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Top 10 Things Battlefront II Needs to Get Right!

VO: Dan Paradis
Script written by Ty Richardson While the first game certainly looked the part, it was still far, far away from perfect. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things Battlefront II Needs to GET RIGHT! Special thanks to our user “Dan Paradis” for suggesting this topic using our interactive suggestion tool at http://WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Things That “Battlefront II” NEEDS to get Right

May the Force be with us, come November 17. Welcome to, and today, we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things That “Battlefront II” NEEDS to get Right.

For this list, were counting down the things we want to see in the next installment of DICE’ Star Wars: Battlefront series. EA and DICE’s first Battlefront game was…well, it wasn’t one with the Force. However, the reveal trailer from Star Wars Celebration in Orlando, Florida shows there’s a lot of promise for the sequel.

#10: Scenario Mode

2015’s Battlefront added the much needed, multi-phase game mode “Infiltration” with the Rogue One: Scarif expansion that we expect to be in Battlefront II from the jump. This game mode provided the scope and scale that was severely lacking from some of the other game modes like Walker Assault, which were little more than capturing and defending objectives. Applied to some of the most iconic scenarios in the Star Wars saga, like, say, the Battle of Endor, the addition of multiple phases would be a huge move in the right direction for the sake of immersion.

#9: More Vehicles

It’s not that vehicles were an issue in the first Battlefront, but there definitely could have been more variety. Sure, we had AT-STs, Snowspeeders, and even the iconic X-Wings. As for Hero Ships, well…all we got was the Millenium Falcon and Slave I. Now that “Battlefront II” is covering all eras, it would be interesting to see a wider selection of vehicles. We got the Clone Turbo Tank, Anakin and Obi-Wan’s Starfighters, wheel bikes…Hell, how kickass would it be if we get to pilot Darth Maul’s Scimitar Sith Infiltrator?

#8: Squads

Given how DICE treats their “Battlefield” franchise - specifically “Hardline” and “Battlefield 1” - a Squad feature would be a welcomed addition to “Battlefront’s” multiplayer. Thankfully, that feature has been confirmed in an interview with PlayStation Lifestyle. Unfortunately, that’s all DICE has said on the matter, so, the specifics are a tad unclear. At least we know that we can gather our friends up instead of relying on strangers to take down those imposing AT-ATs. Hopefully, a voice chat feature will be implemented with Squads, something the 2015 “Battlefront” lacked.

#7: Lightsaber Duels

Bear with us for a moment here; how cool would it be to have a mode where you can relive some of the iconic light saber duels in the saga? The lightsaber duels in Battlefront were fine, but were few and far between, as Luke and Vader were the only saber-wielding heroes in the game. This would work for a single-player mode as well as a split-screen mode, allowing you and a friend to face off in these epic saber showdowns. Who wouldn’t want to relive Qui-Gon versus Darth Maul, Anakin versus Obi-Wan, Luke versus Vader…you get the picture. The mechanics are already in the game, so why wouldn’t they include a dedicated mode?

#6: Better Space Battles

Easily the most disappointing part of “Battlefront” 2015 was the Fighter Squadron mode. The environments were empty and it was basically an over-simplified Team Deathmatch. Plus, we only got two or three ships to choose from. This time around, EA Criterion has been brought on to create the vehicles and improve the controls. Ships are also planned to be customizable in the same vein as Heroes and classes. Hey, guys, it also wouldn’t hurt to go see what the originals did right with Space Battles over a decade ago.

#5: Multiple Players in Vehicles

Fans know that most of the vehicles in the Star Wars universe aren’t operated by just one person…well, in the films, that is. However, it would serve DICE well to take a page from “Battlefield 1” and separate pilot and gunner duties between two players. Or, one player can take over piloting and shooting while a second takes control of an R2 unit for repairs. We’re just spit-balling here, but this would make vehicle combat a little more complex than it was in the last game. Implementing this would add to not only Space Battles, but Squads as well. Imagine teaming up with some friends to shoot down some Imperials in the Millennium Falcon.

#4: Character Classes

It’s strange that DICE didn’t have this feature in the first Battlefront. A variety in character classes was something the originals exceeded in, granting players access to diverse play styles. Unfortunately, this was replaced with weapon load outs and…ugh…Star Cards. What was worse is that some enemy troopers we saw in Survival had special abilities inaccessible to players. On the bright side, DICE has taken note of this setback and plans to implement character classes in Battlefront II. So far, we know that the Officer, Assault, Heavy, and Specialist classes will be available at launch. If that wasn’t enough to put a smile on your face, weapon customization will be featured as well.

#3: Great Campaign

From the moment they announced that 2015’s Battlefront wouldn’t include a single-player campaign, the internet was flooded with complaints and speculation as to the logic behind such a missed opportunity. Luckily, our voices have been heard, and “Battlefront II’s” single-player campaign looks intriguing. Not only do we get to play as a Stormtrooper, but the story will bridge the gap between episodes six and seven, and answer some questions about how the New Order came to be. Our only concern from here on out is the quality. Even though campaigns are kind of shoehorned in these days, EA has been on a roll with riveting stories thanks to Respawn’s “Titanfall 2” and DICE’s “Battlefield 1.” Hopefully, the streak will continue.

#2: More in-depth Hero Mode

Remember those epic “Heroes vs. Villains” battles on Mos Eisley in the original Battlefront 2? If you were hoping to play as many of the interesting and diverse characters throughout the saga, Battlefront was probably a letdown. Instead of the 16 vs. 16 carnage of the originals, Battlefront’s limited roster of characters had more of a stripped down approach to their “Heroes vs. Villains” mode. In the other game modes, tokens were more “luck of the draw” than anything, making Heroes more of a fleeting power-up. Thankfully, DICE has already come out to say they're reworking Hero Mode. Also, Heroes won't be activated by tokens anymore, which is already a step in the right direction.

#1: More Maps

While DICE has confirmed that there will be more maps in their Battlefront sequel, the question is: how much more is “more.” Tatooine, Endor, and Hoth are all great, but if we’re going to cover all eras, there's a long laundry list of planets and locations that should be included. Let's see, there's Naboo, Coruscant, Mustafar, Kashyyk, Dagobah, Alderaan...okay, maybe not that last one. Point is, there's a lot of ground to cover when it comes to the galaxy far far away. Hey, at least Theed City is making a comeback from the original games. Gotta start somewhere, right?

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