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Top 10 Annoying Things That Should Be BANNED

VO: Rebecca Brayton

Script written by William Regot.

There are a lot of laws that should be made, laws that should be changed or things that should be against the law. Whether it’s taking a full cart to the express checkout line at the grocery store, reclining your airplane seat without asking, or chewing gum loudly, these are just a few annoying behaviors that should be illegal. WatchMojo counts down ten things that should be banned in society.

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Script written by William Regot.

Top 10 Annoying Things That Should Be BANNED

We don’t make the rules, but if we did, these are the things we’d get rid of. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 things that should be banned.

For this list, we’re considering things that are inconsiderate, irritating or dangerous that we think should be made illegal. Just for the record, this list is all in good fun, and is not meant to cause offense!

#10: Reclining Airplane Seats Without Asking

For some people, just getting on an airplane is stressful, never mind having to worry about someone leaning their airplane seat back and invading your personal space. While it’s nice to get in a relaxed position so you can enjoy your flight, you should be considerate of others. There have been some ugly confrontations as a result of passengers leaning their seats back too far, and in some reported cases, fights aboard airplanes. When that happens, they usually have to stop the plane and boot the unruly passengers, but sadly, if anybody does go to jail in this scenario, it’s cause they disrupted a flight; not cause they reclined without permission.

#9: Taking Up Extra Seats on the Subway

In big cities, subways are crowded. And frequent subway riders know there are rules: let people off before you get on, don’t bogart the pole, and take up as little space as humanly possible. Well, some jerks didn’t get that memo. In fact, some jerks use a technique called manspreading. Sure, it may get some comedic mileage on social media, but if a pregnant lady or old person is forced to stand because of it, it’s not a laughing matter. Manspreading became such a problem in NYC that the Metropolitan Transportation Authority started a campaign discouraging it. In fact, the MTA considers manspreading a violation of their orderly conduct rules, and in 2015, two men were arrested for it. Justice!

#8: Babies in Movie Theaters (& Other Public Spaces)

Parents of newborns may see their child as a little blessing, but in a packed, public space, they’re the only ones that do. This is especially true in places where others are trying to enjoy themselves – like when you’re going to see that new blockbuster or eating out at a restaurant. Or when you’re trying to relax, or when you’re on an airplane... In these cases, these babies are not experiencing any fun, they don’t know how to party, and they’re flat out annoying to anyone who wasn't directly involved in their conception. All we’re asking, parents, is maybe adjust the date night budget a little to include a sitter?

#7: Gum Chewing

With some notable exceptions, most people don’t ingest gum when they’re done chewing it, so when the flavor or sheer joy runs dry, the mission becomes finding a way to dispose of it. Unfortunately with stakes this high, too many people find the best solution is to stick it some place that isn’t a garbage can. Since 1992, Singapore has banned the sale and importing of chewing gum because of problems with troublemakers placing gum on railways, which blocked door sensors – though the country never banned the act of chewing gum altogether. Normally Singapore’s strict take on lawmaking isn’t a lead the world follows, but maybe they’re onto something this time. Especially when it comes to those loud gum chewers…

#6: Frivolous Lawsuits

A lot of lawsuits sound ridiculous but are perfectly reasonable when you put them in the proper context. Take the infamous 1994 McDonald’s lawsuit, for example, when a 79-year-old woman spilled hot coffee on her lap and won $2.86 million as a result. No, what we’re talking about here are the completely indefensible lawsuits that go further than they have any right to. This includes everything from burglars suing a store after injuring themselves on the premises to customers suing fast food companies for making them fat. Sure, the most egregious cases are usually thrown out, but some people are so shameless they’re willing to try anything.

#5: Taking a Full Cart to the Express Checkout Lane

We’ve all been there: you’ve got the basics – eggs, bread, milk, a family size box of Lucky Charms, and you want to check out quickly. Obviously, you qualify for the express lane, but there’s a problem: the person ahead of you has stocked up on nine lifetimes’ worth of cat food and couldn’t be bothered to go to the appropriate lane – AND they’re being checked out anyway! Not only does this reward bad behavior, it’s also an indictment on the educational system. It’s basic math and even simpler reading: if the express lane limits you to 12 items or less, don’t show up with 13 items or more – even if one of them is a calculator.

#4: Playing Your Music Without Headphones

Some people are so proud of their music collection they want to share it with the world, whether it’s through their MP3 player or by blasting their tunes through their car stereo. While it’s nice to share – usually – people are not always in the mood to hear someone else’s music, especially when they’re busy going about their day. Whether you’re at a stoplight, studying in a library, or trying to pay attention to the sermon, it can be annoying to hear someone else’s music, especially when it’s not a genre everyone likes. So maybe keep your dope beats to yourself in the future?

#3: Internet Pop-Ups

Outside of data caps – where an ISP can limit a customer’s usage at a given time – pop-up ads could be the most annoying problem a user can face when surfing the web. Usually promoting something you’re not even remotely interested in, these ads can throw you off the course of your web-surfing, force you to remember where you last were, and overwhelm you by popping up one after another on the page. Sure, there are steps you can take to get rid of these kinds of ads, but banning them all outright by law would make life so much simpler.

#2: Cutting in Line

Death, taxes, and lines – they’re all inevitable. We have to wait in lines at the bank, movie theaters, theme parks, to make a complaint, or to use the john. Nevertheless, some people think they’re above the rules and are entitled to slip in line when no one’s looking at the expense of everyone who’s patiently waited their turn. Or there are people in line who let their friends cut, thinking nothing of the people behind them. Of course, we’re willing to make exceptions in special cases, like we’ll let pregnant women or the disabled go ahead. But for everyone else, get to the back of the line!

Before we unveil our number one pick, here are a few honorable, or in this case dishonorable, mentions.
- Selfie Sticks
- Cancelling a TV Show on a Cliffhanger
- The Kardashians & Kanye West

#1: Internet Trolls

Most people go online for entertainment or research, but trolls rarely improve the experience. Some are annoying in an innocent, “First!” or “you used the wrong ‘there’” kinda way. But others make bigoted comments based on racism, misogyny, or some other form of prejudice under the guise of anonymity. They’ve even been known to engage in destructive pranks, like doxxing – or the act of releasing someone’s personal information. FWIW, sites like Twitter have taken steps to discourage trolling; like when they banned Milo Yiannopoulos after his followers harassed Leslie Jones. And in 2014, England and Wales saw the rollout of new laws that mean Internet trolls could see actual jail time. Now, if only we could get people to stop saying WatchMojo is running out of ideas…

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