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Top 10 Sexually Explicit Moments on Girls

VO: Lisa Yang
In a show like HBO’s “Girls” there’s not much that’s censored. In fact that’s what the show is known for: realism at its finest. Sure the show has received tons of flack and criticism for being vulgar, color blind and even unrealistic by some but the intention of Lena Dunham when she created the series was to showcase the lives of 20 something year olds struggling to make it after graduation. The show is also infamous for its very explicit sex scenes between the various characters. We’ve counted down some of the most uncomfortable sex scenes to be aired on day time television, including the time Adam made his girlfriend get on all fours, when Elijah and Dill hook up, When Adam withholds from Hannah, when Hannah’s parents have sex in the shower and when Hannah goes down on her yoga teacher in a rather hilarious scene.

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Top 10 Sexually Explicit Moments on Girls

You know that feeling you get when you can’t look away from a grisly car crash? Well, Lena Dunham achieves this same result with depictions of intercourse. Welcome to MsMojo and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Sexually Explicit Moments from HBO’s “Girls.”

For this list, we’ll be delving into the “Girls” sex scenes cringe-worthy enough to make walking in on your parents feel like a welcome mistake.

#10: Shoshanna & Ray

To say Shoshanna is “wound a little tight” might be an understatement. When there’s something on her mind, it’s likely to come out of her mouth with the ferocity of machinegun fire, so you’d best not be in her way. With her recent indiscretion weighing heavily on her mind, Shoshanna finally snaps during a particularly awkward round of knocking boots, lashing out at Ray and his lack of ambition. Shosh finally puts an end to the less-than-stellar lovemaking session by demanding that Ray “get out of her” before proceeding to lay into him with a harsh reality check. Nothin’ like some hard truths to soften things up.

#9: Elijah & Dill
“Old Loves”

Elijah and Dill share a scene together that’s still relatively rare for television - namely, a sex scene between two men who are face-to-face. It’s a refreshingly open and honest approach to depicting homosexual intercourse on-screen, but like any other portrayal of people bumping uglies in “Girls,” it’s clumsy, unpolished and generally humorous. After a passionate and public kiss in Times Square, the two men hit the sheets to finish what they started. With Dill barking out orders for Elijah to go faster, then slower, then faster again, they end up laughing together in a sweet moment. It’s the textbook definition of a fun tumble between the sheets.

#8: Hannah & Adam
“Hard Being Easy”

Oh, the sexual misadventures of Hannah Horvath. Following a failed attempt to deal with her handsy boss, Hannah gets to handle a sexually withholding, masturbating Adam. Hannah soon realizes his actions are intentional; he won’t let her join in, but he wants her to watch. The more she belittles and berates him, the more he seems to get off on it. At first confused by the dynamic, Hannah eventually takes control of the situation. It’s a ridiculously cringe worthy scene, but it is nice to see Hannah find a way to “get hers” in an alternative fashion. Going along with Adam’s fantasy, she not only makes him say “sorry,” but also takes $100 from his dresser drawer right in front of him.

#7: Tad & Loreen
“The Return”

Everybody has a friend of a friend of a friend who’s been traumatized by the sight of their parents doin’ the dirty, but Hannah has a way of one-upping everyone else. While Hannah’s busy engaging in some awkward sex of her own, her parents, Tad and Loreen, attempt the ever risky “shower sex.” In the heat of the moment, Tad slips mid-thrust and falls out of the shower, injuring his back. Hannah arrives home to find her naked, unconscious father lying on the bathroom floor, and must help her mother get him up and into bed so he can nurse his sore back and bruised ego. Talk about a great anecdote for Hannah’s book.

