Top 10 Coolest Movie Replicas You Could Own



Top 10 Coolest Movie Replicas You Could Own

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From phasers to the Tesseract, these are the TV and movie replicas real fans should own. We're looking at replicas of objects and costumes that are used in live-action television and films. Got any spare cash lying around? WatchMojo ranks the TV and movie replicas real fans should own. Which replica do you want for your collection? Let us know in the comments!
Got any spare cash lying around? Welcome to WatchMojo, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 TV and Movie Replicas Real Fans Should Own.

For this list, we’re looking at replicas of objects and costumes that are used in live-action television and films.

#10: Phaser
“Star Trek” franchise (1966-)

“Star Trek” was a pioneer in the sci-fi genre, and piqued the imaginations of fans everywhere. If it wasn’t the aliens, the spacecraft, or the new planets, it was the weaponry that most intrigued audiences, and Captain Kirk’s famous Phaser is no exception. Phasers were standard issue in Starfleet, and had a wide array of uses, including stunning, killing, or disintegrating enemies. If you want to feel as badass as Kirk, or are just a collector of sci-fi memorabilia, you too can own a replica of the Phaser - though it definitely won’t do all the cool things it does on-screen.

#9: Tesseract
Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-)

The Tesseract has been a recurring object throughout the MCU, and we ultimately learn that the cube is a container for an Infinity Stone. Fished out of the ocean by Howard Stark, who sought to use it as a source of sustainable energy, its history is littered with people harnessing its power for evil, including Red Skull and Loki. After the Battle of New York, it was returned into the safekeeping of Asgard. While replicas of the Tesseract sadly don’t contain Infinity Stones, they do look awesome when lit up. And if a glowing cube doesn’t do it for you, you can get one with a case that contains a whole host of inbuilt media tech.

#8: Outatime License Plate
“Back to the Future” franchise (1985-90)

It’s hard to imagine somebody never hearing about “Back to the Future” or the time travelling DeLorean at the film’s center. Sure, you can get t-shirts printed with the plate plastered across the front to show off your dedication to the franchise, but that’s nothing compared to owning a replica of the real thing. Made to the exact dimensions of a real license plate, it’s one of the cheaper movie replicas you can buy. You might not be able to put it on your car and have it pass for a real license plate, but there are any number of other places you can display it - like right alongside your Tesseract!

#7: Poké Balls
“Pokémon” (1997-)

“Pokémon” became a worldwide phenomenon when it debuted, and there wasn’t a 90s kid who didn’t wish they were Ash Ketchum. Since then, there’s been a legion of games, and hundreds more Pokémon added to the original 150. Poké Balls are used to capture Pokémon. A trainer throws one at a Pokémon, and the Pokémon disappears inside with a flash. There have been multiple follow-ups to the Poké Ball, all with different uses, but the iconic red and white one is still the most iconic. It’s an object of pride to have on the mantelpiece, reminding us of childhood and a ten-year-old character whose life was more exciting than ours.

#6: Bad ‘Mofo’ Wallet
“Pulp Fiction” (1994)

If you thought a wallet with words inscribed on it was tacky, and reserved for children, for the most part, you’d be right. That is unless we’re talking about Jules’ wallet from “Pulp Fiction.” The wallet has the words, “Bad Mother F*cker” inscribed across the leather, and it makes a brief, but impactful, appearance in the film. If you think you’ve earned “Bad Mother F*cker” in the same way that Samuel L. Jackson has earned the title, then this wallet is for you. But we’re not sure we’d risk going out in public with it, in case someone asks us to prove that we are as cool as him.

#5: Longclaw
“Game of Thrones” (2011-)

Swords are already among the awesomest replicas a person can own, but make it a replica of Jon Snow’s Longclaw and you’re definitely the most badass person on the block. Jon receives the sword from Jeor Mormont after he saved him from a wight. Mormont even replaces the bear on the pommel with a carving of House Stark’s sigil, a direwolf. Longclaw is forged from Valyrian steel, and thus one of the few weapons that can kill the White Walkers. A replica may be expensive, but it is definitely worth the price tag for the bragging rights, especially if you pair it with a replica of the Iron Throne.

#4: Sonic Screwdriver
“Doctor Who” (1963-89; 2005-)

A screwdriver may seem like an odd tool for a time traveller. However, the sonic screwdriver has been a constant companion for the Doctor since the original series. Though she lost the original, even the Thirteenth Doctor who debuted in 2018 created her own version of the beloved tool. While it can do most things, from unlocking doors, to medical scans, it is useless against wood, much to the distress of several people over the course of the show. The coolest part about owning a replica of the sonic screwdriver is that there have been so many incarnations of it, and therefore a whole bunch of designs to choose from. Of course as a hardcore fan, you’d probably want to have them all.

#3: Wand
“Harry Potter” franchise (2001-)

There are all sorts of beings who use wands in fairy tales and myths, but there are arguably no wand replicas as great as the ones of the “Harry Potter” franchise. Every single character that wields a wand in the films has one unique to them, often reflective of their personality. A great number of those wands are now available to collectors, and with the “Fantastic Beasts” movies keeping the magic of Harry Potter alive, we’re sure to see more cropping up for awhile. They’re the perfect addition to cosplayers, or make a kickass display in a glass cabinet.

#2: The One Ring
"The Lord of the Rings” franchise (2001-)

The One Ring is among the most powerful artifacts in Middle-earth, causing its wearer to do unspeakable things. Only able to be destroyed by the fires of Mount Doom, it becomes the quest of Frodo Baggins to rid the land of its evil. Even if you’re not that into jewelry, this is one of the coolest replicas to own, especially given how closely some resemble the actual rings from the movies. Of course, you may have to fight the Nazgûl, Gollum, and Sauron to hold on to it, but that’s totally worth it, right?

Before we unveil our top picks, here are a few honorable mentions:

“Batman” franchise (1989-)

Whip & Fedora
“Indiana Jones” franchise (1981-)

Captain America’s Shield
Marvel Cinematic Universe (2008-)

#1: Lightsaber
“Star Wars” franchise (1977-)

Even if you’re one of the unfortunate people to have never seen a “Star Wars” film, you’re probably aware of lightsabers, the weapons used by Jedi, Sith, and other Force-sensitive people in that galaxy far, far away. You’ve probably even dreamed of fighting with one. Well, get ready to empty your wallet, because this is one of the best replicas anyone can own. There’s a whole range of them, one for every major character in the series, and since they can get a bit costly, only the most avid of collectors have them all. But they are definitely worth every cent. Throw in a replica of Vader’s helmet and you’ll have one of the greatest costumes around.