Top 5 Biggest 2017 Wedding Trends



Top 5 Biggest 2017 Wedding Trends

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Are you planning your wedding or want to know what the biggest wedding trends will be in 2017? Are you ready to see all these trends all over Pinterest? In this countdown we're taking a look at Top 5 Biggest Wedding Trends for 2017! Drone photography, furry animals at weddings, eco-friendly weddings, metallics and small ceremonies are all on the list in this video.

Top 5 Biggest 2017 Wedding Trends

If you’re planning a wedding this year then stay tuned, because we’ve got the latest trend report. Welcome to MsMojo and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 5 Biggest 2017 Wedding Trends.
For this list, we’re looking at bridal trends that are definitely going to be big in the coming year.

#5: Small Ceremonies

Every year, it seems there are more and more wedding “essentials” that you need to include in your big day. If you’re not interested in an elaborate event and are looking for something simpler, you’re in luck! Small wedding ceremonies with only a few guests seem to be gaining popularity – and for good reason. The fewer guests you have, the more time you can spend with them, and the lower your budget can be. Having only your closest loved ones at your wedding will give it a more intimate and personal feel. If you want to go extra small, elopements are also becoming in vogue.

#4: Eco-Friendly

With lots of people embracing eco-friendly living, it’s no surprise that this trend has extended to the wedding industry. Making sure your wedding has a small environmental footprint is important for many couples. There are lots of vendors who are willing to help out with your green wedding wishes, whether it’s having local food or a potluck for your reception, buying in-season floral arrangements or choosing eco-friendly options for invitations and other paper products. Having only eco-friendly options on your wedding registry is another way to support great green companies and make sure your home is stocked with items you’re proud of.

#3: Drone Photography

The latest trend in wedding photography will bring your wedding memories to new heights – literally. Whether it’s for photos or video, hiring a photographer who uses drone technology will add a modern edge to your ceremony. By being able to get such a wide variety of views of your wedding day, your final product will look cinematic and beautiful. If you’ve already picked your photographer and they don’t offer a drone service, don’t worry. There are plenty of user-friendly options out there so you could have one of your guests shoot with a drone using just their smartphone or tablet.

#2: Furry Friends

Lots of couples can’t imagine saying their “I do’s” without being surrounded by their closest loved ones, and sometimes that includes their pets. If you’re wondering how you can include your pet in your big day, here are a few ideas. Using your pet as a ring bearer could go well or make for some laughs, but make sure if you decide to try this that you’ve got a fur baby who’s pretty well trained. A simpler option is having your pet join you for your wedding photos. Whatever you choose, make sure a trusted family member or friend is put in charge of being on doggie duty while you’re focusing on the wedding itself.

#1: Metallics

If you want your wedding to be full glam, consider adding metallics to your color scheme. Whether it’s gold, copper, rose quartz or platinum, metals always add a hint of glitz and elegance. Metallics can be incorporated into almost any aspect of your big day, be it the table settings, the invitations, the decor or even your dress. And these tones don’t have to be used exclusively for black tie affairs. Add a touch of gold or bronze to your laid-back outdoor ceremony to elevate the theme from rustic to chic.

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