Top 10 Weirdest Things To Go Viral



Top 10 Weirdest Things To Go Viral

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Script written by Zack Tobin

It may've been weird, but you couldn't stop talking about it. Welcome to, and today we're counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Things to Go Viral. For this list, we're looking at YouTube videos and pictures that spread across the Internet for whatever reason– mostly because they were strange, odd, or hilarious.

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Script written by Zack Tobin

Top 10 Weirdest Things To Go Viral

It may’ve been weird, but you couldn’t stop talking about it. Welcome to, and today we’re counting down our picks for the Top 10 Weirdest Things to Go Viral.

For this list, we’re looking at YouTube videos and pictures that spread across the Internet for whatever reason– mostly because they were strange, odd, or hilarious.

#10: Hide Your Kids, Hide Your Wife

A news story involving attempted rape should be taken seriously, but no one could stop laughing when they watched an Alabama news station interview Antoine Dodson. Dodson, who was recounting the story of an intruder breaking into his home and attacking his sister as she lay in her bed, became an instant Internet celebrity. People thoroughly enjoyed his flamboyant rage, and the phrase “Hide your kids, hide your wife,” was suddenly everywhere!  The video was such a huge hit, it became a viral autotuned song, similar to the “Ain’t Nobody Got Time for That” video sensation. Still, the original news story is the one the masses got hooked on, giving “Hide your kids, hide your wife” nearly 63 million views as of July 2016.

#9: Toronto Raccoon

Normally, when a person sees a dead raccoon on the street they get grossed out, but this wasn’t the case for the citizens of Toronto. The dead raccoon quickly became known as “Conrad,” while caring Torontonians erected a memorial with flowers and candles by his lifeless body. A vigil was held for the fallen furry friend and thousands tweeted to pay their respects. The raccoon was there for 12 hours before it was picked up by pest control, with the slow response upsetting many folks. Even Toronto Councillor Norm Kelly tweeted in sympathy of Conrad’s short life. Who knew that a dead raccoon on a city sidewalk could bring so many people together?

#8: Damn, Daniel

Snapchat gags between high schoolers are an everyday occurrence, but for Daniel and Josh theirs became a huge viral video. Josh started posting snaps of his buddy Daniel every day, and saying “Damn Daniel” or sometimes “Damn Daniel, back at it again with the white Vans.” That was it. The snaps caught on, so the boys decided to post a video compilation to Twitter and Vine, which quickly became a YouTube sensation, receiving over 45 million views in a week, and spawning memes and parody videos. What was it about these boys that captured our hearts? Was it Josh’s voice? Daniel’s dapper good looks? Or is “Damn Daniel” just a fun thing to say? We don’t know, but you’re still laughing.

#7: Left Shark

Every detail of the Super Bowl halftime show is closely watched… just ask Janet Jackson. So when Katy Perry performed at the 2015 Super Bowl, fans everywhere couldn’t help but notice that the dancing shark to the left of Perry seemed to be dancing to the beat of a different drummer. Memes broke out almost instantly, as people mocked the shark’s awkward freestyle. Because who doesn’t love a freestyling shark? The man behind the costume was Katy Perry’s long-time backup dancer Bryan Gaw, and according to Perry’s team, all of the left shark’s dance moves were intentional. Although, considering how subtle the shark’s off-tempo moves were, it is still up for debate.

#6: I Like Turtles

Kids say the darndest things! Well, at least Jonathan Ware – the zombie kid who likes turtles – does. When a news reporter interviewed Jonathan about what he thought of his zombie painted face, the boy replied with a straight-faced non-sequitur “I like turtles”. Nothing more, just “I like turtles”.  Maybe we loved the sheer randomness of his answer. Or perhaps it was the awkwardness of the reporter who didn’t know what to ask as a follow-up question and just walked away. But fear not! The Internet knew how to respond to Jonathan: with memes about turtles and videos parodies breaking out everywhere.

#5: What are Those?!

Oddly enough, this is the second entry on our list that involves someone freaking out over a pair of shoes. In this short video, Instagram user Brandon Moore asks a police officer “What are those?”, while pointing the camera to the officer’s shoes. The video was quickly reposted onto Vine, and within a few weeks it had received over 200,000 views, and had numerous parodies. The phrase “What are those?!” quickly became an urban dictionary term meaning someone without shoe game. What is it about this video that made us laugh so much? Was it the fact that he was mocking a police officer’s footwear? Whatever it was, the world loved it.

#4: Deez Nuts

What’s so funny about this video clip? Deez Nuts! The video sensation with over 29 million views is a brief phone conversation between two guys: That’s it. So what made this so funny? Are we laughing with him or at him? Are we enjoying this guy’s supreme confidence at nailing such a lame joke or his sincerity at enjoying such a lame joke? We may never know; perhaps some questions are best left unanswered. According to Urban Dictionary, “Deez Nuts” is something you say to annoy or frustrate. Apparently it’s also something you say to make people laugh and watch your video over and over again!

#3: Pizza Rat

In New York City, pizza and subway rats are famous. So, we guess it’s no surprise that the New York Pizza Rat video became an instantviral hit. It spawned memes, a popular Halloween costume, and almost 10 million views on YouTube. Some would say the Pizza Rat became a symbol of what it takes to make it in New York City. People admired the rat’s resourcefulness and persistence, dragging a slice of pizza twice as big as himself down the subway stairs in the wee hours of the night. However, others argued that it also showcased just how gross the New York subway system is. Either way, people cared.


#2: Alex from Target

People love looking at pictures of good-looking people; that’s why we have models. Alex was a teenage boy working a Target checkout counter in Texas, when a teenage girl found him attractive, took a picture of him, and posted it on Twitter. Another girl saw the photo and posted it on Tumblr. That’s pretty much all it took for girls everywhere to fall in love with Alex from Target. Alex went from having 144 Twitter followers to over 300,000 in just 24 hours. Other people have become famous for their appearance, such as the ridiculously photogenic guy, but he was in the middle of a race. Alex was just a guy doing his job, and maybe that’s what makes his story special.

Before we name our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions.

-          Nyan CatLost

-          Monkey at Ikea

-          Trololo Guy


#1: The Dress

It all started when a girl posted a photo of a dress on Tumblr and asked what color it was. Oddly, it only took a few hours for practically everyone in the world to have an opinion. At one point the dress was so big, it was receiving 11,000 tweets per minute, with half the world believing the dress was blue and black, and the other half believing it was white and gold. Office productivity dropped, families were torn apart and tempers were seriously tested… we assume. No one could understand how any of it was possible. Even though the dress has been proven to be blue and black, you can still find people arguing over it.

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