Top 10 Freaky Things You Should NEVER Google (EXPLICIT)



Top 10 Freaky Things You Should NEVER Google (EXPLICIT)

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Script written by Briana Lawrence.

MATURE CONTENT WARNING. There are some internet search you should never make: whether it’s to find pictures of a supposed STD referred to as Blue Waffle, to find out what a Crush Fetish is, to see where 1 Man 1 Screwdriver goes or to terrify yourself with insects like Jiggers, these are the disturbing things you should never research online. WatchMojo counts down ten things you should never type into Google.

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Script written by Briana Lawrence.

Top 10 Freaky Things You Should NEVER Google

Be honest: you’re gonna look these up anyway, but don’t say we didn’t warn you. Welcome to, and today we’ll be counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things You Should NEVER EVER Google.

For this list, while we appreciate the massive search engine that is Google, there are some things that you should never clutter your browser history with. However, since curiosity tends to get the best of us, we’re gonna slap a MATURE warning on this.


As if we needed another reason to hate insects, we learn about this parasitic invertebrate that’s also called the tunga penetrans or chigoe flea. Not to be confused with parasitical mites known as chiggers, these fleas were originally found in Central and South America but are now also found in Africa after mankind brought them over. These critters bury themselves underneath the host’s skin, where the moist environment allows the females to carry and lay up to 200 eggs. The fleas also feed on its host’s blood, and cause an infestation called tungiasis, which leads to itching, pain and terrible skin lesions. If the flea or fleas aren’t quickly removed, other infections can occur, as well as limb deformation.

#9: “Meatspin”

As odd as this sounds, this may be the tamest search you can do from this list... even if it’s VERY NSFW! “Meatspin” is a term used for a penis that spins round round baby right round. The spinning normally takes place in the middle of a session of intercourse between a homosexual couple, with Lover 1 thrusting into Lover 2 while Lover 2 spins their penis like a helicopter blade... or a record, baby. While there have been many variations, the original video features the couple doing it to, you guessed it, Dead or Alive’s, “You Spin Me Round.”

#8: “Nikki Catsouras”

In 2006, Nikki Catsouras took her father’s Porsche out for what would end up being her last joyride. Nikki’s parents were told that their daughter’s body was too gruesome for them to look at, but they ended up seeing the carnage anyway... along with the rest of the Internet, when the photos taken by the California Highway Patrol were leaked. Nikki’s family took legal action that led to a settlement in 2012, but that wouldn’t come close to the damage of Nikki’s death being displayed all over the web.

#7: “Eel Girl”

This one is a bit tricky since it may also pull up the 2008 sci-fi/horror short film... which is a bit disturbing to watch, but it’s not neeeeearly as horrifying as the other video we’re referring to. “Eel Girl” or “Eel Soup” features two Asian girls, a funnel of eels, and way too much free time because, seriously, who wants to insert eels inside your …? More importantly, who wants to EAT the eels after they’ve been inside someone? According to Urban Dictionary, this is the worst of the “Notorious Evil Four” -- Tub Girl, Goatse, Lemon Party, and... this.

#6: “Blue Waffle”

Fortunately, this one is completely fictional, but that doesn’t mean it’s pleasant to look at. Sadly, googling “Blue Waffle” does not bring up images of blue Eggo waffles... well, actually, it does, but it also reveals pictures of this now debunked STD that supposedly turned the vaginal area blue when girls had too much sex. Doctor Elizabeth Boskey believes this false information started when a picture of a woman’s vulva circulated the Internet after the patient treated her yeast infection with gentian violet -- which stains the skin purple. Maybe Purple Waffle wasn’t as catchy?

#5: “Pain Olympics”

Have you ever seen someone do something and wonder... why? Instead of watching one person do something horrifically painful to him or herself, Googling this term will pull up an entire array of people doing ridiculously painful things to themselves. Shows like “Jackass” have made a killing on the idea of performing outrageous stunts and pranks, but even the cast of that show would never consider tying their genitalia way too tightly, or worse, cutting “it” off. Thankfully, the penis chop was a fake video by Shannon Larratt, the founder of the Body Modification Ezine - however, the “Pain Olympics” themselves are real.

#4: “1 Man 1 Screwdriver”

Ah, the 1 person, 1 object trend... or multiple people, but we’ll get to that later. This trend usually centers on the person -- or persons -- doing something outrageous with a single item, and in this case, it’s a screwdriver. The man in question pulls a screwdriver out of his penis because... well... why leave it there... then he squeezes his penis to get the blood out. Think of it as a horrifying Fruit Gusher. Legend has it that this may also be the same man from “1 Guy 1 Jar”, a video that involves a jar, a butthole, insertion, and... broken glass.

#3: “Mr. Hands”

Kenneth Pinyan, known as “Mr. Hands,” was videotaped having anal sex... with a stallion. Pinyan had lost the ability to experience certain sexual sensations after a motorcycle accident, and this led him to more... extreme sexual acts. We know people can make their own decisions, but this prooooobably wasn’t a good idea, especially since Pinyan DIED from the injuries he suffered from this sexual act. Interestingly enough, his death led to the state of Washington passing a bill against bestiality -- which, technically, wasn’t illegal before. Still... don’t look up the term or any variation of a number of men with 1 Horse.

#2: “Crush Fetish”

Sometimes, there’s no accounting for what makes people feel hot and bothered, and sometimes, it can look odd to an outsider looking in. This would have to hold true for someone who has a “Crush Fetish.” It starts innocently enough: women wearing nice shoes. Then, the crushing begins. It may seem bizarre, but as they say: to each their own. Besides, it’s not like it’s hurting anyone... yet. Googling this term reveals that not all the things being crushed are inanimate. Sometimes they’re small, cute, cuddly, and squishable in all the wrong ways.

Before we get to our number one pick, be sure to have “Safe Search” on for these honorable mentions:

“Pink Sock”

The inside of someone’s guts hanging out of his/her butt after anal sex


An image of a man stretching his anus as wide as he can

#1: “2 Girls 1 Cup”

While this certainly isn’t the first sexually disturbing video to be produced, it’s certainly the most infamous. “2 Girls 1 Cup” is actually the unofficial nickname of the trailer to a 2007 Brazilian porn film called “Hungry Bitches.” And just what are those quote, unquote, bitches hungry for? Coprophilia. It sounds much better than saying “sexual arousal and pleasure from feces ”... but not much. It's hard to be sure if anyone’s ever watched the entire film, but the entire world knows about the trailer. You can blame this clip for the “person and object” shock video craze, including the purported sequel: 4 Girls Fingerpaint.

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when i saw jiggers, i immediantely didn't search up all of the things here
I have been searching all of these...freaky searches and wow...i can't, I can't stand it they are all sexsual