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Top 5 Reasons we Love Pinterest

VO: Lisa Yang
Ah, Pinterest. It’s a website that you can spend hours on and forget what you were looking for. It’s a site that can provide plenty of inspiration for workouts, meals, fashion, house décor and more! There are so many reasons why you should join. Here’s our Top 5!

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Top 5 Reasons We Love Pinterest

Fire up your glue gun and prepare to get crafty. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Reasons We Love Pinterest.
For this list, we’re looking at the reasons why this website is a great tool regardless of your personal interests.

#5: Pinterest Fails

Nailed it! One of the best things about Pinterest is the hilarious meme trend that is Pinterest fails. A Pinterest fail is when someone tries to recreate a DIY project, recipe or photo idea and their final result falls… a little short of the original example. On can easily scroll through these for hours, laughing at people’s botched baby photo shoots, monstrous makeup looks, terrifying cupcake disasters and horribly mangled crafts. Furthermore, looking at other people’s Pinterest fails and finding humor in them can provide some much needed comfort any time that you try your hand at a DIY project or tutorial with less-than-stellar results.

#4: It Helps Us Get Organized

There are so many ways that Pinterest helps us better manage our lives. First off, by having the ability to save pins to separate boards, you can have an online space for recipes, home decor ideas, DIY projects, parenting tips, fashion inspiration or even wedding planning. On top of that, Pinterest offers countless unique ideas for getting organized in your day-to-day life. Whether it’s a way to plan out your weekly meal plan or rearrange that cluttered closet, Pinterest has a seemingly endless wealth of information to help you make your life smoother and more manageable.

#3: It’s About Exploration

One of the best things about Pinterest is the crazy things you can stumble upon while scrolling through your feed. You probably never knew you wanted to make your own birdfeeder or crochet a bongo-playing Matthew McConaughey doll, but Pinterest provided the inspiration and now, those are you weekend projects. This site is like an Alice in Wonderland-style rabbit hole that will leave you blinking at 2 in the morning wondering how you ended up in such a strange corner of the internet. All jokes aside, it’s fun to peruse the site and learn about topics that you likely never would have researched on your own.

#2: It Feels like Shopping (Without the Pressure)

Browsing your Pinterest feed is basically the modern version of window shopping. You don’t need to have anything in particular in mind; you can just mindlessly scroll to your heart’s content, “liking” and pinning your favorite items without feeling any commitment to make a purchase. It gives a similar satisfaction to online shopping but without any of those pesky emails reminding you that you left something in your cart. It’s also a great tool if you’re looking for something super specific (like say... a unicorn hoodie for dogs?) that might not prove as easy to find with a Google search.

#1: It's Inspirational & Aspirational

The absolute best thing about Pinterest is that it makes you want to be a better version of yourself. It lets you imagine being the type of individual who makes themselves perfectly portioned vegan work lunches five days a week, or adorns their apartment with delicate origami sculptures. It gives you inspiration to attempt things you wouldn’t normally try, like new hairstyles or makeup looks. It acts as a treasure trove of ideas for recipes, home decor, and beauty hacks as well as inspiration for photo projects, writing prompts and more. And if you’re ever feeling down, you know you can turn to Pinterest to find the most fitting inspirational quote to pick you up.

Do you agree with our list? What’s your favorite thing about Pinterest? For more pin-able top tens published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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