#6: Hannah Goes Lesbian
“Queen for Two Days”

Accompanied by her mother, who’s contemplating divorce, Hannah goes to a women’s retreat to connect with her “innate goddess qualities.” However, she finds herself lost in the woods, so to speak, and after engaging in “trust falls, and being berated by very toned women,” Hannah’s inner queen decides to do a little experimenting with a yoga instructor in a sauna. Contorted into some kind of human pretzel, Hannah tries going down on the sweaty woman, only to get seriously overheated. The instructor proceeds to finish herself off and then break into tears in front of a visibly uncomfortable Hannah. Jeez, Freud would have a field day with this episode.

#5: Hannah & Adam
“Vagina Panic”

One of the most awkward intros in the show’s history, this scene kicks off the second episode of the series by showing Hannah and Adam in the throes of… well… something uncomfortable. It firmly tells viewers that if they’re looking for idealized romance, they’ve chosen the wrong series. Adam’s imagination runs rampant, as he indulges in a creepy fantasy revolving around an 11-year-old prostitute and a Cabbage Patch Kids lunch pail. Hannah reluctantly plays along until Adam finally pulls out, tears his condom off and masturbates across her chest, effectively making for one of the ickiest couplings of the show’s five seasons. Some things you just can’t un-see.

#4: Marnie & Booth Jonathan
“Bad Friend”

Following a season’s worth of sexual tension between Marnie and Booth, fans were waiting with anticipation for these two to seal the deal, especially after Booth’s whole “I’m a man” bit. Well, turns out Booth has some interesting kinks. First, he locks Marnie inside a sarcophagus of televisions playing random videos that, quite frankly, suit his pretentiousness rather well. Once he releases her, they have some lackluster sex, which involves him lying on top of her like a starfish, unceremoniously pumping his way to completion while instructing her to stare at a doll and describe it to him. When it’s all over, Marnie bursts into laughter, which should tell you all you need to know about Booth’s “skills.”

#3: Hannah & Adam

The series’ pilot gave viewers a good idea of what future episodes had in store for them, thanks to this frank introduction to Hannah and Adam’s budding relationship, in all it’s modern, casual, and un-romanticized glory. When Hannah swings by to say “Hello,” things escalate into an afternoon romp. But it quickly goes sideways, with Adam going for the “wrong hole”, as the two position themselves to do it doggie-style. Hannah is quick to correct him and veto that approach. While she uncomfortably attempts to explain her reservations, Adam suggests they play the “quiet game” instead. It’s a drastic departure from standard on-screen sex, presenting instead something that isn’t exactly “sexy”, but it certainly feels real and honest.

#2: Marnie & Desi

There’s nothing quite like a bit of anilingus to start the day. Such is the case with season 4’s premiere episode, which sees Desi gorging on Marnie’s backside at the kitchen sink. Another scene that sparked discussion, this moment was praised by some as courageous and uncompromising, and denounced by others as tasteless, or even dull. Wherever you stand in the debate, there’s no denying that the act was uncommonly elicit. This is exactly the sort of scene that sets “Girls” apart; the show lingers on these unpolished moments of intimacy in the name of realism because, let’s be honest: real sex isn’t all candles and the missionary position.

Before we unveil our top pick, here’s are a few honorable mentions:
- Adam & Jessa’s Awkward Sex
“Old Loves”

- Hannah Hooks Up with Ping Pong Guy
“One Man’s Trash”

- Hannah & the Pharmacist
“The Return”

#1: The Crawl
“On All Fours”

Adam has some serious sexual issues. After a night out with his new girlfriend, Natalia, he brings her back to his place, which is about as charming as a frat house after homecoming. There, he makes her get on her hands and knees and crawl to his bedroom like a dog before tossing her up onto the bed and mounting her from behind. She clearly doesn’t enjoy it, and tells him so afterwards. This episode tested fans and critics alike, who quickly took to the Internet to debate whether creator Lena Dunham had finally gone too far. Regardless, one thing is certain when it comes to “Girls”: it always pushed the boundaries of on-screen sex into uncomfortable territory.

Do you agree with our list? For better or worse, which awkward sex scene from “Girls” would you call the most memorable? For more risqué Top 10s published every day, be sure to subscribe to MsMojo.

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