Top 10 Weirdest Causes of Death



Top 10 Weirdest Causes of Death

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Script written by Brandon Stuhr

Death is a natural occurrence, yet some people have died in the weirdest ways you could possibly imagine. Join as we count down our picks for top 10 weirdest causes of death. Death is a natural occurrence, yet some people have died in the weirdest ways you could possibly imagine. Join as we count down our picks for top 10 weirdest causes of death.

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Script written by Brandon Stuhr

Top 10 Weirdest Causes of Death

Death is a natural occurrence, yet some people have died in the weirdest ways you could possibly imagine. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for top 10 weirdest causes of death.

For this list, we’re looking at strange or unforgettable ways that human beings are said to have met their ends. But please note that, while we try to stick to the facts and be as accurate as possible, some incidents or details may be based on hearsay or alleged reports.

#10: Death by Viagra

We get it: most people love sex. Unfortunately, 28-year-old Russian Sergey Tuganov loved it just a little too much. Sergey agreed to a $4,300 bet with two women that he could have sexual intercourse with them for twelve consecutive hours. Accepting the challenge, Sergey consumed an entire bottle’s worth of the male drug Viagra to boost his endurance. Sergey won the bet, then overdosed on Viagra shortly there after by suffering a heart attack. Just remember: don’t ever make a bet that involves sex. It’s probably not worth it.

#9: Drowning in Beer

Many people drown their sorrows in beer, but how many have actually drowned in the beverage? In 1814 London, the Meux and Company Brewery had a slight problem: one of their more sizable vats of beer ruptured, causing a domino effect that resulted in all of their vats flooding beer into the streets. Known as the London Beer Flood, the beer caused an estimated eight casualties, including two innocent bystanders and several wake attendees nearby.

#8: Nuptial Photo Shoot

A major part of wedding bliss is the photo shoot in your wedding dress. Canadian Maria Pantazopoulos wanted more photos of herself in her dress in the “trash the dress” tradition, which is a common request for the recently wed. She found the perfect spot for the shoot, but unfortunately during the photo session Maria’s dress soaked up too much water and she was unable to climb out of the river. After failing to be lifted out by the photographer and his assistant, Maria was swept under the surface. She was later found after having drowned about two hours later.

#7: Death by Video Game

Video games have taken over the lives of many individuals, and have even become an addiction for some. This has been proven time and again, most notably with South Korean gamer Lee Seung Seop in 2005. The man collapsed after playing the popular strategy game StarCraft for nearly fifty straight hours at an Internet cafe, all while consuming very little sustenance and sleep. Following cardiac arrest, he was transported to the hospital and died there.

#6: Death by Junk Pile

Brothers Langley and Homer Collyer inherited their family brownstone in Harlem after the deaths of their parents, and quickly became hermits, hoarding a substantial amount of stuff. Fast forward to 1947, when Langley is taking care of Homer, who’d started going blind a few years earlier. The apartment, now overflowing with trash and miscellaneous items, also contains a variety of booby traps that were designed to protect the pair from intruders. Langley is caught in one of the traps and dies, while Homer dies from starvation and heart disease shortly thereafter. Because of all the debris, garbage, and more in the home, Homer’s body was found approximately 10 hours after his deathfollowing an anonymous tip while Langley’s body was found about 2 weeks after.

#5: Decapitated Snake Bite

When most chefs are cooking, they don’t have to worry about the animals they’re using as food to bite back. This wasn’t the case for Southern China chef Peng Fan, who was preparing a dish with the rare delicacy that is the Indochinese spitting cobra. After he had decapitated the snake and was getting ready to throw it out, the head was still able to bite him and infect him with its quick-acting venom. It’s been said that reptiles are able to manipulate their body parts for up to an hour after being separated from them. Peng died before he could receive anti-venom at the hospital.

#4: Drowning in Sewage

When you’re mayor of a small town, you often have to do things you really don’t want to. In this case, Betterton, Maryland mayor Monica Meyer was visiting the municipal water treatment plant to inspect the town’s septic tanks. While inspecting from the catwalk above, Meyer slipped and fell into the tank below, struggling to climb out of more than fifteen feet of human waste. Meyer drowned, as it was too difficult to climb out of the putty-like substance. Of note: she got the mayor job after the previous one died in a car crash...

#3: Doggy-Style

As mentioned earlier, many people would like to die satisfying their sexual fantasies. In this case, an unnamed Irish mother of three wanted to participate in her long-time bestiality fantasy. After arranging with an unknown contact she met over the Internet, the woman engaged in sexual acts with said contact’s German Shepherd, but she ended up being killed in the process. While her official cause of death is unknown, it is speculated that it was due to anaphylactic shock after she was exposed to the dog’s semen.

#2: Bumble Bee Tuna

If you can’t die living out a sexual fantasy, you can always accidentally pass at work. This is exactly what happened at the Bumble Bee Foods plant in California in 2012. Maintenance employee Jose Melena was completing his duties and running a maintenance check inside one of the factory’s industrial cookers. Unknown to Melena, a miscommunication error meant another employee turned the cooker on with Melena and 12,000 pounds of tuna inside. Melena’s cooked body was found when the oven was opened two hours later.

Before we weird ourselves out with our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.
- Carrot Juice
- Unbreakable Glass
- Attacking Monkeys
- Death by Cactus
- Death by Giant Umbrellas

#1: Death by Molasses

Water isn’t the only type of flood that can cause mass devastation. Similar to the London Beer Flood, the Boston Molasses Disaster or the Great Molasses Flood, was caused by a tank rupturing and flooding the streets. Except this time, the flood was an estimated 25 feet tall wall ofmolasses rushing at 35 mph that not only washed people away, but also took many lives. The total death count is estimated at around 21 people with 150 injured, with several animals dying as well, either from the flood or from debris that had flown over 200 feet away. Our suggestion? Stay away from anything that can flood.

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