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Top 10 Things Men DO NOT Understand About Women

VO: Dan Paradis

Script written by Shane O'Gorman.

Every man has asked himself “how do I understand women?” at some point in life. Unfortunately, there’s no guide for how to understand women in relationships or how to understand women's emotions, so men will always be asking why are women always cold? Why are women obsessed with shoes? Why do women love bad boys? And why are women so fixated on marriage? Yes, many of those are stereotypes about women, but understanding a woman’s mind can still be difficult. WatchMojo counts down ten things men will never understand about women.

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Script written by Shane O'Gorman.

Top 10 Things Men DO NOT Understand About Women

Can’t live with them, can’t live without them. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Things That Men Don’t Understand about Women.

For this list, we’ve looked at a variety of things ladies do on an everyday basis that completely baffle the men around them. For the record, we’re not trying to generalize or say that all women do these things or possess these qualities, but rather that these are common stereotypes and perceptions of the female sex that men sometimes (or often) find confusing. This is just meant to be all in good fun without any intention to offend.

#10: Why Do Women Order Salad, THEN EAT MY FRIES?

Sharing is caring, and many a man has shown off his chivalrous side by treating a gal to dinner or preparing a meal for two. And sometimes in the scenarios, some women choose to order something light or healthy instead of steak or lobster. That’s all well and good…until minutes later when that same woman is chomping down on a handful of ill-gotten fries she snatched from her date’s plate. Was she just being polite by saying no? Well, no: she would’ve bought her own if that were the case. Maybe she did want food but didn’t know how to ask? That doesn’t make sense either, because she was offered the food... It’s enough to make the fragile male mind ache.

#9: Why Are Women So Fixated On Marriage?

No one’s saying men don’t like the idea of marriage as much as women do! Its appeal is understandable, and even the manliest of fellas has their romantic, lovey-dovey moments. But letting wedding thoughts consume every waking second of your existence? That’s too much. When would you think about cars, sports, and beer? Many men are totally onboard with wedlock, but they tend to think about it more when it’s an actual possibility. They figure, why rush into things? Get to know each other first! Women, on the other hand, can daydream and fantasize about getting married for years before it even comes close to happening, which makes it difficult for the real thing to live up to expectations.

#8: Why Do Women Love Bad Boys?

When you think of the “bad boy,” you probably picture a leather-clad, motorcycle straddling, cigarette-smoking James Dean type, who just doesn’t give a damn about anything. Or maybe you’re picturing a more arrogant frat boy type with lots of money but not a lot of personality. Or maybe you see a stuck up, half-witted, scruffy-looking, Nerf-herder! While these guys might both be jerks, they also have a couple of other things in common: they’re by no means boring and they get the girl. Why? Why is it that women seem to fall for these guys nonstop, especially when these bad boys always treat them like crap?


General meaning of the word “fine”: to be alright, okay, feeling decent. It seems that many women misuse this word with baffling frequency, and many men have fallen victim to this as a result (and unfortunately, clinics for Post Traumatic “Fine” Disorder are few and far between). Men just cannot wrap their heads around the logic of this: why would a woman say she’s fine when she is obviously the furthest thing from it. There’s no shame in being upset or sad now and then, so why hide it? This one confuses men so much that the mere utterance of the word can cause panic attacks, cold sweats, elevated blood pressure, and numbness in the left arm (or so we’ve been told).

#6: Why Do Women Love Gossip?

It’s good to be up-to-date and aware of what’s going on around you, but there are some women out there that take that mentality to a whole other level when compared to men. It’s practically an unofficial sport among the female of the species to get the skinny on every subject, every person and every place A.S.A.P. Who’s dating who? What, they broke up? She said what? He went where? They did WHAT? Meanwhile, it seems like a man can go a lifetime without noticing the color of his own -shoes or who his best friend is married to, let alone what Mabel had to say about what’s-her-face and whoozits.

#5: Why Are Women Obsessed with Shoes?

Sure, men spend money on anything from video games to tools to broken automobiles, but those things can provide a lifetime of use and enjoyment (ideally anyway). We don’t really see how the same could be said for footwear. If men have learned anything about shoes, it’s that women will fill their closets with an abundance of them, only to wear most of them only once (if at all) before forgetting about them and relegating them to shoe purgatory, otherwise known as the back of the closet. Worse still are the hefty prices these things can carry: why would a pair of shoes ever need to cost $400? If a wallet could cry, it would.

#4: Why Are Women Constantly Cold?

Here’s a question every man who’s worked in an office with women will have asked himself. Even in the height of summer, men will get reports of a woman in need of a warm sweater or blanket, or begging to adjust the air conditioner. It doesn’t make sense: the sun is bright and shining … and yet the women are cold. What’s the catch? Is she fishing for a hug, is she eager to wrap her arms around him? Is it a trap of some kind? No, she is indeed cold. How can this be? Sure, maybe it’s because she wears flip-flops until there’s snow on the ground, but beyond that, hard science on the matter is limited.

#3: Purses?!?!

There are many weird handbag questions: like shoes, why do women need so MANY? Why do they think that purse is “cute” when it’s U.G.L.Y. ugly? And why do they keep so much crap in there anyway? It’s like they think the world’s gonna end, and all they’ll have left is what’s in their purse. What’s more, women tend to tease men about their lack of organizational skills. But if women are so organized, why do the insides of their purses look like a bomb went off? We’ve all seen a woman rifling through her purse in frustration, tossing things out just to find lip gloss. That sort of mess would never fly in a tool chest, to say nothing of a tackle box. There’s gotta be a better way.

#2: Why Do They Hold “Bathroom Parties”?

Men can’t imagine that women’s bathrooms are any more interesting than men’s in terms of design and features. Cleaner maybe, but more interesting? They were both designed for the purpose of, well, going to the bathroom. But time and again, women seem to travel the restroom in groups, for what we can only assume are lively social gatherings. Indeed, if one lady leaves to powder her nose, the rest will follow, leaving men to wonder what kind of rave, secret rituals, or spy headquarters lies behind those doors. Can you imagine if men peed in packs?

Before we reveal our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- Why Are There So Many Bobby Pins (AND Hair Elastics) At My Place?

- Why Decorative Pillows?

- Why Can Women Remember Our Anniversary…When We Can’t?

#1: Why Do Women Take Forever to Get Ready?

They’re going out. He’s wearing a (hopefully) clean shirt, perhaps a pre-tied tie and the nicer of his two pairs of shoes – and getting dressed took him all of 45 seconds. Where’s his other half? Staring blankly into the abyss that is her closet and complaining she has nothing to wear. Men do appreciate that women want to look nice, but they’d also like to make it to the movie before it’s over. Oh, and then, when she actually does choose an outfit, half the time it’ll be something so uncomfortable it’ll cause her to end the night early because she’s in pain. These are phenomena that will perplex men until the end of time – no matter how many times women explain them.

Do you agree with our list? For all the fellas watching, what don’t you understand about the lovely ladies of the world? For more interesting Top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to

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