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Top 10 Hilarious Kissing Scenes in Movies

VO: Rebecca Brayton
Script written by Nick Spake Love and laughter go together hand in hand. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Kissing Scenes in Movies. For this list, we're taking a look at those tender moments in movies that take a sharp turn from romantic to insanely funny. Special thanks to our user mac121mr0 for submitting the idea using our interactive suggestion tool at WatchMojo.comsuggest

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Top 10 Hilarious Kissing Scenes in Movies

Love and laughter go together hand in hand. Join as we count down our picks for the Top 10 Hilarious Kissing Scenes in Movies.

For this list, we’re taking a look at those tender moments in movies that take a sharp turn from romantic to insanely funny.

#10: A Romantic Story
“Blades of Glory” (2007)

Jimmy and Katie both had pretty messed up childhoods, amounting to equally dysfunctional adulthoods. As Katie reminiscences about her hilariously tragic upbringing over snow cones, Jimmy feels compelled to segue into a totally out of left field kiss. With a “WTF” expression on her face, Katie isn’t sure whether to view this as romantic or socially inept. In either case, their smooch is utterly cringe inducing and hysterical. Such a glorious kiss could only be shared between two people that obviously don’t have much experience in the dating department.

#9: Tongue-Tied
“Scary Movie” (2000)

Losing your virginity isn’t as sweeping and glamorous as the movies make it out to be. In real life, your first time with your high school sweetheart is likely to be beyond uncomfortable, although hopefully not nearly as awkward as this scene from “Scary Movie.” Cindy and Bobby immediately get off to a bizarre start as they lock lips and then proceed to lock tongues. They get just a little too freaky and soon their tongues become tangled. Believe it or not, that’s not even the grossest thing they do with their mouths that night.

#8: She Is My Sister
“Borat” (2006)

Do you kiss your sister with that mouth, Borat? Um…it looks like you do. In this early scene from the 2006 movie film, our favorite Kazakhstani TV personality introduces us to a native named Natalya. After giving her a sloppy kiss on the lips, Borat identifies this woman as his sister and the number four prostitute in all of Kazakhstan. The scene was actually filmed in Glod, Romania with a local villager stepping in as Borat’s incestuous sibling. Apparently, she was only paid 3 euros like the rest of the villagers. The kiss she shares with Borat is truly comedic gold, though, and certainly worth a trophy.

#7: Shut Up and Kiss Me
“Wayne’s World 2” (1993)

Kissing a beautiful woman is like floating on air. Actually, that’s literally Garth Algar’s experience as he kisses the stunning Honey Horneé. The only thing more inexplicable than Honey’s surname is her attraction to Garth. Thus, it’s only appropriate that they engage in an inexplicable kiss that defies gravity. In cartoon fashion, Garth can’t levitate for too long and plummets down. This leaves Honey to play the man’s role and carry her lover to the bedroom. As we’ve come to expect from the “Wayne’s World” films, this gag manages to be equally random, clever, absurd, and funny – all sealed with a kiss.

#6: Family Kiss
“We’re the Millers” (2013)

You’d be hard-pressed to find a guy that wouldn’t want to kiss Jennifer Aniston or Emma Roberts. That is unless you’re related to one of them by blood. In this uproarious scene from “We’re the Millers,” a phony daughter gives her phony brother a few pointers on kissing. While that’s already funny, the scene keeps building on the laughs as their phony mother steps in to pass on more experience. The phony father meanwhile immortalizes this precious family memory with a photo. Then as the ultimate punchline, the girl our inexperienced kisser has been trying to impress walks in. And you thought your phony family had issues.

#5: Jim + Stifler
“American Pie 2” (2001)

How far would you be willing to go to see some hot lesbian action? In Jim and Stifler’s case, they’re at least willing to go to first base with each other. A quick peck on the lips isn’t going to cut it, however. They’re forced to share a prolonged smooch that almost leaves them in tears and the audience crying with laughter. Hey, at least it was better than touching Finch’s ass. The guys are compensated with the girl on girl foreplay they were promised, as well as an MTV Movie Award for Best Kiss.

#4: Mind Over Lips
“Tootsie” (1982)

When an actor really commits to a role, sometimes they need to make sacrifices to remain in character. As Dorothy Michaels, Michael Dorsey is put in an awkward spot when the script calls for him to kiss Dr. Brewster, aka The Tongue. Using his instincts and improvisational skills, Michael manages to woman up and slaps his way out of puckering up. Michael gets through the shoot without locking lips, but his lewd co-star won’t rest until he’s kissed every actress on set, even if he needs to get that kiss off-screen.

#3: You Taste Like a Burger
“Wet Hot American Summer” (2001)

We’ve all seen a couple like Andy and Lindsay before. You know, two people that won’t stop sucking each other’s faces, even when they’re supposed to be keeping a watchful eye on small children. As they explore each other’s mouths, everyone else feels like throwing up in their own mouths. Being two incredibly shallow individuals, Andy and Lindsay clearly belong together. Seeing as how they are so shallow, though, it doesn’t take much more than bad breath to cease their make out session and summer romance.

#2: Lady and the Charlie Sheen
“Hot Shots! Part Deux” (1993)

We’re all familiar with the iconic Bella Notte scene from “Lady and the Tramp.” It’s been satirized a million times over the years and it’s this parody from “Hot Shots! Part Deux” that makes us laugh the most. The scene recreates the iconic Disney moment to perfection with musical accompaniment and a pasta dinner. Slurping up one long string of spaghetti, our lovers’ lips are brought together. If that’s not funny enough, Topper graciously offers his date the last meatball in puppy love fashion. He then proceeds to kiss her like he’s never kissed her before, i.e. on the nose.

Before we get to our top pick, here are a few honorable mentions:
- The Spy Who Loved Me

“Get Smart” (2008)

- Wet Kiss

“Not Another Teen Movie” (2001)

- Drunken Kiss

“Superbad” (2007)

- Wild Kiss

“Just Friends” (2005)

- Take that, Fabio!

“Dude, Where’s My Car?” (2000)

#1: Lloyd’s Fantasy
“Dumb and Dumber” (1994)

Lloyd Christmas’ fantasy evening with his dream girl naturally leads up to a fairytale kiss…or at least Lloyd’s version of a fairytale kiss. We’ve seen people suck face before, but Jim Carrey takes it too a whole new level as he practically swallows Lauren Holly. Halfway through, it almost looks like she’s struggling to breathe. Then as Lloyd finally pulls away, the audience needs to catch their breath as they nearly die from laughter. Lloyd might not have done well in school, but he likely could’ve gotten an A in French class.

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