at him. He talks about having to deal with his parents separating, living with his father who is diagnosed with cancer, and then watching him pass away. He describes living with his mother, who eventually kicked him out due to her disapproval of his girlfriend, and then his girlfriend breaking up with him. At this point, it seems that everything in his life was going wrong. That is until he decided to pursue YouTube, which brings him to where he is today. Life after that hasn’t been without its challenges however, as the passing of Daniel Kyre also hit him hard.

#2: My Two Best Friends Suicide Story. Forever in my Heart.
Lizzies TABS Channel

7 months after her two best friends Roxanne and Frankie committed suicide as a result of bullying, Lizzie reflects on how strong her friends were. Frankie, in particular, was bullied for being transgender. Lizzie reflects on how the bullies would message her and tell her to end her life, and that it eventually it all became too much. Lizzie mentions how those same bullies showed no remorse for their actions. She describes how they then began picking on her after her friends committed suicide. Lizzie ends the video wishing that her friends were back, and also voices her support for those going through something similar. It’s a heartbreaking look into the damage of teen bullying.

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Final CyndaVlog : Goodbye and Thank You


- My Abuse Story


#1: Draw My Life – Boogie2988 (Aka Francis)

Boogie2988 has lived a very hard life, and in this Draw My Life, he takes us with him as he reflects on what brought him to his current situation. His childhood involved many hardships like living in an abusive home, where he dealt with both emotional and physical abuse. His mother hit him frequently, and he turned to food to ease the pain. With this mixture of mental and physical trauma, Boogie eventually gained a lot of weight, and experienced many ups and downs. His life began to turn around when he found YouTube, and although he still suffers today, he states that he's the happiest he's ever been.
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