Top 10 Sexual Positions



Top 10 Sexual Positions

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Script written by Kurt Hvorup

Sex is a natural and not insignificant part of life – and positioning contributes a lot to the experience. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Sexual Positions. For this list, we'll be discussing those sex acts that best walk the line between comfort, catharsis and practicality.

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Script written by Kurt Hvorup

Top 10 Sexual Positions

Sex is a natural and not insignificant part of life – and positioning contributes a lot to the experience. Welcome to and today we’re counting down our picks for the top 10 sexual positions.

For this list, we'll be discussing those sex acts that best walk the line between comfort, catharsis and practicality.

#10: The Seated Scissors

Nothing like the energy of sexual activity blended with the comfort of sitting! Based around one partner straddling his or her significant other's leg, the Seated Scissors position has an asymmetrical angle to its penetration. Each partner involved has his or her own distinct role, with the top-most partner managing pace and pressure while the bottom-most one serving more as a relaxed participant. Ultimately, this position’s most significant appeal lies in how the couple mutually benefits from one partner taking charge.

#9: Lazy Woman [aka Kneeling]

More a broad description than one particular activity, the Lazy Woman – or Lazy Girl - often relies on two partners pulling forward on bent knees, possibly with one partner leaning back. It may sound slightly strenuous to set up, but the control over optimal angling and the hands-free nature allow both moment-to-moment possibilities and opportunities to transition into other positions. More importantly, the position and its potential variations provide an easy-going experience for both partners, not requiring great dexterity or effort to maintain. Rarely are good things so simple.

#8: Butterfly [aka Modified Missionary]

In a similar vein to the Counter Top, this modification of the missionary position offers a unique take on the standard man-on-woman configuration. The Butterfly has one person lying on his or her back, hips at the edge of a surface and legs raised, while another person stands upright. Besides offering increased pleasure courtesy of controlled stimulation, research has shown the position can be helpful for couples trying to conceive. It's a fascinating blend of practicality and enjoyment.

#7: Spooning

Relaxed, mutually pleasing and virtually without stress; that is Spooning in a nutshell, wherein two partners transition into intercourse from resting on their sides. Various experts have noted how, for both participants, it permits a great deal of intimacy and playful activity while adhering to an overall laidback feel. It's no wonder then that both men and women list this among other popular sexual positions– it's easily enjoyable and demands little in the way of concerted effort.

#6: Standing Up

Who doesn't like a dose of athletic activity every so often? Typically involving a woman being held up against a wall and wrapping her legs around her male counterpart, this position is normally one in which stamina and dexterity are essential. Yet the physical exercise can be worthwhile in its own right for those couples who give standing up a chance, given that both participants must work to maintain balance. Additionally, the makeshift embrace at the core of this sexual act can serve as a bonding opportunity for partners.

#5: 69

This falls neatly into the “challenging yet beloved by many” category, as it takes fellatio and cunnilingus to another level. The prospect of lining up one's sexual organs for simultaneous oral sex may seem daunting, particularly when factoring in differing body sizes. But the difficulty of alignment is worth it for the benefits – namely, a lowered risk of STI transmission and a complete lack of the risk of accidental pregnancies. Plus, couples have found it useful for boosting their coordination and gaining a better understanding of one another.

#4: Reverse Cowgirl

Though the prospect of one partner facing away from another may seem odd, there are other things about the position that more than compensate for this. For one, the top-most partner being in a kneeling position of sorts gives him or her the ability to best control pace, rhythm and other key aspects of intercourse. On top of that, studies have indicated the visual appeal of the resting partner's rear view adds to his or her enjoyment of the experience. The ease of balance between both partner's needs and desires is as impressive as it is essential.

#3: Missionary

For many, it's standard and familiar... and that's part of its enduring value. The Missionary – usually, though not exclusively, framed as man on top of woman – remains iconic and widely used because of the mix of relaxation and controlled movement at play. The receiving partner benefits from a resting position on his or her back, the partner on top enjoys leeway to comfortably adjust and manoeuvre, and it permits open communication at all times. Add to that a workout for muscle groups such as the glutes, and you have an all-around worthwhile experience.

#2: Cowgirl

It's easy to grasp the appeal of this one. By design, a reversal of traditional gender roles, the Cowgirl conventionally places a woman on top of a male partner, giving the woman majority control during intercourse. This has several advantages, including a guided approach to sexually pleasing both parties and eye contact to emphasize an emotional connection beyond the physical. If that isn't enough, there's also potential for exercising one's lower abdomen and pelvis during sex. Thus, it works on many levels.

Before we unveil our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:

Coital Alignment Technique
Dirty Dancing
Chakra [aka The Catherine Wheel]

#1: Doggy Style

Indeed, this is a popular, long-lived sex position – in ancient Rome, it went by the Latin name coitus more ferarum. First and foremost, Doggy Style presents couples with an opportunity to reinforce their mutual trust and understanding. The rear participant controls stimulation from behind, based on what he or she and his or her partner both desire. It has also been found to be comfortable for those with back issues, placing less physical demand on couples than other forms of sex. And then there's the intensity at play that can't be denied.

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