Top 10 Whose Line Is It Anyway Games



Top 10 Whose Line Is It Anyway Games

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Who doesn't love improv, when it's done well, at least? Join as we count down our picks for the top 10 Whose Line is it Anyway? games. For this list, we're looking at those games from either the British show or American spin-off of the same name that have become fan favorites due to the hilarity they provoke and the often wacky situations they produce.

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Top 10 Whose Line Is It Anyway Games

Who doesn’t love improv (when it’s done well, at least)?! Welcome to and today we're counting down our picks for the top 10 "Whose Line is it Anyway?" games.

For this list, we’re looking at those games that were popular on the original British sketch comedy, and found further success on the American spin-off due to the hilarity they provoke and the often wacky situations they produce.

#10: Hands Through / Helping Hands

We can't help but feel sorry for Ryan Stiles when this is being played on the show. This game centers on the always-hilarious duo of Ryan and Colin Mochrie, as the former usually acting as the “armless” performer and the latter being the one who uses his own arms to provide the movements. This classic game is filled with moments of Ryan and Colin at their most mischievous, with Ryan often making Colin mix disgusting concoctions with his hands and then Colin making Ryan eat the final result. It's all in good fun though, and both the third perfomer in the scene – who’s allowed to move freely - and the audience get some good laughs and a few gags from it all.

#9: Let's Make a Date

Have you ever watched an awkward dating game show? This is so so much worse. In this game, the performers acting as the eligible bachelors are supposed to act out bizarre characters, while the contestant, and thus the question-asker, has to guess the identities of his or her potential dates. “Let’s Make a Date” lends itself to some hilarious interactions between performers, especially Ryan and Colin, as the actors often play off of each other's character traits. It's a great game to see the performers at their craziest, as most of the characters are equally unpredictable and absurd.

#8: Film Dub

Be honest, you played your own version of this game as a kid. “Film Dub” revolves around multiple performers as they sit in front of a silent television and “dub” or suggest out loud the actors’ lines with some of their own. As to be expected, the performers often make the scene completely unrelated to what is being presented on the screen, which makes for great comedy for us. Though it's harder than you think, the performers are able to showcase their true talents and make it look very easy. While it's not played as often as other games, it's still hilarious.

#7: Song Styles

Anytime we get to hear Wayne Brady sing is a good time. Luckily for us, most of the singing games involved him! In this particular game, he, and sometimes another performer, sing to or about a random audience member in a specific musical style. Brady’s energetic behavior, along with the jabs that takes at the audience member, makes this game especially entertaining to watch. It's also a true testament to Brady's ability as a performer, as he has to make up lyrics on the fly. It's amazing to watch how he can be so funny and talented at the same time.

#6: Director / Hollywood Director

We here at WatchMojo love movies, so it’s not surprising that this game made the list. In it, several performers act out a scene until Colin Mochrie interjects as the director and has them perform the exact same scene. Except in a different way, and with always with hilarious results. Colin's imagination is on true display here, as is his sense of humor, as he often gives crude remarks between scenes. Meanwhile, the performers always give it their all to ensure things are funny, no matter how insane the scenario. It's a great effort for all involved.

#5: Hoedown

Another singing game, this one is particularly hilarious due to the constant ridicule the performers throw at each other. In the U.S. show, this was often witnessed through Ryan at the expense of host Drew Carey. The game involves the performers singing a traditional hoedown about a topic that the audience chooses, complete with live performers providing the music. In the American version, the end is usually the best part, as Ryan is prone to finishing off by mocking Drew or with a crude remark that all the performers have to sing. Ryan’s actual derision for the game only adds to the hilarity, and is always good for an extra laugh.

#4: Party Quirks

Similar in premise to Let's Make a Date, Party Quirks has its whole basic idea right there in the name. Performers are given a quirky personality trait to act out while playing the guests at a party. The host of the party must then guess who or what they are portraying. A sidesplitting game filled with outrageous scenarios and unpredictable characters, “Party Quirks” is guaranteed to showcase some form of hilarious interaction between performers, and sometimes even audience members. It's a chaotic, no-holds-barred game, and that's why we love it.

#3: Greatest Hits

Combining Ryan and Colin's hysterical banter, along with – usually - Wayne's fast-thinking lyrics, Greatest Hits is a fan favorite for a reason. In this game, Ryan and Colin act in a type of infomercial-like skit as 2 pitchmen trying to sell a usually outrageous CD compilation, as the other performers provide snippets of songs from said CD. It combines the best aspects of the show, with Ryan and Colin providing the hilarity we're accustomed to, and Wayne providing his jaw-dropping talent of musical improvisation. It's basically a greatest hits of Whose Line! Get it?

#2: Scenes From a Hat

One of the show's most played games, Scenes From a Hat is a true fan favorite that always elicits enthusiastic cheers from the audience. In this game, the performers are given audience suggestions for scenes they have to act out, and the results are usually disturbing and crude, but always uproarious. The game is great due to the sheer amount of content that it can generate, as performers sometimes go on until they run out of ideas. Occasionally featuring celebrity guests, such as the late Robin Williams, it's an especially good game to get the crowd going.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

Living Scenery

Weird Newscasters

Sound Effects

Irish Drinking Song



#1: Props

Believe it or not, this game is actually most likely to be the show’s most played – and for good reason! We can’t help but give the the performers ‘props’ for being able to take random objects and make them into something so funny over and over again! It's a bizarre concept, and yet it’s perfect for the outrageous tone of the show. It allows the performers to demonstrate their quick wit, as they only have seconds to think of something funny, so their talents are on full display. It also contains humor that spans the different age groups, as there are dirty jokes for older audiences and more fun, innocent jokes for children. Thanks to its universal appeal and oddball comedy, “Props” is our number one pick.

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