Top 10 Couples on The Vampire Diaries

Top 10 Couples on The Vampire Diaries

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Our love for these couples on The Vampire Diaries will never die. We're looking at various romances from The Vampire Diaries to determine which couples made the biggest impression. Vampires and werewolves have feelings too. MsMojo ranks the best couples on The Vampire Diaries. Which Vampire Diaries couple is your favorite? Let us know in the comments!

Vampires and werewolves have feelings too. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Couples in The Vampire Diaries.

For this list, we’re looking at various romances from "The Vampire Diaries" to determine which couples made the biggest impression. Please note that the spin-off series, "The Originals," will not be taken into consideration and that there may be spoilers concerning the destiny of the couples.

#10: Bonnie & Jeremy

Some things simply aren’t meant to be, and this relationship is one such example. Enjoying an on-again, off-again romance for the best part of five seasons, Bonnie, a witch, and Jeremy the hunter go through a lot together, despite the fact that the pair rarely feel like a complimentary match. Bonnie's earnest nature often prevents Jeremy from spiraling out of control; however, the hunter seemingly has some emotionally maturing to do before pursuing a serious relationship. Bonnie and Jeremy might not have been perfect for each other, but Beremy helped both characters grow as people, and that means something regardless of them not being endgame.

#9: Caroline & Tyler

Initially, this female vampire and male werewolf bond over a mutual distaste for each other; however, Cupid starts to work his magic after Caroline supports Tyler during the guy's wolfing out party. A strong friendship gives way to an intense romance filled with sexual tension and emotional depth. Caroline and Tyler go from strongly disliking each other to freely putting themselves in harm's way to protect their partner. Unfortunately, the involvement of Klaus ultimately derails Forwood, but for quite a few years Caroline and Tyler had really explosive chemistry!

#8: Katherine & Stefan/Damon

Hey, we never said that they had to be good for each other! Toxic couples make for compelling tv. As Elena’s doppelganger, Katherine looks exactly the same as “The Vampire Diaries’” leading lady, but the similarities end there. Conniving, cruel, and always looking out for number one; Katherine simultaneously dates and manipulates both Salvatore brothers, eventually turning Stefan and Damon into vampires and – more importantly – against each other. Katherine's relationships with Stefan and Damon are – at the best of times – complicated; at worst, downright abusive. As far as love triangles are concerned, this one made for some mightily entertaining television.

#7: Caroline & Klaus

A near-indestructible villain with a wicked sense of humor, Klaus' humanity only really begins to shine through once Caroline steps into the picture. In Season 3, the typically hostile Klaus reveals a softer touch around an injured Caroline, implying there is more to the vampire, werewolf hybrid than meets the eye. Caroline waits quite a while before reciprocating Klaus' feelings but eventually accepts the reformed villain. Technically, these two are never officially a couple, but Klaus and Caroline's bond transcends conventional love or marriage certificates. It’s utterly unique and all the more compelling as a result.

#6: Jo & Alaric

It’s amazing just how much can happen in just a single season. In the span of a few months; Jo and Alaric start dating, fall in love, become pregnant, and plan a wedding. Such a rushed relationship runs the risk of falling flat, but the couple's natural rapport sells the romance, making the quick progression feel totally natural. By Season 6, Alaric has already been through several love interests, but Jo is the real deal. Besides making for an adorable ship, Jolaric feels significant due to the couple tying into the broader Gemini Coven storyline, as well as the sixth season’s big bad.

#5: Rebekah & Matt

Putting aside that whole "kill Matt to hurt Elena" thing, Rebekah is absolutely crazy over Mystic Falls' kindest resident. One is a vampire who wishes more than anything to become mortal, while the other is the humanest human to ever human; together, Rebekah and Matt offer a never-ending stream of one-night stands, heartwarming banter, and heartbreaking moments. With humans growing increasingly hard to come by in Mystic Falls, Matt relates to Rebekah's feelings of isolation and loneliness, as both characters struggle to find a place to call home.

#4: Elena & Stefan

The romance responsible for launching "The Vampire Diaries," Stelena seemed destined to serve as the show's ultimate couple. Even though things work out somewhat differently, Elena and Stefan share a passionate albeit complex relationship that lasts for a number of years. When Katherine returns and causes Stefan to temporarily join the dark side, Elena is there to bring the vampire back from the brink; Stefan, for his part, is almost always there for her. Regardless of their ultimate relationship status, Stefan and Elena support each other through thick and thin - and that’s more than most exes can say.

#3: Bonnie & Enzo

Did anyone see this couple coming? For an introduction, Enzo threatened to kill Bonnie's boyfriend, so the vampire hardly made the greatest first impression. Out of nowhere in Season 7, a flashforward shows Bonnie and Enzo smooching in a cabin. In order to elude the Armory's goons, Enzo and Bonnie are forced to go on the run for years; the formerly at-odds couple steadily begin to trust and love each other. Enzo's rough exterior masks a passionate person who has been repeatedly hurt, while Bonnie deserves an epic romance characterized by unconditional love. In each other, Bonnie and Enzo unexpectedly found exactly what they needed.

#2: Caroline & Stefan

Love is a marathon, not a sprint. As Elena's best friend and lover, Caroline and Stefan end up spending a significant amount of time together. Due to both being involved in serious relationships throughout the majority of the series, the couple act more like siblings than prospective lovers; in fact, Stefan assumes a mentor role once Caroline transforms into a vampire. By the time Steroline became a thing, Stefan and Caroline shared an intimate connection stemming from a years-long friendship. Stefan and Caroline are best friends before lovers. And really, doesn’t that make for the best of kind of couple?

#1: Elena & Damon

There can only be one. "The Vampire Diaries" is all about Elena's love triangle with the Salvatore brothers. Unabashedly evil when introduced, Damon is initially regarded as a lost cause by nearly everyone, but Elena believes the vampire can be saved. Delena fans watched anxiously for three seasons before Damon finally earned a moment in the spotlight, but the couple's chemistry justified the wait! Defined by a fiery passion that threatened to consume both lovers, Delena forced Elena and Damon to take a long hard look at themselves. In Elena, Damon found a reason to strive to become a better person; in turn, Elena found her soulmate.