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Top 10 Times Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Made Us Believe in Love

VO: Emily Brayton
Script written by Briana Lawrence When Neil Patrick Harris and David Burkta got together, we knew it was a match made in heaven. The two compliment each other so well that we had to create a list of Top 10 Times Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka Made Us Believe in Love. Some of the moments include how they always seem to slay Halloween, when David orchestrated a legendary birthday, when they tied the knot, when they supported their community, when they had their twins and all the times they match their outfits when they go on dates.

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Top 10 Times Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka made us believe in love

This couple is LEGEND... wait for it... DARY. Welcome to MsMojo, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Times Neil Patrick Harris and David Burtka made us believe in love.

For this list, we’ll be celebrating one of the most charming and adoarble LGBTQ couples out there. Get ready to make room in your rainbow heart for a love that’ll make you believe in the possimpible.

#10: When They First Met

Kids, take a seat as we tell you the story of how your Uncle Barney met his husband. According to Harris, he was in his mid-twenties and thought that he’d be flying solo for the rest of his life. But love had other plans, or at least 8th Avenue between 45th and 46th street in NYC did. It’s here that Harris and Burtka crossed paths. Though Burtka was in a relationship at the time – and also tried to pass off that he didn’t know Harris was a celebrity – the spark was there. Harris waited patiently – okay, maybe not – until Burtka was available, and then he “swooped in.”

#9: When They Moved to Harlem & Renovated a Townhouse

The couple that renovates together stays together, or at least that’s the case with Harris and Burtka. The couple had moved to Los Angeles when Harris became everyone’s favorite suit wearing ladies man. But the couple had a vision. They planned to move back to New York after the show ended, and the two did just that after falling in love with a five story, 19th-century townhouse in Harlem. Burtka says he “had a feeling” about the place, which needed 14 months worth of TLC. Surprisingly, Harris says that the renovations and their busy schedules actually brought them closer together!

#8: When David Proposed & Neil Didn’t Get It

You know that classic romantic scene where you know the guy is about to pop the question and his soon-to-be fiance doesn’t get it? That actually happens in real life, too! When Harris and Burtka were on their way to an event, Burtka wanted to stop and Harris couldn’t figure out why. It turns out, Burtka had stopped at the very corner where the two had first met. “I thought he wanted to get some booze or something,” Harris said to Out Magazine, but then Burtka got down on one knee.

#7: When they OWNED the Newlywed Game on "The Chew"

Perhaps we should say the “Chewlywed Game,” huh? While the couple was in the middle of eating a delicious pasta dish on “The Chew,” they were asked to participate in this program’s version of the classic gameshow. Harris was asked a series of questions about his relationship with Burtka, and the goal was to have their answers match. Despite some of the oddball questions, like what kind of candy bar is your relationship, the couple got near perfect marks! Not only did we get to see their adorable banter, but we got a greater appreciation of Reese's Peanut Butter Cups.

#6: When They Go Out on Dates

If their first, accidental meeting was cute, then you know their dates are the stuff dreams are made of. The cute couple often posts about their outings on social media, including pics of delicious meals you wish you could be eating. Along with the “Happy Anniversary” messages to each other comes a slew of “Out with the handsome NPH” posts. The couple doubles down on the adorable when their twins come along for the perfect Sunday brunch. The two men even try and outdo each other, each one taking a twin out on a father date for one-on-one outings.

#5: When They Had Their Twins

Don’t worry, the Harris-Burtka household looks nothing like this... maybe around Halloween, but that’s for a later entry. In an interview with Out Magazine, Burtka said that the two were already discussing children on their first date (0:45). According to Harris, it was around season two or three of How I Met Your Mother that the couple decided to take the plunge (0:10). Gideon -- named after artist Gideon Rubin (4:03) -- and Harper -- named after Harper Lee of To Kill a Mockingbird -- are fraternal twins that were conceived by a surrogate. We highly recommend dedicating some time to check out some of their family photos (4:27).

#4: When They Support Their Community

As if we needed another reason to love these two, they also give back to the community. We don’t just mean the LGBTQIA community, although both have done a considerable amount of work there. On top of supporting places like the Los Angeles LGBT Center, they’ve come up with creative ways to raise money for organizations like RED, which works to get rid of AIDS. There’s also their work with Alex’s Lemonade Stand Foundation, which does research into finding a cure for childhood cancer. They even deliver food to the less fortunate during the holiday season, something they do as a family with their children.

#3: When They Tied the Knot

In September 2014, the couple and their children went off to the beautiful Perugia, Italy, and got married. It was an intimate ceremony with only their closest family and friends, and the husbands-to-be wore matching tuxes by fashion icon Tom Ford. Little Harper and Gideon were all set to play the part of flower girl and ring bearer… sort of. All weddings have to have a few hiccups, right? Thankfully they improvised! Other awwwww-inspiring moments include their first dance to Kelly Clarkson’s, “A Moment Like This,” and Sir Elton John performing for the couple. The magical evening ended with fireworks timed to, you guessed it, Katy Perry’s “Firework.”

#2: When David Orchestrated a Legendary Birthday

Oh NPH, what did you think was gonna happen when you told David Burtka that he had to deliver an epic birthday celebration? Harris reportedly told his partner that something epic needed to be done for his big 4-0. Challenge accepted, even if it did take months to plan. Harris was taken on a cross country scavenger hunt months before his actual birthday. From training with Cirque Du Soleil in Vegas to taking a train to Albuquerque, heading to San Antonio, Disney World, and New York, it was a birthday that made us ask: can we have David Burtka, too?

Before we get to our number one pick, let’s make our hearts skip a beat with these honorable mentions:

When They Adopted the CUTEST Puppu
When Their Lives Were Like a Bollywood Musical
When They Support Each Other's Work

#1: When They Continue to SLAY Halloween

The best part about having kids? Playing dress up. Oh, and that whole everlasting love thing, that’s also a plus… but seriously? Cute. Kid. Costumes! If you’re not following Harris or Burtka on social media around Halloween, then you’re not living your life to the fullest. The couple and their children don’t mess around, in fact, we’re pretty sure they prep in advance so they can go out and pay proper homage to October 31st. From their very first family costumes straight out of Neverland to traveling to a galaxy far, far away, we always look forward to getting a glimpse of their costumed perfection.

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