Top 10 Best LGBTQ+ TV Couples
Top 10 Best LGBTQ+ TV Couples

Top 10 Best LGBTQ+ TV Couples

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These LGBTQ couples in TV shows made us all believe in love.

Top 10 LGBTQ+ Couples in TV Shows

There are almost countless candidates. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 LGBTQ+ Couples in TV Shows.

For this list, we’re looking at TV’s greatest LGBTQ+ couples. As the focus will be on live-action couples, animated pairings like Avatar Korra and Asami will be excluded... at least for today.

#10: David Rose & Patrick Brewer
“Schitt’s Creek” (2015-)

Everyone's favorite sitcom about a socialite family that literally ends up in “Schitt’s Creek” has proven time and time again to be skilled at handling themes concerning identity. Starting as business partners before taking the next step, David and Patrick are simply at their best when together, be it romantically or as the owners of Rose Apothecary. These two are made for each other, with David's sarcasm and creativity being well-matched by Patrick's more professional and grounded nature. As an extension of "Schitt's Creek" feel-good tone, David and Patrick's relationship is sweet, uplifting, and a ton of fun.

#9: Mason Hewitt & Corey Bryant
“Teen Wolf” (2011-17)

Mason and Corey's chemistry is undeniable from the start, even if their relationship takes a while to come to fruition; however, sparks begin to fly half-way through Season 5. While these two meet in less than ideal circumstances, as Corey had just been transformed into a Chimera and Mason would later be used as a vessel for the Beast of Gevaudan, both guys repeatedly show an unflinching willingness to risk everything for each other. Even as members of warring gangs, Mason and Corey continue to prioritize each other, because certain things are more important than pack loyalty.

#8: Nicole Haught & Waverly Earp
“Wynonna Earp” (2016-)

With all the resurrected outlaws, vampires, and supernatural creatures running amok, it is a wonder anything positive can flourish in the town of Purgatory. Despite the best efforts of a possessive demon and Champ Hardy, Waverly and Nicole's bond blooms beautifully after the two first meet in Shorty's bar. Along with being beyond adorable together and sharing some truly memorable make-out sessions, Waverly and Nicole support each other unconditionally, even when they are individually struggling with their own identities. Whether celebrating Christmas or owning some vampires, Nicole and Waverly are always melting hearts.

#7: Brian Kinney & Justin Taylor
“Queer as Folk” (2000-05)

Focusing squarely on the lives of gay men and women, "Queer as Folk" helped pave the way for many of the other couples on this list. Lindsay and Melanie's mature but difficult relationship deserves an honorary mention, but Brian and Justin's romance serves as the main thrust for the majority of the five seasons. Much older and free-spirited, Brian is idolized by the 17-year-old Justin, who is only beginning to come to grips with his orientation during the first season. In some ways, Brian is the hero that motivates Justin to accept himself; on the other hand, in Justin, Brian found something more meaningful than one night stands.

#6: Santana Lopez & Brittany S. Pierce
“Glee” (2009-15)

Starting as friends with benefits and ending with a joint wedding alongside Kurt and Blaine, Santana and Brittany go through quite a lot during "Glee's" run. Along with lovers, Santana and Brittany are best friends, ones who also happen to complete each other. Brittany's enthusiasm and kindness rub off on Santana, while also giving the cheerleader the confidence to sing her feelings. Something similar happens in reverse, with Santana protecting the often naive Brittany. Santana and Brittany both go through journeys of self-discovery, and the trials can be overcome because they are in this together.

#5: Cameron Tucker & Mitchell Pritchett
“Modern Family” (2009-)

The living embodiment of the phrase "opposites attract," Cam and Mitchell could not be more different; yet, they are also kind-of perfect for each other. Since "Modern Family" is a comedy, Cam and Mitchell shine the brightest while at their funniest, with their conflicting personalities producing one of the strongest dynamics on the show. The couple is more than just a source of great comedy though, as Cam and Mitchell challenge conventional gender roles by reexamining what it means to be masculine or feminine, often blending the best qualities of both in a way that is both hilarious and inspiring.

#4: Stef & Lena Foster
“The Fosters” (2013-18)

Centering around a lesbian couple who adopt four children of various ethnicity, along with having one of their own, "The Fosters" is a refreshing take on the family drama genre. Stef and Lena are rightfully the stars of the show, and their relationship is one that feels authentic. These two undoubtedly love each other – so much so, Stef and Lena get married twice throughout the series – that said, "The Fosters" does not shy away from testing the couple's bond. With the stress that comes from parenting a large family and working challenging jobs, Stef and Lena disagree often, but that is just one part of their enduring relationship.

#3: Ian Gallagher & Mickey Milkovich
“Shameless” (2011-)

"Shameless" does not have time for the picturesque or easy, so Ian's relationship with the thuggish Mickey is anything but romanticized. Despite multiple breakups and the occasional stint behind bars, Mickey and Ian are naturally drawn to each other. In the earliest seasons, these two engage in an intense but borderline toxic secret romance while Mickey struggles to come out to his family. When Mickey is finally in a good place, Ian begins to spiral out of control, ensuring the couple only experiences short bursts of happiness. Mickey and Ian might occasionally bring out the worst in each other, but the couple represents "Shameless" at its best.

#2: Clarke Griffin & Lexa
“The 100” (2014-)

The brightest flames burn the quickest. One is the leader of the Sky People, the other is in charge of the Grounders; Clarke and Lexa are both young, saddled with responsibility, and willing to make the tough decisions. Considering their shared similarities, it is not surprising these two ended up falling for each other, creating a love powerful enough to unite clashing clans. "The 100's" Earth is too hostile for anything pure to endure for too long; however, while it lasted, Clarke and Lexa brought desire, love, and comfort to an otherwise harsh world.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Emily Fields & Alison DiLaurentis
“Pretty Little Liars” (2010-17)

Alex Vause & Piper Chapman
“Orange is the New Black” (2013-)

Nomi Marks & Amanita Caplan
“Sense8” (2015-18)

Connor Walsh & Oliver Hampton
“How to Get Away with Murder” (2014-)

Shane McCutcheon & Carmen de la Pica Morales
“The L Word” (2004-09)

#1: Magnus Bane & Alec Lightwood
“Shadowhunters” (2016-19)

A ship so irresistible, "Shadowhunters" just went ahead and devoted an entire episode to it, not to mention the trilogy of books dedicated to Magnus and Alec's adventures. From the moment the immortal warlock and still closeted Nephilim meet in a club, Magnus and Alec only have eyes for each other, even if the timing is not quite right for the couple to be together. Throughout all three seasons, Magnus and Alec's interactions are defined by warmth, unbridled desire, and provocative flirtation. At times, Malec is the stuff of fairy tales; at others, Magnus and Alec present an attainable ideal worth striving for.